Hurt my back which doctor to contact

If the back hurts, to what doctor to turn to – the question interests many people, who are faced with an unpleasant problem. And especially with age, back pain occurs more often and stronger, if not solve this problem. It may have a different character: sharp, aching, drawing. When will appear "bad" feelings, there is a feeling of discomfort, in people with there are ideas that it hurts my back which doctor to turn to, who will help you cope with this suffering. First you need to break down in the fundamental causes of this condition. Only an experienced doctor can give a correct diagnosis based on careful examination, the results of the analyses carried out research.

pain in the back

The causes of back pain

Consider the main causes of pain:

  1. Disorders of neurological nature (disc herniation).
  2. Curvature of the spine.
  3. Inflammation of the pleura.
  4. Tumor formation.
  5. Problems with the kidneys.
  6. Different problems, connected with the internal organs.

All of the above reasons, pushes a patient to think about, to what doctors to go, if the back hurts. Not worth it to do it a serious obstacle to the assistance of this professional in the field of medicine. Remember, that without timely treatment, the miracle did not happen, so you need as soon as possible to go to the doctors. It is necessary to do, first of all, to the problems in this area began to repeat and more intense with time. You can in some situations (misunderstanding of the correct diagnosis) cause deterioration: hypothermia; raising the largest items; infection.

If you have a chronic disease, and plus the back pain, which doctor master – this question should be simple, sign up at reception for his contact a doctor. Various pathologies can cause pain of a different nature, it is then necessary to take into account. For example, if you have at this moment gnawing pain, then it may be due to inflammation of the muscle need help of a doctor-neurologist.

To what doctors to contact if the back hurts, and arise stitching feelings? Such a problem may occur due to some diseases of the respiratory system, or urogenital. In such a situation will need the assistance of a urologist or pulmonologist. Prickling in the back can also for this reason that a person tore your back, then if the back hurts, the doctors-neurologists will help you.

The question arose, to what doctors to contact if the back hurts, if you're not sure. The spine – is it the doctor, dealing with the study of thorns and its pathologies. You attentive manner will assess both the total picture of the disease.

You have sciatica or osteochondrosis, hernia and back hurts what kind of doctor is needed in this situation? Here you will help an experienced neurologist. It can also diagnose the inflammatory process.

To what doctors to contact if the back hurts, the shoulders of the woman? Gynecologist, these unpleasant feelings can talk about an ectopic pregnancy or inflammation of the genitourinary system. In addition, even a completely healthy pregnancy can be a major cause of discomfort in the lumbar region.

If you constantly hurt your back, taking appropriate medications may only assign an attending physician who has already given the correct diagnosis on the basis of the results of the survey analysis.

After a fall from a height, falls back hurts, your doctor will carefully examine both, there is no need to delay the visit to a specialist. In the opposite case, the consequences can be serious enough. If a man has received serious injuries, and a long time to think you don't, there is an urgent need for an ambulance. This will be the only right decision.

Severe pain in the back, which will help to cope with this phenomenon? If you don't know who to turn to, he writes to an appointment with a therapist. The sooner you come to the doctor, the faster will be able to get rid of the disease, which may for a long time bothers you.

If the neurologist gave the diagnosis, but continues to pain in the back, which the doctor cures where to turn? Sign up on reception to the urologist. The cause of your problem may be a signal of a sick, poorly working kidneys.

Unexpected, sudden pain in the back, the doctor will help you remove it, but it will take some time, which is needed to spend on a detailed exploration of the body and obtain accurate analysis results.

If you need an endocrinologist — a doctor treating back pain associated with a lack of trace elements, which include, for example, calcium, hurry up to come to him and get a recommendation.

causes of pain

In that case, if as a result of arthritis or arthrosis appeared pain in the back, which doctor to go? In this situation, will help you to an experienced rheumatologist. He carefully surveys the connective tissue. Strongly back hurts, where do you turn? Of course, they need to hurry up and write to the doctor at the clinic, if you entrust your health to the real professionals. Whether you are already interested in the question of pain in the back, what the doctor needs, in the medical center you the exact help you will recommend to contact an experienced narrow specialists.

