Back pain, why your back hurts?

Radiculitis, osteochondrosis, lumbalgie, sciatica, cervicalgia, torakalgiya... Medical terms - there are many, but one symptom - pain in the back. Pain in the lower back, pain in neck, pain under shoulder blades,... People today who suffer from them, - the legion.

Pain in the back

According to the World health organization (WHO), chronic back pain, suffering from 2/3 of the population of the globe. Studies show that in people aged 35-45 years, the frequency of occurrence of back pain is up to 66,3%. While 25% of these people back pain, significantly violate the performance and even reduce the social status.

Approach to the treatment of pain in the back of the classic medicine

Classical medicine (allopathy) has developed many ways to treat back pain: treatment, physiotherapy, manual, surgical, and so on, But they are all, generally, are divided into two large groups. Means of the first group just peel off the symptom - pain, cramps and inflammation.

Methods of the second group are working with the individual structures of the body, in the first place, with the various departments of the spine. After all, the main causes of back pain are usually recognized by developmental abnormalities of the vertebrae, dystrophic-degenerative diseases of the spine or weakness of the muscular corset. But even the orthodox doctors admit the severity of the back pain, in most cases, is not associated directly with the degree of development of diseases of the spine.

According to the statistics, the treatment of the spine as the cause of the pain syndrome in the back in 50% of cases, or not at all is not giving results or brings only temporary relief.

Why measures have been taken to be ineffective? Doctors-osteopaths claim that in these cases it is the cause of suffering lies not in the spine. And from back pain, it is difficult to get rid of, if you correctly establish the diagnosis.

Access osteopathy to treat back pain

Osteopathy professes a comprehensive approach, not limited only to the management of the private symptoms or the individual parts of the body. The human body - a single unit, and the rotation may be sick of the reason, totally unrelated with the state of the bone tissue. It can be long-lasting injury to delegated operations, diseases of the internal organs, infection, inflammation, chronic stress, energy imbalance, lifestyle and professional overload. And more often are present the several factors.

The most common causes of the disease:

  • In children back pain most commonly occur or from the moment of emergence of the light - due to birth trauma, or later - in due to a fall on the sacrum, the coccyx when playing games or sports events. Parents is difficult at the time of notification of such trauma, because of how serious the symptoms come much later, when the child already doesn't remember this autumn.
  • At a young age, back pain can occur as a result of past injury on the background of hormonal adjustments. In the period of adolescence occur strong racing growth, not all structures of the organism time under the them tune. For this reason, may occur twisting of the body, from which suffer from the spine, while neither parents nor the child, can not even speculate.
  • Women under 40 years of age usually suffer from pain in the back much more often - it is associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Occurs massive remodeling of the organism, how the hormonal and mechanical: it expands the chest, the diaphragm drops down, move the internal organs. Directly in the course of childbirth changes the position and the angle of inclination of the sacrum, the coccyx. Soften the joints, ligaments. And far not always all of these patterns then returns to the original position.
  • Men after 40 years , too, begin to complain of back pain. By this time in the body usually no longer occur in age-related changes of muscular-ligamentous corset and to the child's injury to add injury to adults, and even the domestic situation - the stress, the delegated transactions. Often there are also diseases of internal organs, which also creates tension in the body, changing its balance.

In all these cases of back pain are associated not only with a bone skeleton but also muscles, ligaments, the position of the internal organs, blood circulation, functioning of the nervous system. The spine is only to adapt, adapt to changes and compensates for them until may. As usual, the true cause of the disorders is quite not there, where it hurts. And the task of the doctor - to find this cause to the correct diagnosis.

Osteopathic methods of treatment of back pain

When determining the cause, held to the process of the disease taking into account the anatomical features of the man, that will find the details of the birth (he was born, or with the help of methods of artificial), as passed in the period from birth to the year, how was his childhood, solving, whether to sport. All of these factors could affect the development of the disease.

Furthermore, by using special techniques, sensitive hands to the expert explored the pain alone plot. Taped a zone of tension, spasm, which create a "move" - drawn design of the body, including the vertebrae, from the direction of the natural position. Using special techniques, osteopaths can remove this tension, ease spasms.

It is shown that when pain in the back are observed, a variety of biomechanical violations in the so-called postural system of the body. She is responsible for the upright posture, keep that in walking, even in the conditions of the earth's attraction, is not simple.

The postural system is subject to nerves, muscles, ligaments, and parts of the skeleton, the vestibular apparatus of the inner ear, the organs of vision, the receptors of the soles of the feet - all of it, what determines the position of the body in space. Failure of one or another element of the system upsets the delicate balance, and it is this unnatural condition will lead to the development of back pain.

The doctor-osteopath, control the diagnostic methods of the postural system is able to detect disturbances and their removal. So osteopat- diffraction techniques to effectively restore mobility, balance and balance in the body, eliminating back pain, in the treatment of the individual reasons does not help.

A study on the effectiveness of osteopathy in the treatment of back pain

Institutions of st. Petersburg spent warehouse 140 patients with a diagnosis of "diseases of the muscular and skeletal system" and "osteochondrosis of the spine". For all works on the back pain and limitation of motion. The control group received standard medical therapy: non-steroidal anti-antiinflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants. The main group acquired osteopatnical treatment. On the age and severity of the disease group may vary.

The results of the treatment is evaluated as a good 55% of patients the primary (osteopathic) group (50% in the control), satisfactory - 34% of the patients of both groups. In this in the osteopathic group of patients has improved the balance of the body, increased speed and amplitude of free movement.

In other words, in most cases, osteopathy can create a safe alternative to medical methods of treatment of back pain.


Tips chiropractor

In many cases, the occurrence of back pain is preventable. For it is worth it to follow a few simple recommendations.

  • If the child strongly hit, fell, wounded, as soon as possible to conduct a survey, if necessary, to take x-rays. It makes sense to undergo preventive examination by a specialist . Even if the pain quickly passed, the consequences of the injury may show an older age.
  • Adolescent in the period of intensive growth and the restructuring of the hormonal system is worth it to show your podiatrist or physician for preventive purposes. Need to check his posture, position of limbs, position of the pelvis. At the slightest violation of it is worth it to undergo the osteopathic correction, and then growth and development will occur harmoniously. This will significantly reduce the risk of disease back in the future.
  • Women after giving birth just in need of renovation. Exercise health physical education allow you to relieve spasms, to improve the position of certain muscles. Although not expressed complaints during the preventive examination the osteopath can pick up an individual set of exercises.