Why hurt the shoulders during pregnancy?

If it hurts the shoulders during pregnancy, the reasons are not always associated with pathology. Pregnancy is a natural state for the female body. And pain your back in this period is because the body is "rebuilt", when going to the ongoing changes.

Causes of pain

There is a developing back pain during pregnancy to the different timing of the pregnancy. It is believed that in the first half of pregnancy is the body is exposed to increased stress. This is not true. About 30% of women come in with complaints that dental pain to spin, even in the first trimester. However, the majority of women pain in lower back during pregnancy worries closer to the twentieth week. Often it is not easy to answer, why your back hurts during pregnancy. Pain in the lower back in pregnant is sometimes the result of obstetric causes, but it can be even self-pathology. Obstetric causes of back pain, arising due to normal or pathological gambling during the pregnancy.



Can hurt the shoulders in the normal course of pregnancy? Yes, and it is the most common cause, why are they pulling back in pregnant. In many cases attack pregnancy leads to the fact that the future mom hurts the lower part of the back. The cause of the pain becomes the rapid growth of the uterus and its the tension of the ligaments. These feelings are so common that they are considered yet another sign that the woman got pregnant.

  • Hormones and metabolic processes

In the period of the child's expectations a woman has to face sharp changes in hormonal levels. Occurs increased production of estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones, responsible for the proper during pregnancy. Common cause of addition, it strongly hurts the shoulders, is relaxin. This hormone helps the ligaments and tendons become more durable, it softens them. Relaxin is necessary to subsequently reduce the appearance of a toddler.

Necessary for the formation of the fetal elements come from the body of the mother. Therefore, when a lack of supply of "inventory", the bones of women can receive the very necessary vitamins and trace elements, especially calcium and phosphorus. As a result, leads to the release of the pelvic bones and the spine, which may be the cause of back pain in pregnant.

  • The growing pressure on the pelvis and spine

The most "safe" reason why pregnant back hurts, it is the growth of the fetus. The child grows, it increases pressure on the sacrum of the mother is what leads to the pain sensations in the lumbar. It is also quite physiological reason why it can hurt your back, it is an expanding mass leading to increased pressure on the lower back. The center of gravity is changing, there arises a deflection of the spine in the lumbar. Muscles have excessive load, which leads to the formation of pain.

To the emergence of back pain in pregnant often leads to long-term standing. Uterus presses on the nerves and blood vessels that surround the spine. It hurts under the lower part of the back, from the third trimester. Pain give on the legs, are amplified under load.

At the late stage of pregnancy back pain can occur as a result of the pressure of the fetal head on the hip bones. It is accompanied by the appearance of increased tone of the uterus. Then the pain will recur until 38 week. If it hurts the shoulders during pregnancy for this reason, there is no need to worry. Such feelings – a completely natural phenomenon.

  • Battle

In a few weeks to childbirth expectant mother may feel contractions of Braxton-Hicks. False contractions are preparing the body for follow-up assistance in motherhood. In this case, in addition to pain, gives in the lumbar department, feeling "solid" of the uterus, hard to breathe, arise drag pain the lower abdomen. Then these symptoms disappear. And it won't be long and stomach and back to crying again. Such feelings are considered normal, but require full attention. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish from the really began to birth. If the contractions frequent, repeated at regular intervals, are accompanied by secretions from the genital tract, it should not delay the departure in the maternity hospital.

When pathologies


If during pregnancy back pain are accompanied by the appearance of the bleeding and the cramps bolestu feelings in the womb, then such a condition is the doctors perceived as a threat of spontaneous abortion or premature birth.

It is necessary to seem to the gynecologist. In a number of cases stretches the lower back in pregnancy due to exacerbation of existing diseases, or when a new pathology. Pregnancy is accompanied by a natural suppression of immunity. Such a mechanism is necessary to release the fetus to the parent organism how thousands of years of alien light. The result is the vulnerability of women at this time. It happens that the woman did not even suspect about the pathology, until they become pregnant. During pregnancy is pain in the lower back may indicate serious enough pathology. And if the gynecologist to rule out obstetric causes of disease, it is necessary to visit other doctors: neurologist, urologist or nephrologist and the surgeon.

  • Kidney disease

The kidneys and their disease come why during pregnancy hurts the shoulders. Under the influence of hormones, it changes the tone of the ureters, there will be stagnation of the urine, which leads to the development of infectious processes. A common complication of pregnancy is pyelonephritis. Arise gnawing pain from one side of the back, frequent urge to urinate, cutting, increased the temperature up to high values. The urine usually becomes restless.

