Pain in the lower back and lower abdomen

A condition where the stomach and the loins, known to many people. This is due to different causes. Most often associated with diseases of the urinary system, the gynecological pathology in women and urology for men, disturbances in the conduction system of the nerves and channels in the lower spine.

back hurts and lower abdomen

For doctors there is a recognized term of "chronic pelvic pain". It is entitled, if the patient hurts his back and underbelly 6 months and longer. Statistics show that in women in 75% of cases it is caused by gynecological disorders, only 25% accounted for by other pathology, the so-called extragenital.

Men also suffer from pain in the lower back and lower abdomen. Prostatitis, adenoma of the prostate gland can cause a persistent gnawing pain with irradiation in the back.

Why are there feelings of pain?

The causes of back pain and the pelvic organs lie in the inflammation or disturbance of the nerve trunks, branches, stretching of the capsule of the organs of the abdomen.

All the impulses of the pathologically modified the viscera of the pelvis, the gall bladder, the intestines, the pancreas, the liver, the kidneys are going to the ganglia of the lumbar-sacral spine

Here, you can traverse from one segment to another, so that a person feels radiation in the far zone. In the event that the disease with regard to the spine, it should be noted the possibility of degenerative disc disease, compression of the intervertebral disc, the inflammatory process (disease of ankylosing Spondylitis).

The defeat of the femoral joints in older people is accompanied by soreness of the lower abdomen. Let's symptomatology underlying diseases, that cause pain.

What are the characteristics of abdominal pain are interested in the attending physician?

To establish the nature of the symptoms, you need to find out the symptoms of the pain syndrome, its association with other symptoms. An experienced physician interested in the questions:

  • about the specific localization of the maximum painful feelings;
  • the initial phenomena and the limitation of their occurrence;
  • spastic type (colicy) or stupid, dolore character;
  • the appearance on the background of pain and other symptoms (vomiting, dysuria, diarrhea, constipation, blood in the urine or stool, feelings of stiffness of the joints);
  • availability and prescription fever;
  • regularity of menstruation in women, communication with menstruation, climacteric manifestations;
  • suspected pregnancy;
  • the nature of the job (stay to diagnose an adenoma of the prostate have the meaning of "sedentary" occupations).

Diseases of the urinary system

Among the most common speech, unless it hurts the shoulders and underbelly, it is typical for inflammation of the bladder (cystitis). Them more often affected women because of the anatomical features of the urethra channel.

The pains are drawing in character, the maximum hurts underbelly, but the "smacks" in the lower back. At the same time appear dysuric symptoms (cutting and frequent urination). Heavy the course is accompanied by a rise in temperature.

Pyelonephritis — infection of renal pelvis, manifested the pain in the lower back with irradiation in the lower part of the abdomen. The beginning of the disease is usually acute, greatly increases the temperature, patients chills, dysuria.

back hurts and lower abdomen reasons

The intensity of the pain increases to at least the severity of inflammation

Kidney disease is accompanied by a constant dull arching the lumbar pain. Especially typical in the localization of the stone in the pan, the forced stagnation of urine and the education of hydronephrosis.

If a calculus descends into the ureter, and then the attack bears the character of renal colic. Severe pain is spread along the paths of urinary tract infections in the groin area to the right or to the left. The patient is excited, running errands around town. The condition improves after discharge of the stone, the blood appears in the urine.

What diseases digestion can think of?

Back pain — a common manifestation of gastritis, duodenitis, ulcers, duodenal ulcer, pancreatitis. On a belt the character of the complaining patients during exacerbation of pancreatitis. Abdominal pain are accompanied by symptoms of digestive disorders: nausea, heartburn, stubborn diarrhea or constipation, belching, weight loss.

Intestinal infections, in addition to diarrhea, the expressed pain sensations in the lower abdomen with irradiation in the lower back. Pays attention to the total of intoxication: fever, coated tongue, vomiting, weakness. Stools frequent and loose, it is a lot of mucus, possibly an admixture of blood.

Symptoms and treatment of diseases of the pancreas

Chronic constipation caused by atony of the intestines, the troubled older people. Overload fecal stones, the intoxication of the slag contribute to headaches on the road of the intestines, flatulence. Acute pain appears during the occurrence of symptoms of intestinal obstruction.

