Why it hurts your back, under the scapula acromion of the left: the causes of pain, symptoms and treatment

Because the causes of pain under the scapula acromion of the left may be many, it is necessary to draw attention to the most commonly found disease.

  1. Osteochondrosis of the cervicalas well as thoracic spine.
  2. Left pneumonia.
  3. Acute bronchitis.
  4. Abscess of the left easy.
  5. Myocardial infarction.
  6. Angina pectoris.
  7. Fracture of the ribs or severe traumatic damage.

This is just a short list of diseases that can cause sharp pain.

Of course, to assess the incidence of a particular disease on a single symptom cannot be, and it is necessary to assess the whole complex of problems, the definition of the range of possible causes of the pain.

Symptoms and types of pain

pain in the back

As already mentioned above, the pain under the scapula acromion can be completely different, from the small discomfort, and ending with a stupid, aching pain.

So, what are the kinds of pain can be called?

  • Acute pain dna, which significantly increases during cornering, and also during operation.
  • Strong, cutting feeling on the left side.
  • Regular stretching pain, which does not stop even in the period of rest and peace.
  • The pain is greatly enhanced in the event that a person deeply inhales and exhales.
  • A sharp painful feeling, which subsides after vomiting, or long lasting sickness.

The character of the painful sensations depends the whole diagnosis and characteristic symptoms. So, for example, in aneurysm of the aorta of the pain symptom was continuous in nature, it does not stop even in times of rest.

Uncomfortable feelings are developing very quickly, and in a few days they accept virtually unbearable character.

In pleurisy the pain is cutting, quickly arises and fades. Also the intensity of pain is directly dependent on the frequency and depth of breathing, this means that the deeper one breathes, the greater the discomfort they feel.

When inflammation of the lungs pain doesn't have an intense character. In the process of developing this nagging, smacks of unpleasant sensations in the whole left side.

Each pain feel — a sign of this or that disease. However, to make a final conclusion about the cause of the emergence of these problems, it is necessary to perform a detailed diagnosis.

And you know that there is a massage with herbal bags, in it is included aromatherapy, acupuncture, yoga, warm the acupressure points.


Usually the primary diagnosis of the disease happens when a careful survey and examination.

The doctor sets depends whether the feelings of pain from the movement, from the process of food intake. Also, the expert finds out, at what time of day is the pain under the left scapula from behind most often.

In the implementation of the diagnosis of the disease usually prescribes the following procedure:

  1. Xray studies, it helps to see the pathological problems with the spine.
  2. The removal of the electrocardiogram, that helps rule out any heart disease.
  3. If x-rays help to detect the disease, sometimes it is necessary to tomography.
  4. Moreover, it can be named the process Fegds, if symptoms indicate gastric gastritis and other stomach diseases.
  5. The process of diagnosis can not do without the overall analysis of the blood.

Usually the diagnosis helps to accurately identify disease and prescribe effective treatment to remove any feelings of pain.

To what doctors to be treated?

In that case, if the person arise from feelings of pain under the scapula acromion, to him it is worth it to know which doctor to turn to for the diagnosis of the disease.

Most often, it is such an expert becomes a traumatologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist. In the case that the diseases are associated with problems in the spine, it is necessary to turn to doctors.

Sometimes feelings of pain can be caused by a serious mental deviations, and in such a case, it is necessary to turn to a psychiatrist.

Sometimes nervous tension and stress, it is necessary to massage the neck-collar area, it is not only relieve the swelling, but also help get rid of headaches.

Pain therapy using massage

back massage

Massage — an effective way to cope with serious pain sensations. Of course, that gets to massage can only be the case if this method of treatment recommended by a medical practitioner.

For example, if the pain left side under scapula acromion, massage will help reduce discomfort, sometimes completely eliminating them.

However, in ulcerative diseases of, massage any case does not lead to cure, but on the contrary may lead to the deterioration of the development of the disease.

It is very important that the procedure was carried out by a professional expert, because it is necessary to know exactly what techniques to use and with what intensity.

Usually, the procedure starts with a warming massage, and after the specialist passes on to the point of action on the problem area.

If in the process, the person is experiencing significant discomfort and aggravation of painful sensations, the procedure is better to abstain.

Each specialist has his own massage technique, but usually this technique starts with help at least from the third session.


To ignore such a distinct and serious symptom like pain in the back under the scapula acromion in the back never worth it.

Most often it is indicative of the development of serious diseases, and this is the reason why it is better to immediately turn to a specialist. He prescribes medication that we find the cause of the symptom.