If the pain in lower back during pregnancy is expressed clearly, it is difficult to find a position in which the pain is fading, it is hampered by the outflow of the urine, appear an admixture of blood, maybe it's a renal colic. These symptoms serve an indication for immediate hospitalization.

The diagnosis puts the physician, relying on the data of ULTRASOUND examination and laboratory tests of urine and blood. Treatment is carried out with the prescribing of antibiotics, antispasmodic and mild pain reliever, medication, and it is mandatory. The disease can lead to serious consequences, up to kidney failure.

  • Pancreatitis

In rare cases, pregnant can meet with inflammation of the pancreas. This happens when there is a violation during the pregnancy diet, the consumption of foods with lots of fats, alcohol, is the hereditary factor, or as a result of stress. If the pain in lower back during pregnancy carries the crawler character, arises after or during a meal, is accompanied by temperature, nausea or vomiting, impaired perception of the chair, the doctor puts the diagnosis of "pancreatitis".

Diagnosed with the disease with the use of ULTRASOUND, MRI, treated in stationary conditions. Pharmacotherapy of pain in the lower back pain during pregnancy is carried out using a range of anti-inflammatory and pain medication on the prescription. Sometimes, in the case of failure of conservative treatment, the need for operative surgery.

  • Neurology

Often the back hurts during pregnancy because of exacerbation of the existing problems with the locomotive system. If a woman before pregnancy troubled by degenerative disc disease or sciatica, something changed, the load will lead to deterioration. The source of the problems becomes underdeveloped muscular system of the back and curvature of the spine. On a similar diagnosis determines the emergence of severe back pain in pregnancy in II. trimester or later.

For neurological problems, feelings of pain are shooting character, are reduced in the position "lying down" and increases on exertion, may appear feeling of numbness.

Very dangerous to self-medicate. After all, most of the drugs used in such cases, it is contraindicated in pregnancy. In exceptional cases, your doctor may prescribe pain medication. If it hurts the shoulders, when there is pregnancy for some reason, associated with neurological problems, the easiest solution – the wearing of braces. A special corset will provide support to the musculoskeletal system, without a negative effect on the development of the child.

  • Myositis

Stay on the drafts or hypothermia can lead to an inflammatory process of the muscles of the bottom department of a back. Then characterized by acute pain of the character and limited movements. In addition to your back can hurt the neck and the shoulder belt. Treatment should be carried out by a doctor who will be able to prescribe drugs safe for the baby.

  • Semisupine

At low localization of pain in the area of the back and abdomen, may be suspected symphysis. At disease point changed gait, which is obtained by the character "duck". Happens due to irregularity of the pubic bone, are inherited. If there is a reason for that sore back in pregnancy, in Semisupine, the doctor will recommend bed rest and will carry out supervision during the entire pregnancy period.

  • Spondilolistezom

If in the history of spinal injury, or congenital characteristics of the development of the arches of the vertebrae, the increased load may lead to the emergence of painful feelings in the lower back during pregnancy. Vertebrae can get the ball to each other, and that will serve as a stimulus to severe headaches in the lower back.

Such pain can be distinguished according to the increase in the pose of sitting, in case that in the process of lifting heavy objects, when you change the position of the body. The pain can irradiate to the legs. Curvature of the spine it is possible to observe visually. The muscles surrounding the spine, the hips, are in a tight condition. Develops special walk the "tightrope". If for some reason the spondylolisthesis hurts the shoulders during pregnancy, to treat such ailments with medication, physiotherapy, therapeutic gymnastics.



If it hurts the shoulders during pregnancy, it is important to remember one thing: in any case can not bear the diagnosis of self and self-heal. The first thing you must do is pregnant, which is shooting lower back pain in pregnancy – to go to her specialist. The doctor will also help prevent back pain during pregnancy recommends:

  • Give up wearing shoes with a high heel;
  • Track smoother set of weight;
  • Lead active lifestyle;
  • Do not overwork, avoid excessive load on the spine;
  • Exercise special gymnastics;
  • Check body posture;
  • For sleep choose of the anatomy of the mattress and a small pillow;
  • To learn the proper breeding of the objects (it is necessary to bend the legs at the knees, and not to produce bending forward);
  • Provide proper nutrition with an increased content of calcium and phosphorus.

If pregnant strongly back hurts, it's not a reason to panic. However, it is necessary to exclude possible pathological processes, as well as get tips on ways to remove discomfort. If your back hurts during pregnancy, what to do, advise you, only a doctor.