Why is the pain in the back gives in legs: causes, treatment, what to do when back hurts

Many people known pain in the cross or in the back, left, right and from the side. For this to cure aching back, it is necessary to establish the correct diagnosis, complicated by the presence of many diseases with a similar symptom: degenerative disease in lower spine, pinching the nerves, complications after injury, and even cysts on the ovary. After the exertion of the situation is getting worse, and then pain in the back gives on the leg, sometimes so strongly that it prevents the walk.

hurts your back and legs


In addition to the pain on the right or on the left side of the back can bother the total weakness in the legs, frequent occurrence of "chills", a slight numbness and cramps in the night. Stronger suffering from the leg where the pain irradiates more.

Please note that sometimes soreness of the lower back and legs have different origins and are not related. Carefully check the blood vessels on the legs: pain may occur due to poor blood circulation.

According to statistics, the most vulnerable to the emergence of pain in the lower back older people and those who lead a sedentary way of life: office workers, drivers, active users of computers.

The causes of the pain syndrome

Determine what exactly you need to heal, it is necessary to consult a qualified professional. There are a number of diseases, characterized by pain in the back, the bestower of step, and here are some of them:

Root syndromes

Manifested by compression of spinal roots (nerves). The most common cause of this syndrome is osteochondrosis, it is the destruction of the spine, intervertebral joints and discs, into the very bodies of the vertebrae. With the development of the pathology and an increase in land inflammation in the nerve roots of the spinal cord reduces the sensitivity of some areas of the skin and increases the painful.

As suggested by the neurologists, in most cases, this degenerative disease of the spine are the source of pain in the lower back.

The development of the symptoms and their manifestation depends on the location of the pathology. If you hurt your back and on your legs, then inflammation takes place in the abdominal sacral department of your spine, responsible for the operation and the sensitivity of the muscles of the legs.

It consists of a specific cyclic process: the emerging of the pain spasm leads to an increase in nerve compression, which amplifies the pain.

Issue several reasons for the occurrence of radicular syndrome in addition to degenerative disc disease:

  • Injuries of the spine.
  • Herniation of the intervertebral disc and its protrusion. Manifested in the vbuhanie or failure of some areas on the intervertebral disc over the edge of the vertebrae.
  • Heredity.
  • Specific infections that lead to inflammation. An example of such infection is tuberculosis of the spine, and syphilis.

Sciatica (sciatica)

Is not an independent disease. Rather it is a complex of symptoms caused by the degenerative nerve changes in the spine. Due to the compression of the root of the sciatic nerve, the patient may experience painful sensations throughout the length of the nerve: on the abdomen, on the thighs, below the knee, in tarso.

Despite the fact that pathology develops in the lumbar-sacral department pain is concentrated at the point of exit of the sciatic nerve – the buttocks.

In sciatica the patient is experiencing difficulty in performing the exercises, is not able to do emphasis on the affected leg and simple sails and squats are still not in sight. It is also possible slight numb pain in the legs, which can extend up to the tips of your fingers.

Lumbago (lumbago)

hurts your back and feet treatments

Acute pain in the back, gives a step appears due to excessive physical exertion the subsequent rapid cooling of the body. Even a minor physical effort only aggravate the condition, often the patient is not able even to move independently.

A couple of days of rest removes lumbago, although not able to completely cure from it.


It is accompanied by pain in the lower back pain, edema of the soft tissues around the spine and reduce the sensitivity of the foot. Appear because of deletion of the intervertebral discs after heavy injuries or permanent load on the spine.


A strong and sharp pain limits the person in motion and gives up. Change posture: the body tilts forward, his back bent in the infant department. Pathology is accompanied by numbness in the right or left legs and feeling of heaviness in the limb.

Lumbalization and sacralization

Both diseases are congenital defects:

  1. When Lumbalization the number of vertebrae is reduced due to the fact that growth in the area of the lumbar and sacral.
  2. When the sacralization of the number of vertebrae increases.

Gnawing sensation in the back will take effect in 20 years, and worsening during physical exertion on the damaged area of the spine.

A pinched sciatic nerve

The sciatic nerve is the largest in our body, because it is formed from the nerve roots of the sacral and lumbar spine.

The cause of the pinch points are the following factors:

  • injuries and their treatment;
  • hypothermia;
  • physical load;
  • the course of dorsal hernia and degenerative disc disease.

In the treatment of pinch points mostly eliminates muscle spasms and pain. Treatment treatment prescribed by a doctor and includes a variety of medications, the removal of pain: anti-anti-inflammatory agents, muscle relaxants, and more. For further use is assigned to the physical therapy and drug exercise.

Other reasons

Back pain, giving the step, not always in the context of disabilities of the spine. The causes of this symptom can happen:
  1. Kidney pathology.
  2. Gynecological diseases in women (inflammation of the appendages, ovarian cysts).
  3. Severe infectious diseases (HIV-infection).
  4. Long-term contact with pesticides, radiation.
  5. Some of the surgical diseases.
  6. Alcohol and drug abuse.

Also, this symptom occurs in pregnant women, and often enough.

Pain in the back, it gives the step appear in early pregnancy and often takes place only after childbirth.

First of all, in this case, the soreness of the back right or left is caused by an increased load on the spine due to increased weight and shifting the center of gravity of the abdomen due to the development of the fetus. However, if the pain for a long time did not pass even after giving birth, it is necessary to visit a doctor.

Outpatient treatment

Unfortunately, sometimes turn for help to a specialist it is not possible. In such a case, there are several ways that can alleviate the patient's condition:

hurts your back and legs exercises
  • Passive rest. One of the most important points. If you bother back pain, gives to the right or left foot, it is necessary to give up all the load on the spine.
  • Correction of nutrition. A balanced diet will provide your body with the necessary nutrients. Thanks to the removal of cellular starvation you develop the strength to fight with diseases.
  • Massage. The main task of the massage becomes the removal of the inflammation and tension of the muscles of the back and legs. Massage will improve blood circulation in the tissue, which has a positive effect on health status.
  • Tepidus procedures. Heaters, ointments and warm baths will help reduce the pain.
  • The dosage of the load. Therapeutic exercise, swimming and stretching to develop the problem areas and improve their blood circulation. Carefully observe your feelings while performing the exercises: you should not feel pain, and when its occurrence it is necessary to immediately reduce the degree of burden.

Professional advice

Despite the performance of "domestic" methods, if you hurt your back and on the leg, then it is the best starting point remains the appeal to a specialist. Based on the results of a complete diagnosis, the doctor will reveal the cause of the occurrence of the disease. The most effective method of struggle with the disease, an integrated approach: a combination of medication, proper nutrition, exercise and ointments give the best result.

In addition to the doctor's recommendations avoid hypothermia, lifting weights and unnecessary load on the spine. This can be the disease move into a phase of its deterioration and reduce pain.


Warn the disease is always easier than to treat it. Preventive measures will help you avoid diseases of the spine and to consolidate the obtained from the treatment outcome.

Do you want to experience aching pain in the lower back, you just have to fulfill just two conditions:

  1. Regular lessons of physical education. Do some yoga, swimming, pilates, to walk more or just do every morning to exercise. Running, step and other active sports is better to postpone, because of the sharp movement can bring pain.
  2. Income chondroprotectors. This type of products contains the same substances that are in the cartilage. Chondroprotectors protects the intervertebral discs and slows cartilage destruction.

Remember that the health of a person is solely in his hands! A simple exercise, frequent checkups at the doctors and cupping of the disease in the early stages you never remember to lower back pain. But, unfortunately, if you don't have the desire to get, it will not help you and the best doctor.