Pain in left side of back: in the lumbar and upstairs, downstairs, under the ribs, while driving

It can be how to lock the muscles on my back due to the clamping of one of the vertebrae and diseases of the internal organs. We'll talk about that below.

pain in the back

In the left side in the back in the lumbar

The main groups of causes of pain in left side of back may be:

  • diseases of the kidney and urinary system;
  • the defeat of the spleen;
  • a pathological process in the digestive system;
  • diseases of the spine;
  • pathological processes of the musculoskeletal system and so on

Determining the exact source of the pain performed by a physician with the use of both methods of objective study of the patient, and in the appointment of some other methods of research. In more detail talk about it in the description of the different kinds of pain.

If uncomfortable feelings are associated with your back, then we offer you a special set of exercises.

Higher restraint

If the pain appears on the left in the back of a higher waist, then you need to think about other possible variations of its occurrence:

  1. the disease process in the pancreas (most commonly this is its inflammation — pancreatitis);
  2. osteochondrosis of the spine (degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine, which is accompanied by reducing the height of the intervertebral discs);
  3. the defeat of the adrenal glands (most often the adrenal glands can becomes a tumor process, which leads to the emergence of pain).

For addition, to confirm the defeat of the pancreas gland, it is necessary to conduct biochemical analysis of blood, which brings an increase in activity of pancreatic enzymes (amylase, lipase, trypsin and others). The appointment of appropriate treatment contributes to termination of the faulty process. For this apply the following principles:

  • cold;
  • hunger;
  • peace of mind.

Confirm osteochondrosis allows detailed neurological studies that draw attention to soreness in the places of exit of the nerve roots. In difficult diagnostic cases, it is recommended to perform a ct scan or nuclear magnetic resonance.

Tumors of the adrenal gland can be identified either during the ultrasound, or x-ray studies, either at the time of computed tomography. The "gold" standard of diagnosis of any cancer process is a histological study.


If pain arises on the left at the back and bottom, then you need to think about the following causes:

  1. the defeat of the colon (most often it is colitis, then there is an inflammatory process in the large intestine);
  2. pathology of the kidney (pyelonephritis, or kidney stone disease);
  3. osteochondrosis of the spine;
  4. myositis (in particular, if the pain is localized on the go vertebral column).

Most often the cause of pain that have this localization, are diseases of the urinary system. For their identification it is recommended that the clinical analysis of urine and an ultrasound examination of the kidneys. Clinical analysis of urine may reveal the following types of deviations:

  • an increased amount of protein (may be associated with the inflammatory process, or in violation of filtering/reabsorption in the kidneys);
  • increased number of white blood cells suggests an inflammatory process (most often it is the pyelonephritis – inflammation of the Cup-renal pelvis system);
  • the increased number of red blood cells has a place in the urinary of the disease, when the stone leads to the traumatization of the urinary tract.

Under the ribs

The emergence of pain under the ribs is usually associated with pathological processes that affect the spleen. This is the body that disposes of damaged blood cells. Therefore, when various problems (leukemia) happens its a significant increase, which is accompanied by a stretching of its capsule. And it is this that is the cause of the pain syndrome, which is localized below the ribs on the left side. Trauma of the spleen in a fall or impact, also, may be the cause of this pain syndrome.

pain in left side

Gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer can lead to pain under the ribs on the left side. The pain can be acute, which is indicative of various complications (penetration, perforation), or sore. Holding fibrogastroduodenoscopy and tests to identify H. pylori (cause of peptic ulcers) allows you to give a definitive diagnosis.

We also wrote about the causes of pain the sternum in the middle — the symptoms, as well as investigate what diseases may cause such discomfort.

While driving

Pain that is localized in the back left, and amplifies during movement, is usually associated with the following reasons:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • myositis;
  • kidney stones disease.

How to spend the differential diagnosis with this pathological processes mentioned above. For the identification of myositisa is recommended to perform in addition to objective research and electromyography.

Gives step

Usually the pain gives a step by the presence of substances in the excretory system, the neuralgia, but also in the presence of intra-abdominal haemorrhage, whose causes can be very different (peptic ulcer, apoplexie ovary, broken ectopic pregnancy, injuries and so on).Principles of diagnosis the same type with the ones that are already solved. If the pain is amplified when the rise of boner legs, that is, the pathology of the nerve trunk (the so-called flag voltage).

So, the reasons why pain appears in the back and to the left, are very diverse. Their accurate identification will be the key to successful treatment, which will significantly improve the health condition of the person.