5 diseases, which are disguised as pain in the back

Lovers warm his ailing back is worth it to know that their pain, in fact, it may have a completely different origin and heating of the co-then in such a case is not only useless, and sometimes dangerous. Back pain can be caused by problems in the pelvic organs. For example, in women it is associated with painful menstruation (for which reasons) and spikes, as with the cyst of the cyst, with inflammation of the appendages, endometriosis and even an ectopic pregnancy that requires emergency call. Warming in all these cases is strictly prohibited.

To find out whether everything is ok in the pelvic organs, it is possible with the help of ULTRASOUND.

Where to go with back pain?

pain in the back

Traditionally with back pain in our country, decided to go to the doctor-neurologist. It is not always right and it is not necessary: pain in the spine can "show" each of these experts – exercise therapy doctor, surgeon, or physician.

Prostate iron

The men upon the occurrence of back pain it is worth remembering, a long time ago already checked the condition of the prostate. The problem is that symptoms of chronic inflammation of the prostate gland can be pain not only in the lower part of the abdomen and into the groin, but also in the lower back – and often this happens at the same time.

If it hurts the shoulders in men of older age and unknown condition of the prostate, it is worth it to visit a urologist.

The kidneys

Pain in the lower back may and may not have any relation to each other – for him, often with pain in the kidneys. This reason is the suspect, if your back hurts on the sides, approximately in the places where he goes on the palm of your hand, if you rest them in the back. The more it is worth thinking about the kidneys, if it hurts the shoulders of one party. But whether it is the character of the pain – it pulls or vice versa, cutting of metal sheets, – when she appeared in the lumbar region, the kidneys need to be checked in each case.

Okay, if the kidneys show, urine and ULTRASOUND.

Is not brush!

Exactly you need medical help, if

  • pain in the back persist, when you go, and your back hurts at night;
  • on the background of pain in your raised body temperature;
  • pain in every department of the spine arose after the injury;
  • you are less than 18 and more than 60 years;
  • you recently transferred the disease;
  • in addition to back pain, you stress, numbness of the limbs;
  • you are taking hormonal drugs;
  • previously have been treated for cancer.


Pain in the thoracic area of the spine (what people usually describe as "pain between the shoulder blades"), may be associated with disruption of the work of the heart to myocardial infarction. A particularly alarming symptom: the pain is accompanied by cough or problems with breathing. It is not, it is strengthened, as in the case of neuralgia. The first need, and in that case, if the pain spilled and cannot exactly show it hurt, if his character is not dependent on posture (pain in the spine usually responds to gestures, can be mitigated or amplified when you change the position of the body), if it even changes when spawning or during the massage if the pain is felt more as a pain in the chest, and not in the back. All it says that "in favor" of a heart attack.

At least in such cases it is necessary to do an ECG and a variety of other cardiac arrest at the tests, if the situation is not an emergency.


The rotation may be ill and because of problems from the gastrointestinal tract. For example, a symptom of acute pancreatitis are so-called surrounds the pain, when hurts not only the abdomen but also the back under the shoulder blades, as if the body in this place chained iron gate. Put under the blade of the can and pain, which are in fact associated with stones in the gall bladder. Back pain sometimes gives the intestine. However, in such cases, in addition to the painful feelings occur even other signs – such, after which you can guess where it hurts, in fact. For example, in ulcer the pain is always in some way tied to food intake – either occurs on an empty stomach, or after, how she gets food. Cholecystitis – it is often a bitterness in the mouth. And, as with any other disease of the digestive tract: in addition to pain, there's usually something else is strange.

To clarify, if not pain in the back are actually symptoms of a pathology of the digestive system, can be the same methods that are used for the diagnosis of diseases of digestion, – ULTRASOUND, gastroscopy, blood tests, stool etc.

How to understand that is not right with the spine

Pain in the back has a universal explanation for why so many and calm: it is osteochondrosis. In fact, it is not a disease and is not an explanation of all diagnoses, but only a statement of fact: in the area of the spine occur degenerative processes that come with age may appear practically in every person. In the reality of pain, even if they are not associated with the defeat of the internal organs, can be a number of reasons: it may be a problem with the vertebrae, with the intervertebral disks, muscles, nerves, spinal, brain, etc. As usually comprehensive information that can give you the MRI, however, all the polls held this study doctors do not recommend – especially without direction, trying to with my own money, "check, whether all at once". MRI is performed for each department of the spine – cervical, thoracic or lumbar, and what specifically you need to look (and whether at all), it knows only doctor.

However, it should be remembered that clarify the cause of pain in the back can, not always – sometimes the question of why it hurts so remains unanswered.

This can lead to headaches in the back

  • Lifting and transferring weights;
  • Many hours of driving machine;
  • Uncomfortable bed;
  • Long work in a standing position and a seated position;
  • Obesity;
  • The stress and depression.

And prevention:

  • Training the muscles of the back and abdomen;
  • A comfortable chair, with the support of the lower back;
  • The ability to set a chair, in the car;
  • Correct lifting weights (with support legs);
  • Quality mattress and a good pillow;
  • Normal weight.