Complex crushing measures for struggle with back pain!

Yet thousands of years ago, when the monkeys descended from the trees, the spine of a man became the first to experience the vertical load. This led to the fact that there were preconditions to his disease. In modern the same age of high technology, forced position at work and an overall sedentary way of life is more and more often the question arises – what to do when your back hurts? The answer to this question it is possible to hear the many, but only a complex of proper treatment and preventive measures allow a long time to forget the pain in his back.

very sore back, what to do

Like any disease, pain in the back requires the right approach, to determine the cause, which it. As usual, the details of the pain associated with pathology of the spine. This is the reason why it is necessary to consult a neurologist, as well as conducting x-ray studies, the best of them will be CT or MRI. The implementation of instrumental studies allow you to determine the level of lesions of the spine, but also reveals the presence of indications for surgical treatment.

Medical therapy for relieving pain

What to do when back pain? The fastest effect will be derived from drug therapy. Standard treatment includes:

  • Drugs relaxing the muscles
  • Anti-inflammatory pain medication remedy
  • Vitamin therapy
  • Chondroprotectors

Medications that allow you to relieve muscle spasms it is necessary to use in the first hours of acute resulting in pain. The removal of muscle tension allows you to quickly remove the created by compression of the spinal roots, to remove spasms of muscles. This leads to a significant reduction in pain. Also this is the reason, removal of muscle spasm is the most important stage of treatment of pathology of the spine.

Anti-inflammatory drugs will allow you to quickly remove the pain and inflammation, if strongly hurts your back. Can be used in injections and pills, as well as externally — in the form of an ointment or gel. Vitamin therapy. Strengthens and protects the fibers of nerve from external harmful influences.

Vitamins of group "In" have the ability to improve the conduction of the nervous impulse, which helps to eliminate many negative phenomena, in addition to pain.

Chondroprotectors – drugs that contain in the composition of the chondroitins and glucosamine — those substances that are in the healthy cartilage of the intervertebral joints and discs. When the inflammatory process celebrated their lack of.

Important! All medications should be taken only on prescription. Otherwise, you can expect the development of complications, exceeding the desired dosage, and other unpleasant moments.
very sore back

Without pharmacological ways to cope with suffering

Unfortunately, drug therapy of pain is not always available. In the presence of allergy, intolerance, severe associated disease, pregnancy use many medicines cannot be. And because it's pregnancy or related disorders are often provoke the development of pain. What you need to do is-if very sore back, and drugs contraindicated? Here without pharmacological ways:

  1. Massage. Massage is one of the safest medical procedures. Only a complete contraindication is cancer pathology in the patient. Massage should alleviate the muscle spasm, reflex reduce pain, but also improve the blood flow to all tissues. This is a positive impact on the overall feelings.
  2. Physiotherapy is also a safe method of treatment. The influence of electrical currents, magnetic fields, the subcutaneous introduction of drugs against pain of funds allows you to achieve remarkable results. Spasm of the muscles, reduces pain in the back are held for a very short period of time, weak abdominal muscles are strengthened, and nutrition of the tissues improves significantly.
    However, before carrying out the procedures is the need to consult with your doctor-physical therapist for finding the most appropriate methods of treatment, and also to determine possible contraindications (allergic reactions, oncopathology, pathology of the thyroid gland and the like).
  3. Manual therapy and acupuncture. These methods are exposed to massage, but they work at a much finer level of connectedness reflexes.

Easy pain irritation, offset or stretching of the muscles of the reflective launches a whole series of retaliatory reactions. The result is a reduction or elimination of pain, restoration of sensitivity. Also it is one of the ways to support the body in good shape, if you constantly hurt your back. However, entrust the implementation of this procedure can be only professional. In addition to the above methodology, the therapeutic effects, there is one completely safe and highly effective method of combating and prevention– therapeutic physical education.

Exercise for pain relief and prevention

Already the ancient greeks said – in movement is life. Physical therapy exercises in any case does not exclude the implementation of other regeneration activities. However, it is exercise for back pain can be a means of first aid, if there is no access to other ways. It is associated with an increase in blood flow to the inflamed site-specific, which supports the fast excretion of toxic substances in the focus of inflammation that cause pain. We present as an example of a few exercises:

  • Exercise the cat. In the standing position on all fours, prognut the arch of your back straight down, then hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat 3-4 times. This charging at pain in the back is particularly effective on the chest and lower back.
  • Standing interlock your hands behind the back, catches with one hand the wrist of the other hand, then press them on the back in the lumbar region. Exercise relaxes tense back muscles — primarily of the parent department and reports the load on the muscles of the arms.
  • Sitting on a chair, tilt your head down, maximum, gradually and very carefully. Try to reach your chin to the chest. If touched or the pain does not allow you to do it, gradually drop your head to the original position and a little something back. Repeat a few times. The exercise effectively removes the load from the neck muscles.
very sore back, treatment

A day to the date of exercise, to ache and shoulders. Design is no need to worry about the degree of painful sensations. This is just proof that time is weakened and inflamed area. If you have weakened muscles of the back (especially in people who lead a sedentary way of life), therapeutic physical training allow you to seek the strengthening of the muscular corset and to reduce the load on the spine.

The ideal entertainment, including in the work of almost all the muscles of the body, is swimming. Also in regenerating complex can be incorporate a sensory shower and pouring that reflective effect on the entire organism.

It is important to know that charging at pain in the back will be effective only in the case of regular and correct execution. Exercise is better to learn to do it under the supervision of a doctor-specialists of medical physical education. Furthermore, you can carry out yourself at home. Remember — it is the health of your back depends on You alone.