If you think that you bother an old injury, appeared back pain, which doctor to go to for help? Here you will carefully examine both the doctor-traumatologist, examines past problems, you may have destroyed my back, heavy with worked.

Lumbago, pain in the back, who to turn to in this situation? Sign up to the oncologist, because of discomfort (lumbago) may be a tumor as benign and malignant nature. It's not worth it to follow through with the march with an experienced specialist.

So, if you have a problem, it hurts your back, to what doctor to go to first register with a general practitioner, he will lead you to a specialist (neurologist, urologist, endocrinologist).

If the back hurts, to what doctors it is necessary to go

The question, to what doctors to contact if the back hurts, the answer is obvious to an experienced specialist. Of course, the first time you meet with such a problem, in that no one's given you no diagnosis, then it is necessary to make an appointment with a therapist, doctor a common practice. Only after this the doctor carefully you examine the two, asks some probing questions, you may need advice of other experts. If the back hurts, the income of these doctors will be needed:

  1. The doctor-the neurologist.
  2. The doctor - the urologist.
  3. The doctor-gynecologist.

Each of the above experts closely you examine both and prescribe a suitable examination to be sure that determining an accurate diagnosis. It will determine your further treatment.

If you are constantly troubled by back pain, which doctor to ask for advice and recommendations. If the reason lies in the power of the spine, then you will be a real professional in the field, experienced spine. In that case, if there is a pinched nerve, the nerve tissue is irritated appeared inflammatory process, then you need to look in the closet neurologist. But, when the main problem lies in the condition of the internal organs, then you need to contact the cardiologist.


For that, if you want to determine the causes of appeared of pain, you will need not only the examination by a doctor, but also a variety of other studies, without which it is impossible to imagine a complete picture of the newly arising problem situations. Each patient may be prescribed:

  1. Radiography of the spine.
  2. Analysis of blood and urine.
  3. Ultrasound examination of the hip joints.

Thanks to the data analyses can rule out some diseases and give the correct diagnosis.

Methods of treatment of back pain

Designed by some of the methods, how to get rid of painful feelings:

  1. Manual therapy.
  2. Therapeutic physical education.
  3. Massage.

In relatively complex cases, it is not possible to bypass without surgery. In addition, for the treatment need a special, designated doctor medication. Contribute to the reduction of painful feelings. Physiotherapy also are not less effective way to get rid of unpleasant pain. When the financial options, you can afford to relax in the mud baths.

Therefore, only a comprehensive approach will help sufficiently quickly and effectively to cope with the pain in the back. Do not neglect the recommendations of an experienced doctor, only a professional on the basis of their experience, knowledge to prescribe a treatment that will help to avoid negative consequences.


If you want to face the pain sensations in the back area, it is important to pay attention to the following important and easily manageable recommendations:

treatment and prevention of
  1. Sleep on the elastic bed with no soft mattress.
  2. Always keep the correct posture, to strictly monitor the data point.
  3. There is no need for a long time to stay in the same position (especially if it's inconvenient for you). If you work at a computer, then take regular small breaks, during which you will be able to stretch, to move.
  4. Properly organize your work place, everything must be as you will be pleasant and comfortable: take a chair necessarily with a rigid backrest, preferably, if it will have armrests, head restraints (to help you a little bit of tilting your head and relax tense muscles). Remember that your forearms should be fully lying on the table, and not be somewhere on the weight, in the air.

Girls should pay more attention to the shoes on high heels, you should not walk in these shoes for more than two hours a day. Don't do sharp turns or sail, avoid these unexpected costs. In that case, if there is a need to lift from the floor a certain subject, preferably a little crouch down and master a given task, than to bow down. Also, if you for some reason must a longer period of time the state, for example, a few hours by public transportation, then be sure to seek for themselves a foothold, you can easily lean on. Strictly attention to its own weight, the extra pounds negative impact on the health of your body. Please contact your regular weight training, physical education. It has a positive effect on your condition. Swimming and fitness also play far not last role in self-care.