Why back hurts

The building of the skeletal-muscular system is arranged so that no muscles no bones, no bones, no muscles cannot work in isolation from each other. So if spinal muscular corset weak, then, and back problems won't have to wait long. In the first place begins to suffer from the possession of the body and the person experiences unpleasant feelings during various activities. But, of course, cannot be any pain in the back to explain the weak muscle actors and low physical activity. There are different promises for the occurrence of occasional and chronic pain.

Episodic pain

pain in the back

Episodic back pain is called a temporary phenomenon, occurs suddenly, and also with the wind disappearing. As immediate seizures are not associated with serious illnesses or serious injuries, but they can be a signal that the body is experiencing discomfort or has suffered severe stress. If for a longer time to leave such signals of the body without attention, then episodic pain can develop into chronic. Consider what you should pay attention to in such a situation:

  • Excessive muscular load. In the long term the increased load episodic pain can become chronic. You can easily observe the gradual deterioration of well-being for avid gardeners, gardeners, gardeners who have a lot of time is spent, bent double. Of course, in the work on the ground has its advantages, just it is important to alternate work with rest and properly distribute the load on the body. They often begin to worry about pain in the back after the uplift of the "unbearable" weights. Remember that you lift heavy should be from a sitting position, so the main burden is on the feet. But if it is to pick up the cargo in the usual way, crouched in the zone, then the basic load gets a backbone and problems will not keep you waiting long. But do not think that, in the absence of physical congestion, you will be insured from back pain. A longer stay in one position in front of the screen of the monitor or tv also harms the spine, as well as work on the bed. So I watch the beginning of "problems" with your back, include in your daily exercises for the back and reevaluate lifestyle and discomfort disappear.
  • Sedentary work, long journey, and the uncomfortable posture during sleep. All of these points lead to episodic headache in the lower back, gnawing feeling may be still more often and longer. It must be remembered that incorrect posture leads to pressure of the blood vessels, which leads to a reduction in the flow of nutrients to the muscles. So do not forget every hour to do exercises or exercises for the back. And problems with a very uncomfortable place for sleeping need to be addressed radically, because it can lead to the development of degenerative disc disease.
  • Hypothermia. A longer stay on the street in cold weather, drafts, wind and the work of the air conditioning unit can become a cause of hypothermia. The consequences of such a situation become "back pain" in the back or a sudden onset of pain, which gives a person free to move (lumbago). In such cases, it is necessary to take advantage of the healing ointments, dry heat, and ensure a state of tranquility. When strong feelings are advised to use analgesics.
  • The stretching of the muscles, bruises and injuries. Falls and injuries can result in pain in the back, but proper treatment can prevent the consequences. Light wounds heal calm and analgesics, injury, which led to the fall of the disks and other serious problems, they need stationary treatment in the hospital. When serious injuries back pain may become a constant companion, and go into a chronic phase.

Chronic pain

Chronic back pain is impossible to leave unnoticed, may be indicative of disease of the spine or a "breakdown" in the functioning of the internal organs. Self is invalid, because without medical assistance a person is not able to correctly identify the source of problems, and therefore it is not possible to carry out an adequate, effective treatment. Among the main causes of chronic back pain can be:

důvodůi back pain
  • Pain in the muscles. Banal hypothermia can develop into chronic tissue inflammation, called myalgia. Inflamed tissue muscles putting pressure on the nerve endings, leading to pain. It is not a curable pain in the muscles leads to a loss of sensitivity.
  • Osteochondrosis of the. This disease often occurs on the background of excessive muscular load, a sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits. When osteochondrosis occurs degenerative defeat of the joints, loss of flexibility of the spine and shortening of the distance between the disks.
  • Intervertebral hernia. This pathology occurs more often in people over 40 years, arises because of the compression of the spine. Reduces not only the distance between the vertebrae, but also becomes the destruction of the intervertebral discs. This painful condition successfully treated, the main thing is accuracy and endurance.
  • Spondilolistezom or a protrusion of vertebral discs. In this case, you cannot use manual therapy, it is necessary to do an MRI and turn to just a neurologist.
  • Bechterew or inflammation of the ligaments and joints of the spine. While often a man feels an agonizing pain in the lower back. This disease progresses rapidly and spreads to the entire spine.
  • Curvature of the spine. First arises the slouch, after scoliosis and kyphosis.

Take care of yourself, because any disease is easier to prevent than to cure.