Why it hurts the shoulders in women: the 9 main reasons, treatment and prevention

Pain in lower back in women can be a symptom of diseases of the spine, the kidneys and the organs of the reproductive system, but also be a consequence of injury, so it is not possible to ignore this signal of the body about the troubles. Let's see, why it hurts the shoulders in women and how to treat this condition.

Features of lower back pain in women and the mechanism of their formation

Pain in the lower back pain in women can have a short-term, long-term or permanent character. The duration of this symptom allows you to have this or that cause of their occurrence. For example, intermittent episodes of pain in the lower back, most often occurs on the background of external influence – injury or physical stress.


At the same time a constant feeling of pain in the lower back pain can talk about more serious causes, such as lumbar остеохондрозе, urinary disease, inflammation of the appendages, etc.

Therefore, it is long-lasting or permanent pain in the lumbar require expert advice, in the first place, the doctor-therapist. The doctor on the basis of the conducted examination of the body be able to assume the cause of the problem and no longer direct you to the appropriate experts.

In addition to the length of the болевого syndrome, it is important to determine its intensity and localization.

Depending on the intensity of the pain can be mild, moderate, or intense and strong.

Back pain can be unilateral and опоясывающими. Unilateral localization of pain is typical for inflammation of the ovaries, diseases of the kidney, ureter stones and so on, in Addition, the pain can put on the underbelly, inner thighs, sex organs, coccyx, sacrum or подреберье.

Pain in the lower back pain in women is very often associated with pain the lower abdomen.

Also it should be said that pain can локализоваться both above and below the lower back. In addition to the болевого syndrome, a woman can harass, and other unpleasant symptoms, for example, increased body temperature, malaise, nasal discharge of varying character, abdominal pain, headache, dizziness and so on

Now understand, what hurts the shoulders in women.

Hurts the shoulders: causes in women

The female body has a number of features, for example, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, gynecological diseases, which will greatly expand the number of diseases, провоцирующих feelings of pain in the lower back. In young men, the incidence of lower back pain in the first place connected with the патологией of the spine. At the same time, the first thing you need to eliminate the specific reasons for lower back pain in women, regardless of their age.

Causes of lower back pain in women can be both physiological and pathological conditions.

Among the physiological causes of lower back pain it is necessary to draw attention to the following:

  • pregnancy;
  • menstruation;
  • menopause.

Патологическими reasons болевого syndrome in the lumbar can be factors such as:

  • excessive physical load;
  • гиподинамия;
  • hypothermia;
  • diseases of the vertebrae of the pillar;
  • disorders of the kidney and urinary tract;
  • pathology of the organs of the reproductive system;
  • injury.

Рассмотри in more detail each cause and also learn how you can help in these cases.

Pregnancy and pain in the lower back

Very often pregnancy is accompanied by pain in the lower back, and especially in the last trimester. Provoke the emergence of болевого syndrome the following factors:

  • gain weight;
  • the redistribution of the load on the spine;
  • the weakening of the muscle tone;
  • the expansion of the pelvic cavity.

These factors have their place in the last months of pregnancy, when the fetus is actively gaining weight, which is reflected in the weight of a woman and the bones of the pelvis ready for birth.

At the same time, pain in the lower back on the first lines of the pregnancy in most cases are a dangerous signal, which can talk about the beginning of a miscarriage. Also the pain may be accompanied by кровянистыми secretions, increased body temperature, general weakness, etc.

Therefore, to avoid serious consequences for the woman and the fetus, it is necessary to inform the doctor-obstetrician-gynecologist about lumbar pain.

Treatment. If back pain is associated exclusively with pregnancy and in women there is no pathology, then to facilitate the state it is recommended to wear special tires, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. These products reduce the load on the spine and нормализуют the center of gravity of the body.

If the woman celebrating weight gain above the norm, then it is necessary to clean eating: limit the sweets, pickled vegetables, animal fats and other high-calorie foods.

Also to cope with the pain in the lower back with you to yoga, swimming, pilates or gymnastics.

Menstruation and pain in the lower back

Menstrual pain can локализоваться not only in the lower part of the abdomen but also the back, the sacrum. The main role in the emergence of pain in the lumbar in this case plays the change of hormonal balance in a woman's body.

Hurts the shoulders of the prior monthly salary in the result, in this period in the blood, increased levels of progesterone, which lowers the threshold of pain sensitivity. So even the most minor contractions of the uterus, can cause feelings of pain in the lower back.


Also contribute to the emergence of болевого syndrome lower back pain before and during menstruation the following factors:

  • fluid retention in the tissues, which leads to swelling, weight gain, stretching of the capsule and ligaments of the organs, especially the uterus, the bladder, which puts pressure on the spine and its muscles;
  • reduction миометрия with the aim of a branch of the procedural layer of the endometrium, which leads to irritation of the nerve endings;
  • the availability of the royal means of contraception — spirals, especially if it is poorly set;
  • the impact of прогестинов on the walls of the intestine, which is manifested by disorders of intestinal pain, diarrhea. Therefore, before the monthly salary often pain in the coccyx, sacrum and loins.

Treatment. If they are expressed in menstrual pain doctor-a gynecologist may ask a question about the appointment of медикаментозных funds. In this case, we can use antispasmodics or homeopathic preparations. Also, it is recommended to limit the during this period drinking fluids and salt.

