Pain on the right side of the back

Practically every man ever appeared pain in the back right or left. In most cases, these symptoms do not indicate the presence of serious diseases and arise after the execution of complex exercises. But sometimes feelings of pain can talk about a dangerous illnesses that require immediate medical help.


pain in the back on the right side

Further discusses the basic pathology, which are accompanied by pain syndrome in the back area on the right side.

Ectopic pregnancy

Pathological condition in which the embryo develops outside the uterine cavity. This situation can occur due to inflammatory diseases of the endometrium, the presence of an intrauterine device, the hormonal types of contraception, growths in the uterus, previous ectopic pregnancy, abnormalities of genital organs, delayed sexual development.

To featured pathology include sudden severe pain on the right or left side of the abdomen, gives the in the back, or slightly higher passport, discharge with admixture of blood from scarlet to brown color, a violation of the monthly cycle, nausea and vomiting, soreness and engorgement of milk and milk glands.


Pathology, in which is celebrated the destruction of the bone tissue of the spine, cartilage in joints, intervertebral discs and ligaments. The causes of the disease are: heredity and susceptibility to disease, violation of metabolism in the body due to endocrine disorders, orthopedic diseases, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, bad habits: smoking and alcohol abuse, injuries, injuries of the vertebral column, and more.

Osteochondrosis happens 3 types: cervical, thoracic, lumbar. Depending on which department of the spine is damaged, the pain will be localized on different locations, for example, when breast osteochondrosis pain celebrates in the back to the right or to the left, in the chest with irradiation in the hands, between the shoulders, in the lumbar in the lumbar and give in the crotch, legs. Also in patients headache and are observed dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, sudden loss of consciousness.


The disease, which is celebrated pathological enlargement in the abdominal area due to compression of the tissue amount of fluid (urine).

The cause of the disease is a disruption or complete cessation of the outflow of urine from the kidney to the bladder that occur as a result of a number of factors: the narrowing of the lumen of the urinary tract, the presence of calculi in the urinary system, various growths, cancerous tumors, and so on

The characteristic symptoms of hydronephrosis is considered to be the pain in the lumbar, independent from time of day and the position of the body, increased blood pressure, frequent and painful urination, admixture of blood in the urine. If it is hit by the right kidney, pain in the right side of the back and vice versa.

Lung cancer

Dangerous progressive disease, associated with the growth of atypical cells in the light. Mutated cells cease to perform their function and as a result occurs a shortage of oxygen to all organs and tissues. Unfortunately, the cancer in the initial stage it is very difficult to recognize. It has no symptoms and patients learn about their disease by accident. On 3 and 4 stage appears pain between the ribs during inspiration, shortness of breath, increased body temperature to 37 degrees, bouts of severe dry cough with thick sputum and admixtures of blood, the feeling of lack of oxygen.



Disease caused by lesions of the gallbladder wall. Inflammatory processes in it can appear for different reasons: education calculi, eat greasy, high-calorie and fried food long lasting alcohol intake, genetic predisposition, hormonal disruptions in the body, allergies, immune disorders, some drugs, a sharp rejection of the food intake (diet), etc.

Pain on the right side of the back and abdomen will appear at an early stage in the development of acute cholecystitis. To it connects the dyspeptic phenomena (nausea, vomiting, a violation of stool, bloating, flatulence). Also weakness, fatigue, increased body temperature, sweating.

Dry pleurisy

Inflammation of the serous shell of the lung (the pleura). Depending on the other diseases of the respiratory system, inflammation of the pleura favorable outcome. Most often the disease develops on the background of tuberculosis, pneumonia, lung abscess or heart attack lung tissue, a cancerous tumor. If a man fell sick of inflammation of the pleura, then it is experiencing a sharp pain during inhalation of air, a small cough, chills, night sweats, edematous skin is the lower chest.

Methods of diagnosis

When a person has pain in the right part of the back is needed as soon as possible to turn to an expert for advice. Such a question can indulge in a large number of professionals, depending on the cause of the pain: therapist, neurologist, gynecologist, urologist, oncologist, etc.

First conducts a physical examination of the patient on the basis of the individual characteristics of each of them:

  • age. All diseases have a certain age range. For example, young people are often faced with an overload of the spine in which the back hurts, the right side or the left side as a result of injury;
  • the localization of painful feelings sometimes can specifically point out this or that pathology;
  • the clinical picture of pathologies that arises along with pain in the back (nausea and vomiting, bloating, colic, dragging pain in the lower abdomen in women and more);
  • the character of the pain: pain, sharp, stabbing, shooting. Intensity – low, medium and high;
  • the manifestations of painful sensations in the course of the day: alternates, whether the pain is from a state of rest or the back hurts, without passing;
  • are performed instrumentally-laboratory studies (analysis of blood and urine, radiography of the chest, back and pelvis, CT or MRI, electromyography).

Here were listed the main reasons why back hurts on the right side. Not worth it to try to diagnosis yourself and the more themselves to assign treatment.


We all know that preventing disease is much easier than later to treat it. This is the reason why it is worth it to stick to the simple rules that will protect the person from the occurrence of various diseases: lead a healthy lifestyle, follow a diet and eat right, no overloading of the spine from the intense exercise and indulge in light sports, such as swimming.

pain in right side

Sleep should be on a mattress of medium stiffness, but under his head lay a pillow of the smaller dimensions. It is important to distribute the weight on both hands at the same time, the treat to end all have the disease – the predecessors of back pain. Also important is considered to strengthen the immunity and hardening.