Why and how sore right side from behind

Every pain gives a person a nuisance, often so the body signals about the presence of this or that disease. Pain in the right side of the rear side can have several reasons, but in all cases requires qualified treatment. For destination therapy, the doctor requests the data of a comprehensive survey of the patient. Without laboratory and instrumental research results, it is impossible to understand the cause of pain in the right side.

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Pain in the back on the right side is manifested in different ways:

  1. Acute, as if something inside it burns or stings. This symptom - testimony problems in the functioning of systems and organs, localized inside the body on the right side.
  2. Stretches pain, turning, in dull or aching - a symptom of diseases of the vertebral column. Usually so manifested hernia, pinched nerve and all kinds of neurology. In each of these cases the pain on the right side of the back reduces the person's performance.

It is worth noting that acute back pain on the right side - the signal for an immediate treatment to a medical facility.

Often in such a situation it is necessary surgery, without business, where there is a risk to the life of the patient. In addition, severe pain complicates the usual regime of work and rest.

Acute pain in the back on the right hand side gives rise to the following changes:

  • sudden muscle contraction, which causes convulsions seizures;
  • sleep in an uncomfortable position or on the uneven mattress, may cause stretches back pain on the right side or on the left hand side, immediately after waking up;
  • the development of inflammation - the source of increasing pain in the back on the right side;
  • disturbances in the activity of the CNS are the cause of the shooting pain in the lower back or back.

The localization of painful feelings - important information for the compilation of the history and determination of therapy. So when you visit a doctor, the patient should describe in detail how it hurts the right side of the back: with what intensity, for how long of time and when it all started. Often just begins with the lumbar type of back pain.

The 3 main reasons for suffering

the three main reasons for suffering

For the answer to the question: why it hurts the right side of the back of the back, the attending physician should pinpoint the location of the top physical suffering. The source of the syndrome can be on the middle, top or bottom of the spine. Most often, patients concerned about the right side.

The main reasons that cause pain in the right side of the back, it is possible to include the following:

  • diseases of the spinal bone structure;
  • emerging pathology in the internal organs;
  • disorders of muscle activity.

Now about all the possible causes that cause the pain in right side lower back pain or higher, read more.

The impact of the disease and the development of bone tissue

Most often occur of the following types of dysfunctional changes of the bone structure:

  • processes inside the bone, carrying dystrophic or degenerative nature;
  • a different kind of injuries, which have a zone location - the back and the side segment of the back.

In the first case is a pain in the right part of the back is caused by pathologies of the spine, which changes not only the bone structure, but causes the deformation of the individual vertebrae. Sometimes you can get sick of the pain the sacral part and the source of the pain will be found to amount on the spine.

The above disorder - the reason for the pinch points of the nerve endings in the spinal cord, similar to the squeezing is accompanied by severe pain. Strengthening of the pain syndrome when this is celebrated with every movement of the hull.

Pain in the lower back may be caused by the presence of degenerative-dystrophic dysfunction:

  • a slight tingling sensation in the fingers on the hands and / or feet;
  • partial numbness of the torso;
  • a bound character of the movements.

But when collecting the medical history must médicos view to exclude the acquired person mechanical injury. Because while fractures and injuries to the ribs, the patient complains of pain in the right side from the back.

Important: if the back hurts, the right side and when the feelings of pain go in your arm or leg, it is necessary to urgently appeal to the medical facility.

Diseases of the internal organs as a source of problems

diseases of the internal organs of the reason for the problems

Pathological changes in the internal organs of a man can become the cause of pain under the ribs on the right side and in the back. When there is impaired activity of the liver or bile ducts, the patient complains of a cramping pain on the right side of the back. If to mentioned symptom of added vomiting, color change of eye sclera and the emergence of thirst, nausea, we are talking about an attack of acute cholecystitis.

Acute and severe pain accompanied by a difference of an internal organ (e.g. the liver). This process is accompanied by internal bleeding, when the blood flow is directed directly under the diaphragm. When it hurts the right side of my back, pain sensations are more intense during deep breaths or fits of coughing. This pathology develops after more mechanical trauma or is a result of the operating procedure.

If a patient hurts right hip and gives in the back, it may be due to the development of acute forms of pancreatitis. In this encircling of the head has clearly expressed localization - lower part of the back, under the scapula acromion. On to painful feelings with the added bouts of vomiting, which is intensified by coughing or deep breathing.

If the pain on the right side from the back, but the injury of the internal organs was not, speech can go about the development of diaphragmatic abscess. The attendant of this pathology symptoms: increased body temperature of the patient, nausea with vomiting, worsening of the condition directly on the eyes.

If the pain in the right side of the back are caused by lung disease, then this is the consequence of pleurisy, inflammation or oncology. A characteristic sign of disease - growing pains when you change the depth of breathing, or cough. The area around the lips and nose of the patient when this acquires a cyanotic hue, will appear nausea, increases body temperature and breathing is difficult and becomes shallow.

Roast in the right side pain even when inflammation of the appendicitis, or the development of a defective process in the right kidney occur. The character of the pain is in the first case - aching, drawing. The second case is accompanied by a blade and stitching pain sensations from the bottom of the back. Contact a doctor it is important to know: how long will it cry a hotbed of inflammation, assign the appropriate therapy.

Weakened muscle activity

The back muscles can lose their full functioning due to the action of various factors:

  • excessive physical activity;
  • hypothermia of the body generally, or specifically - back.

A well-coordinated activity of the fibers is disrupted and the man notices that it hurts the shoulders in the right side. Reduction in lost performance of the muscles becomes the cause of a sharp pain, reach into convulsions. If the nerve roots are packed in the lower end of the spine, and is a painful it will be put down in the lower back. Any problems with the spine, it is important to decide in time to prevent the growths hernias.

The basics of therapy

the basics of therapy

The main objective of the doctor in removing the pain syndrome in the lower back is to relieve the patient from physical suffering, because such manifestations serve only the consequence of more serious diseases and pathological conditions.

After the pain, trim, is the developed scheme of therapy of the underlying disease. If the pain on the right side caused by appendicitis, the patient is assigned to the operation. When pain syndrome in the area of the gallbladder or liver, is shown by examination of the sick person to the presence of stones. Muscle pathology of the tissue heals at the speed of the injection, and the use of local pain medications and anti-inflammatory ointments, gels.

A complete examination - the key to the initiation of quality treatment. In the complex clinical and instrumental studies in this necessarily included the following procedures:

  • ultrasonic examination of organs of small pelvis;
  • MRI of the spine;
  • laboratory analysis of the biomaterial;
  • other methods, which the attending physician considers it necessary to complement the medical history.

The correct diagnosis and correctly chosen doctor therapy - to ensure the excellent health of his patients. From my side of the sick should pay more attention to a healthy lifestyle, protect the back from mechanical injury and congestion. Even a minor pain in the lower back pain should be a signal for a call to medicine, because one single attack can hide the development of serious illness. The flexibility of the joints, maintain muscle frame in the tone - prevention of problems with the spine in old age.