Menopause and lower back pain

Menopause is characterized by a weak job of the ovaries, in consequence, will dramatically change the hormonal background of women. Due to the lack of estrogen in the body, in the bones occurs osteoporosis, which leads to bone fragility, which is often accompanied by ноющей joint pain and back pain.

At the age of климакса in women significantly increases the risk of developing degenerative disc disease, which is also characterized by pain in the lower back.

Treatment. In the first place it is necessary to determine the cause of the back pain, after which it is assigned этиологическая, симптоматическая therapy. Пациенткам necessarily appointed mineral complexes, which will strengthen bone tissue, vitamins, exercise therapy, exercises to strengthen the muscle corset back.

Also, the therapeutic complex is complemented by a balanced diet. In the daily diet must be present fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish, meat and poultry.

Excessive physical burden and pain in the lower back

Very often a woman celebrating the pain in the lower back after lifting weights, the overload in the gym, active play with the child, work in the garden, etc. these factors lead to спазму the muscles of the back, because that becomes irritation of the nerve endings, which manifests itself pain in the lower back and throughout the back. Also a woman that is hard to bend forward.

In the standard the next day, the pain should pass, if it is not, it is necessary to go to the doctor-the neurologist, to rule out патологию of the spine.

Гиподинамия and lower back pain

Such benefits of civilization, such as cars, public transport, parking, computer, tv, etc., contribute hypoaktivita, which leads to atrophy and decreased muscle strength of the muscles of the body, especially the back.


The spine protects and corrects in an upright position muscular corset, so when his weakness is broken posture, appears degenerative disc disease and herniation, including the lumbar. Referred to diseases are accompanied by back pain, lower back pain, the sacrum.

Treatment. The only effective way to combat pain caused by гиподинамией, – maintaining an active lifestyle. It will be enough to replace the ride in transport, the walking, the movement in the elevator – walking up the stairs, and in the case of a sedentary job you need to do small movement breaks every two-three hours. It is also advisable to engage in swimming, gymnastics, yoga, sports, walking, etc.

Hypothermia and lower back pain

Pain in the back after hypothermia more often, you can get the hot period of the year than in the winter. This is due to the fact that in the winter we heat to dress up, to walk on the street, so the shoulders don't feel strong decrease in temperature. And here in the summer, when working in the heat, in the lumbar activates blood circulation and increases the muscle activity, so if подует at least the slightest breeze, will appear muscle spasm that cause pain.

Treatment. If you hurt your back, after сквозняка, then you should follow a strict bed rest after 2-3 days, delete поясницу medication мазями, to adopt the designated doctor drugs, exclude a sauna, a hot tub and reduce the physical burden.

Diseases of the vertebral column and pain in the lower back

Most often, women suffer from this disease of the spinal pillar, such as osteochondrosis. And lumbar degenerative disc disease occurs more frequently than the defeat of the other divisions of the spine. This is due to the high mobility of the lumbar vertebrae, and a huge load on this department of the spinal column.


Osteochondrosis of the risk of such complications, as is the emergence of herniated and pinching nerves. Lumbar degenerative disc disease and its complications, accompanied by pain in the lower back, which can be released into the lower limb, the lower part of the abdomen, the sacrum and the coccyx.

Treatment. In the fight with остеохондрозом apply anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as movement therapy, physiotherapy techniques.

In the case of the occurrence of complications, which threatens the renal function of the spine, or spinal cord compression, carried out operative intervention.

Kidney disease, the urinary tract and pain in the lower back

Renal and urinary disorders are very often accompanied by pain in the lower back. For example, pain in the lower back is more typical for pyelonephritis with chronic procedure. If it hurts the shoulders to the right at the women, then the reason is likely that it is one-sided defeat of the inflammatory process.

In addition, diseases of the kidneys and the urinary system rarely is only reflected pain in the lower back. Such patients still complain of increased body temperature, general weakness, decreased appetite, nausea, increased sweating, frequent urination, appearance of blood or pus in the urine, and so on, for Example, back pain and frequent urination in women most often are symptoms of inflammation of the bladder and urinary diseases.

Treatment. Treatment of pyelonephritis and cystitis consists in the application of antimicrobial drugs, because these diseases causing pathogenic micro-organisms. In addition to medical therapy it is imperative to follow the diet, the essence of which – an exception to the daily diet of meats, condiments, spices and restriction of salt.

Pathology of the organs of the reproductive system, and back pain


Back pain often plague women suffering from gynecological diseases, and this:

  • кистой cysts;
  • polyps of the uterus;
  • эндометриозом;
  • апоплексией cysts;
  • inflammation of the ovary;
  • inflammation of the fallopian tubes;
  • cervical cancer and others.

The mechanism of occurrence of pain in gynecological diseases is associated with the violation of hormonal background, inflammatory processes, which spread to the tissues of the lumbar region.

Regardless of the reasons, upon the occurrence of back pain, which are accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, the secretions of different nature, from the vagina, fever, disorders of the menstrual cycle and other symptoms, it is necessary to consult with a specialist – your doctor-a gynecologist. Any gynecological disease threatens to infertility.

As you can see, the causes of back pain for the representatives of the beautiful gender is very much, some of them are physiological and do not carry any danger for the health. But in most cases, pain in the lower back pain is a symptom of various diseases, and therefore requires a comprehensive examination of the body and the appropriate treatment.