If back pain persist

99% of the causes of back pain - a disorder of the position of the vertebrae and, as a result, the pinched nerve - hence the pain. If you don't want to see a doctor, you can treat yourself, of course, be careful. One of the surest folk remedies treatment of the spine - stretching. In the morning after sleep, do regular stretching, everything known - put your hands up and reach. Drag carefully, when the first pain to stop. So first drag the minimum. Stretching performs not only in the morning, but also throughout the day, how appear the free time. In parallel, you can perform visa, but not like they do it on the bar. You'll be hooked hands for a latch, for example, for the wardrobe, and in silence podhisita your knees, keep the spine stretched.Drag also to the first discomfort. And yet. Lie on the floor face up, stretch your arms at the seams, palms facing the floor. Then start to lift the legs up, how is it possible, drag and drop, and also the slightest of pain. Generally, in any exercise to calculate the maximum threshold of stretching,after which starts the pain. Run every day, often, should help.Stretching spreads the vertebrae, gradually puts them on the spot,reduces the density of the compression of the vertebrae between them, straighten your posture.

pain in the back

For me too back hurts from childhood. I'm curious:-a cerebral palsy I go then with the carts, then a cane and td - is it the load on the spine is tremendous. But there is a way, and not one:

  1. massage - it can do,and how professional as well as relative (just flexing to make the blood circulation improved.
  2. Very often the back hurts, if coming off the vertebrae or disk - it is necessary to straighten and the pain will be held.In the rule the can a chiropractor or orthopedist.
  3. Hot tub - relieves fatigue; scatter the salt (if the salt is stored in the neck or back, then this is quite scary);
  4. In such a bath (or before) you can add a little sea salt (I take from the pine needles) - the effect is even better.
  5. Hot paraffin is very helpful.

And purely from my advice to You, take the money and buy a massager for the body. I'm crazy and bought - so your back and legs in the winter whine - does not sleep well. This massager vibration makes the massage and improves blood circulation; if something settled - dispel; very relaxes and relieves pain.In the work is just as practical.

The causes of back pain can be a large amount,therefore, in no case do not engage the self-heal!It happens,it hurts the shoulders.the man pounded from back pain,and in fact have problems with the kidneys or the female part. Here I also suffered from acute pain in the back,how many times have you neurologist at the front desk was,until the advise to do ULTRASOUND of internal organs. And what do You think? The cause of the pain turned out to be a massive stone in the gall bladder.After his(bubble) removed,the pain disappeared as if by magic. so go to the doctor and be viewed well.

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I think back pain is familiar to every man. The reasons for its emergence is very much. It and the load on your back, poor posture, and so on, But still it is not really. These pains themselves with time. Well, and if the pain persist for a long time and the more it is constantly getting worse, then you need to immediately go to the doctor-a specialist. Only he will be able to accurately determine the cause, and therefore, and assign the correct treatment. For pain relief the people's means can be considered as a back massage. I recommend. Worse is not exactly what happens.

back pain can arise from many reasons. maybe you have long been in suspense, or do your job and not bent. maybe starting nerve. if the pain is not frequent, then give you a massage. ask someone from relatives, you'll be fine. well, or at least lie on a flat hard surface. if the pain is long do not pass any folk remedies! immediately go to the hospital to receive a doctor.

Back hurts #8212; what to do?

If the plague of constant pain in the back, and even in the calm state back hurts, what do I do? Certainly it is necessary to turn to the hospital. And it's not worth looking for excuses, that is not the time for it. Otherwise after a while you will have to wear there the first.

And there is no hope for immediate recovery. After all, the back pain appeared not immediately, they became the cause of some trouble, health problems. So in most cases will require a comprehensive long-term treatment.

Back pain: causes

According to medical statistics, back pain, feeling that about 90 percent of the people who have reached 30 years. The most common reason for pain in the back, a component of 80 percent of all cases – weakness of the muscles. This leads to a number of diseases. Consider the main causes of these pains.

  1. A common cause of back pain is a pathology of the lumbar spine .
  2. Such headaches may even cause various disorders of the organs. located in the abdominal cavity .
  3. Also pain can cause pathological biochemical changes in the body.
  4. Often various infections and inflammatory processes lead to similar pain syndromes.
  5. No less common causes of back pain – various injuries, sprains .
  6. The doctors also called pain causes some of the psychological factors .
  7. Often arise back pain in pregnancy, especially in the late stage.
the causes of back pain

In each of these cases, you can choose many options, which caused the pain. For example, injury, sprains can cause:

  • the effort of the muscles of the back;
  • stretching the muscles;
  • a sudden sharp move, which leads to shaking of the spine;
  • the formation of cracks in the vertebrae, and very much more.

Back pain between the shoulder blades

It's hard enough, to immediately the exact diagnosis, if you have pain between the shoulder blades. For example, the cause may be degenerative disc disease, is very common nowadays disease. Also the pain may be from stretching the muscles, ligaments, tendons. How to find out the cause of the pain? Here are some of the symptoms .

  1. If felt a burning sensation, heaviness between his shoulder blades and, after stirring the shoulders the pain passes, it is possible to talk about muscle pain .
  2. When is pain felt between the shoulder blades and gives to the heart, the reason may be this is the reason of the heart or disease of the thoracic spine .
  3. If pain, rupture and long persist, causing numbness, then the reasons may be in the tendon .


This is one of the most popular today diagnoses, associated in most cases with the modern way of life. Many sufferers do not even try to cope with this problem. And such an approach is incorrect.

Gradually osteochondrosis causes the tissue, the vertebrae, thin their, leads to delamination. This leads to severe headaches and consequences.