Diaphragmatic hernia causes pinching in the pit of the stomach, esophagus. Possible violations of swallowing. More often exposed to full of people with no physical activity. Pain in the abdomen it gives off the epigastric in the back. The condition worsens after a meal. Similar feelings occur in the patient in the cardiospasm.

If the pain arose suddenly, on the background of full health, then you can't exclude acute appendicitis. Atypical location of the appendix (blind gut, on the middle line of the pelvic) causes a nagging pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, "glutino dark est" on the wall of the bladder, or in women to the uterus.

During the exacerbation of ulcerative colitis spread of the pain is focused on lower back, anal opening

Men's diseases

In men, gradual hypertrophy of the prostate is accompanied by aching pain above the pubis, the bestower of the sacrum and lower back. Urological inflammatory diseases occur less frequently than in women.

But the most common cause of urethritis and cystitis, are genital infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis). Painful cutting and frequent urination is indicative of an inflammatory process in the urethra.

Orchiepididymitis — inflammation involves the testicles and pendants. May cause injury, but more often the infection transmitted sexually. In patients, in addition to local pain, increased temperature, it is possible to, nausea, vomiting. For the treatment to apply specific antibacterial agents. Irrigation of the urethra channel.

Gynecological pathology

Pain in the lower abdomen and lower back pain in women is usually associated with inflammation of the internal genital organs. Among the gynecological diseases of the female body the most commonly occur adnexitis (inflammation of the appendages), ovarian cysts, endometritis.

Often the pains are cramping, "trahens" character, dwelling on one side or on both. Acute adnexitis complicated by miscarriage, childbirth. Pain localized in the lower abdomen on one side. Without treatments are very intense, they can cause peritonitis.

Feelings of pain when the cyst is more intense during the movements

When the legs of ovarian cysts in women twisted occurs an acute attack, when the stomach hurts, but it gives in the lower back. The same clinic takes place in an ectopic pregnancy. Diagnosis is based on Paltseva study of the uterus and appendages.

Gynecologists finds increased or painful to penetrate. One of the symptoms — cessation of menstruation. It is important to timely detect the disease, because of complications serve as internal bleeding. Endometriosis — the precancerous diseases of the uterus, which is characterized by increased pain over the pubis during menstruation.

Gynecologists claim that half the female adult population in young age suffer from menstruo pain. Why hurt the underbelly in the period before the onset of menstruation in young and practically healthy girls and the first three days?

Scientists have proved that the reason for the cramps the reduction of the uterus, associated with concentrations of specific hormones – prostoglandins, inflammatory processes or spikes. Less often in women determine the bend of the uterus.

A direct effect on the painful desire of the girls to wear in the cold jackets with bare lower back, cool shoes. This reason leads to infertility. Unnecessary bravado of the boys is complemented by a high load when serving in the army. A dangerous trend is becoming the primary prevention of infertile marriage.

When it hurts the underbelly and loins, the girls gynecologists recommend rectal candles with belladonna. Act quickly to relieve accompanying symptoms (vomiting, dizziness, salivation).

back hurts and lower abdomen diagnosis

In pregnant pain in lower abdomen — an alarming symptom. In the initial dates obstetricians suggest the threat of interruption. In the III trimester belly stretches constantly, the enlarged uterus compresses the intestine, bladder. The load on the spine grows significantly.

Especially difficult to tolerate physically untrained women. Mild pain in the first half of pregnancy are associated with the stretching of the ligaments of the growing uterus. In the period before the birth of the symptoms can pose as a fake contraction. Premature separation of the placenta is accompanied by increased pain, bleeding. Impaired perception of the heart, failures of the fetus.

In the diagnosis is the importance of observing women, one a doctor, the timely implementation of the ULTRASOUND.

The belly and loins are of concern to women who have undergone abortion. Long-lasting pain, discharge, increase in temperature point to a poorly implemented intervention, incomplete removal of the gestational sac.

Woman threatens to sepsis, therefore, need urgent treatment in hospital conditions). Rough sex is able to cause cracks on the walls and in the vault of the vagina. Pain in the lower abdomen leads to erosion of the uterine cervix.

