Why it hurts in the back under the ribs?

Vague pain in the rib area and back pain is able to distract anyone. A spasm of pain – there is no reason to panic, and the opportunity to solve their disease. Pain is a signal that it is necessary to take some measures. In typical cases, pain in the ribs and back have a very specific reason.

causes of pain in the back and the ribs

A group of diseases in which the pain under the ribs

One can distinguish several fundamental diseases:

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas, cholecystitis, diseases of the spleen;
  • Injury – contusion and fracture of the ribs, laceration of the spleen;
  • System disorders breathing – pleurisy, pneumonia;
  • Kidney stones disease, especially renal colic;
  • Osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia;
  • Diseases of peripheral nerves – intercostal neuralgia, as well as vegetative disorders, in which pain roam over the entire area of the back.

Not worth it to try to find out the cause of yourself, the minimum survey area of the back the back enough 2-3 hours.

Pain in violation of digestion are always associated with an error in diet, and worsening of chronic diseases raises the off-season. Classic times from the pain when inflammation of the gallbladder – after 2-4 hours after a heavy meal, when for splitting the income of a lump requiring enzymes and digestive juices.

Pain in the back area when pancreatitis is very strong, "dagger", more to the left from the edge, a seizure may take up to two days. Provokes the deterioration of fatty foods, especially in combination with alcohol.

Hurts my ribs and back strength capsule of the spleen, it happens in various diseases of blood, chronic slow infections, sepsis, autoimmune processes. These pain in the rib area with food almost unrelated.

Injury in which the back hurts

The most dangerous – is it the injuries of the spleen and liver, their break. These authorities – parenchyma, consist of actively-functioning fabric, which is limited to capsules.

Parenchyma – basic tissue authority, which performs the same function. So, the parenchyma of the liver consists of hepatocytes.

In the structure of this fabric is soft, it is very few support elements. Withstand the mechanical action of the parenchyma can. At rupture of the capsule of the cell "goes wrong". Such rips are dangerous massive loss of blood, because the blood vessels in the parenchyma literally everywhere.

For each impact or injury in the rib area a person necessarily send to the processing plant and from there are discharged only when they are not detectable no signs of internal bleeding.

Dangerous is also a hematoma of the retroperitoneal space, in which your back hurts the back. This happens when damage to the kidneys and adrenal glands, as well as a 12-earthy intestine. Troubled not only the pain under the ribs on the back in the back, but also a sharp weakness, which accompanies the reaction a decrease in blood pressure.

Compared with the breaks of the liver or spleen, fractures of the ribs, much less danger. It is only necessary to ensure that the piece is not pierced the pleural cavity.

Pleura and kidneys

Pain in the back and in the area of the ribs can be dry pleurisy, when the stickies of the pleura rub against each other. It's possible when you neglected the tuberculosis process, tumor processes in the lungs. Such pain is amplified with every movement, cough or sneezing. Troubling is also shortness of breath, and in the nasolabial triangle appears blue sky.

Every pain in the chest or back it is advisable to perform an ECG to rule out myocardial infarction.

Resciesa pain in the back and the ribs happens when the discharge of the substance from the urinary tract. Especially difficult to depart urate – stones, consisting of potassium and sodium salts of uric acid. In appearance they resemble the beans. They have impressive size, it is very dense. The ureter should be thoroughly split to miss this gem.

treatment of back pain

Oxalates – less dense, delicate, easy to crumble, but the damage is on the way the inner part of the urinary tract, make sure, which causes inflammation.

Neurological causes

Is it different retention of the nerve roots emerge from the spinal cord. The spine can be damaged by the hernia, be compressed in the bone channel, a muscle, a piece of vertebra, a bunch of, attaching the vertebrae. Pain in the back and ribs is very strong, sometimes it is possible to even breathe.

A big nuisance – intercostal neuralgia, when a searing pain permeating every inhale, the pain in the back and chest. This disease is a complication of the degenerative processes in the spine and not only. Contribute to the development of metabolic disorders, carriage of viruses, endocrine diseases and disorders of the heart rhythm or contractile ability of the myocardium, where the tissue do not receive sufficient amount of nutrition and oxygen.

It remains unclear the mechanism of development of vegetative disorders, which in the waves of changing physiological parameters (respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure), all accompanied by migratory pain in the back and the side.