Osteochondrosis can be lumbar, thoracic and cervical. Here are the first symptoms of degenerative disc disease:

  • rapid fatigue of the back;
  • numbness of the legs during a long session;
  • frequent and long lasting headaches;
  • pain in the lower back, neck, other parts of the spine.

Ointments and injection from back pain

How to treat back pain. Many experts will tell you that the best treatment for back pain will be their prevention. More let's leave the spine. If the pain persist, carried out a thorough examination, x-rays, examination and treatment prescribed.

When strong pain is associated with some kind of painkiller .

Help you in pain in the back of the ointment.

If the ointment is not at hand, for grating to use alcohol and wrap back hot stuff.

Always keep the spine warm. For it can be used special belts. No treatment will not help, if you do not adhere to this rule.

Applies to relieve pain in the back when walking or sitting, and various corsets, tires .

The designated doctor injected allow you to fairly quickly reduce feelings of pain. Designation jabs strictly individually.

New studies have shown the effectiveness of the use for the treatment of pain in the spine injection of ozone .

Exists and practice the introduction of the injection of steroid medications into the epidural space. Usually these funds are being used to treat patients of sciatica.

Prevention of back pain

Spin are not hurt, must be from a young age engage in the prevention of similar problems. We offer some rules and recommendations. that will help you maintain health into old age.

Try not to gain much weight, which seriously affects the health of the spine, supplying him an exorbitant load.

An excellent prevention of lower back pain is a swimming pool, which allows you to train the muscles without the high loads on the spine.

More often outside hiking. So grows stronger not only the spine, but also your immunity.

If they appear the slightest signs of back pain, immediately contact the experts. Early diagnosis allows you to get rid of the pain much faster than the running disease.

Pain in the back

treatment of back pain

Under the back pain mean a whole list of diseases that have common clinical manifestations. Feelings of pain in the back occurs every year up to 70% of people from developed countries in the world. In this indicator include men and women aged 35 #8212; 55 years. The exception of no pain in the back and in children, which unfortunately in recent decades has sparked a long sitting at the computer and minimal physical exertion, which include sports.

Back pain is chronic and acute. May develop suddenly or gradually, and be sore longer, obtuse or acute, and also of the nascent sharply and quickly passing. Unpleasant feelings appear, and in a calm state, and when coughing, when sneezing or careless movements. It's a signal that in the body the problems started with the spine and the surrounding muscles.

Causes of pain in the back

In the matrix cases of the emergence of back pain is the result of damage to the muscle-skeletal apparatus. Another factor, which arise from painful sensations in the spine – these are changes in the spine, such as disc herniation. In very rare cases, the pain appears as a result of a serious disease, for example, such as bone cancer. No less important is the role of tumors and inflammatory processes of internal organs of man. Quite often, the assumptions of painful feelings is considered to be coronary artery disease and angina pectoris.

The main reasons for back pain include:

  • Muscle cramps;
  • Sprains;
  • Bleeding in the pelvis;
  • Infection;
  • Metastatic cancer;
  • Pregnancy and many more.

Diseases that cause pain in the back:

  • Kyphosis;
  • Scoliosis;
  • The protrusion of the disc in the thoracic area of the spine;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Spondiloartrozom;
  • Shoulder-scapular periarthrosis;
  • Intercostal neuralgia or lumbago;
  • Endometriosis;
  • Kidney stones and many more.

Persistent (chronic) back pain:

If the pain in the back, higher waist – this is the typical sign of degenerative disc disease, whose cause can be overwork, the curvature of the posture due to long sitting at my working place. Surrounds the feelings of pain, manifesting periodically or permanently, gives in the region of the abdomen, which are associated with tumors of the internal organs, a stomach ulcer and inflammation of the pancreas.

Pain in the lower back can put it also on the legs. Cause it can the disease ankylosing Spondylitis, sciatica, intervertebral hernia. When your back hurts between the shoulder blades, the chest, and in the absence of increased temperature, among the possible reasons noted osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine, as well as an awkward position of the body.

Suddenly arising pain in the back:

  • Is manifested by increased body temperature in the upper department when the common cold symptoms, tuberculosis and other diseases of the respiratory tract.
  • Pain in the lower back may be due to inflammatory processes in the genital organs. Arise as a result of such diseases: endometriosis. prostatitis. fibroids, etc.
  • A sharp pain in the back, which can be both on the right and the left side – a sign of problems with your kidneys or kidney disease.

What to do when back pain?

There are many different methods of treatment painful sensations and effective relief of symptoms. Most often in the initial stage of therapy, doctors recommend to use the tablet from back pain.

The most effective remedies to get rid of pain:

Basically, the treatment of the data products is done well and without negative impact. But it should be noted that all of the pain medication remedy has a negative effect on the stomach and is not excluded allergic reactions to them.

How to remove muscle spasms, the doctor examines and treats the muscle relaxants. Include:

In the event that the disease runs hard, recommend non-steroidal agents. It is basically the dosage form in the form of injection, or intramuscular or intravenous application.

Such medicines include:

Also, in addition to the above methods of struggle with the symptoms of the pain syndrome, they can use local resources.

To a number of the popular ointments from back pain include:

Have heats, cooling, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, pain medication, solution action.

In certain, very serious cases, recommend to narcotic substances, medicinal products with a view to relief from the pain. Most often it is prescribed in cancers and tumors.



Surgical procedure can be seen in this case, if the back pain caused by a herniated disc, stenosis stenosis, or sciatica, which did not fail to respond to treatment, medicines or physiotherapy.

Other methods of treatment

At this stage of development of mankind there are alternative methods of treatment, such as yoga, massage, acupuncture. Manual therapy, acupuncture or massage when back pain are becoming more in vogue.

For the main masses of people, these methods have a chance to exist and can be useful, because each of us is reacts strongly to pain, and not to leave it unattended and looking for different ways for her to facilitate.