Inguinal hernia

The hernial swelling in the groin often appear in boys and men. It is related to a disorder of embryonic development of the genital organs and absence of the anterior abdominal wall. It is a manifestation of contribute:

  • lifting weights;
  • injuries of the abdomen;
  • cough smokers;
  • ascites in cirrhosis;
  • obesity or rapid weight loss.

Men who feel pain in the groin with irradiation in the back, the emergence of education, which bulges when the tension of the abdominal muscles. In the supine position the bumps disappear, themselves returning into the canal of the hernia. In violation of acute pain can cause unconscious condition. The patient should be urgently hospitalized and work up to strinxit part of the intestine not arises to gangrene.


Malignant tumors of the kidney, the lower flag of the intestines, bladder, uterus and ovaries in women accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen and lower back. The implementation of the differential diagnosis between them will require a complete examination. The germination of neoplasms in adjacent organs and form metastases significantly hampers detection and treatment.

Chronic pain

Pain abdomen and lower back are a concern, is a manifestation of chronic disease. Among them, the most common:

  • rheumatoid polyarthritis with the defeat of the intervertebral joints (the most severe pain and stiffness, the patient feels immediately after sleep);
  • osteochondrosis of the lumbar-sacral department — causing radicular symptoms, doctors neurologists emphasize the broken sensitivity of the in the premises of the innervation of the nerve plexus and twigs on the front wall of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks;
  • herniated disc — is formed by weak ligamentous apparatus of the vertebral;
  • osteoarthritis of the spine — the process of atrophy distorts the shape of the contact surfaces of the vertebrae;
  • osteoporosis — a disease lowers bone density, is related to washing out of body salts of calcium, vitamin D deficiency.

Pathological soreness is perceived as the central pathology in stroke. Patients who feel that "sore back" not only from the long encampment, but also of the disorders of the innervation of the body.

What is the cause of back pain and abdominal pain in children?

Children, including adolescents, often complain of pain in the back. How to distinguish the important symptoms from completely safe? According to the experience of pediatricians, the following are the causes of pain. Late physical overload of the child's sport, different types of combat. Not all children develop the same way.

If the muscles are not ready for stretching, then after training in the child to appear in pain in the lumbar-sacral zone. Are associated with the rotation, radiating to the front or back of the thigh, the groin. Stretching the ligaments of the hip joints "react" soreness of the lower abdomen.

Violation of posture, the habit of slouching can be caused by uncomfortable furniture, height of chairs, bed too soft

Long-term immobility of the lesson in a sitting position causing static strain of the abdominal muscles and back. Therefore, they have the right teachers, satisfied short training.

For the child has the importance of overweight. Children with obesity are more often sick complain of pain in the lower back and abdomen, increased gas in the intestines.

Myositis — inflammation due to infection, draft, injuries in the lumbar muscles of the long and painfully. More often has an aching in nature, radiates in the stomach. Pain appear immediately after waking up. Typically one-sided defeat.

Intestinal infections occur significantly heavier than the adults. In addition to diarrhea and vomiting, there are a lot of cramps, dehydration.

Diseases of the urinary tract troubled children as well as adults. Large kalkuls so far failed to discover, but the salts cause paroxysmal renal colic. More often it is observed in boys. At the time of the heart attack arises from urine retention, vomiting. Pain radiating to the groin. Urine turns red due to the amount of red blood cells.

back pain and lower abdominal pain in children

The importance of diagnosis

If a person hurts your back, and stretches the lower part of the abdomen, the examination should include all possible ways for finding the real causes. Quality laboratory on the way to the analysis of blood, urine, feces can exclude or confirm the presence of inflammation in the urinary organs, the intestines.

Further bacteriological studies allows you to set a specific causative agent of the disease and prescribe treatment.

According to the survey x-ray of the pelvis and spine can be judged by osteochondrosis, diagnose hernial protrusion of the disk, see the stones in the ureter. Holding a cystoscopy allows you to view the walls of the bladder and urethra, to set the symmetry of the revenues of urine from the ureteral orifices.

Ultrasound helps in case of suspicion on disease dense organs (pancreas, kidney).