From what hurt your back? How to correctly treat and it is possible to hurt

The back pain complain about 85% of the people. How to properly treat it, and whether it is possible to get rid of pain once and for all?

Hurts your back? You are not alone! Data of the sociological studies show that pain in the back – the second after a viral infection cause of disability in the adult population. It is born together with us (according to the neonatologists, 80-90% of children in birth injuries of the spine) and sooner or later comes to everyone. There is an opinion that it's payback for bipedalism. So how is increasing the load of a person on the "deadlift comb" increases, are already available, problems of the spine increased, and the stresses, experiences, obesity, congestion, sedentary lifestyle exacerbated existing problems and back pain can arise even at an early age.

pain in the back

That there hurts?

In the vast majority (about 95%) the pain associated with the muscles, ligaments and joints. In people it is called pull back. These pains are annoying but non-dangerous and in most cases to go it alone for 2-3 days.

3-4% of the pain associated with radiculopathy (sciatica) – the defeat of the spinal root. Gets damaged usually hernia. The pain will disappear, when there is swelling, resulting from the squeezing.

1-2% of back pain caused by injuries or inflammatory diseases of the spine, oncological processes, diseases of the cardiovascular system or the digestive tract, in which is a painful can jump on my back. It is the most dangerous kind of back pain. Exclude similar pathology, be sure to contact your doctor.

Delay cannot be

The main indicator that you need medical help, – the regularity of the pain. If you wring from time to time – most likely, anything terrible is not. If the pain condition a small, or medium intensity haunts you relentlessly, procrastinate not. It is necessary to urgently visit a doctor if the pain is accompanied by a rise in temperature or a painful fall on a background of treatment.

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In domestic conditions

The most effective means – the anti-inflammatory medicines given by mouth. Just do not overdo it – you are safe only on the first time. With continued use of these drugs can cause ulcers and bleeding in the gastric mucosa. Traditional home treatment – non-steroidal ointment – can be used only as a complementary measure. They are harmless, but they are ineffective. Relief to give and to wear a corset – determination frees the spine, relaxes spasms and reduces the sudden movements. Only the corset should be a normal – elastic, and not warming.

If the treatment has not brought effect in the course of three days, it is necessary to visit a doctor who will blockade anti-inflammatory injections. For the relief of spasm and relaxation of the muscles of the pain will disappear immediately, and often forever.

It is forbidden!

Bath and a massage under a strict ban. Strengthen the swelling and pain.

Contact manual therapists by advertisements in newspapers. Manual therapy – this is the area where each technique must be three hundred people. If you really want to find a good doctor, turn in a certified clinic, staffed by qualified professionals.

It is important to correctly determine the tactics of treatment. It should be done by a neurologist or neurosurgeon. Self treat back dangerous. 30% of patients neurosurgical branch tried wearing home methods of treatment and drove himself to the hospital bed.

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To cut, or not?

More recently, a man who was diagnosed with "hernia", immediately issued direction to the operation. Today the operations are carried out only when you have the evidence:

  • persistent pain, is not to remove any medication;
  • disorders of the pelvic functions – incomplete emptying of the bladder;
  • weakness and numbness in the legs.

All these symptoms are doing the operation is inevitable, because without it the patient may become disabled.

Than risk

The risk of the operation, because of which it procrastinate or refuse at all, many patients believe, greatly exaggerated. In neurosurgery, there are technologies that allow you to accurately calculate the efficiency of the operation, and what the symptoms after her disappear, and those that remain.

The likelihood of recurrence of pain after surgery does not exceed 1-1,5%. Hernias in other places may indeed occur, but it's not complications, but the spread of the disease, which often occurs in young unruly patients. Once the pain goes away, comes back to the usual lifestyle: sit behind the wheel, the cv exercise. And it categorically cannot be.

They are mistaken, osteochondrosis?

Osteochondrosis – chronic degenerative-dystrophic change of the herniated disc. Symptoms of degenerative disc disease is for all people older than 25 years. Avoiding degenerative disc disease, it is impossible, but you can keep yourself from its complications, which serve the cause of pain in the back.