Correct posture — how to maintain?

Under the correct posture means the ability of a person to keep your body in a straight position at ease, not straining all his muscles. Each of us standing and sitting in a certain position, the adoption of which is happening out of habit. How direct, физиологичным this is the situation, and determines the degree of "correct" posture.

Correct posture — how to maintain

The main formation of the posture happens in the child years, but that doesn't mean that an adult can correct your posture, get rid of her difficulties and achieve the correct body position. In addition, the "spoil" posture is possible even in mature age: for example, when working in a seated position and a small rolling lifestyle. Curvature of the spine can lead to painful feelings and diseases, but also are the cause of the deterioration of the appearance of a person.

The causes and the consequences of incorrect posture

In the normal state of the spine has physiological bends in the lumbar and thoracic parts. However, these bends may be violated, reinforced and smoothed.

Among the main causes of such problems can be attributed to the following:

  • birth injury;
  • uncomfortable desks and too heavy backpacks in the period of study at the school;
  • the decline in early childhood, which led to the acquisition of a small value of the injury;
  • improper walking and posture in childhood, which is not under control and is not исправляли parents/teachers;
  • a little physical activity, which has become a cause of weakening of the muscular corset;
  • long-lasting preservation of the improper posture of the body (most often – in the performance of job duties);
  • unpleasant, unsuccessfully matching clothes and shoes, вынуждающая have incorrect posture;
  • онкологические, infectious and other diseases, the impact on the condition of the spine;
  • various injuries.

The consequences of incorrect posture can be divided into several types:

  1. Scoliosis – lateral curvature of the spinal column, фиксируемое in the frontal plane.
  2. Кифоз – curvature of the spine in the thoracic region towards the back in the сагиттальной plane.
  3. Лордоз – curvature of the spine in the lumbar forward in сагиттальной plane.
The causes and the consequences of incorrect posture
As already mentioned above, problems with posture often take root in childhood. And not the last role to play in this school backpacks, which the kids forced to wear every day. Doctors have found that, in order for each of the portfolio's impact on the state of the spine of the baby, its weight should be no more than 10-15% of the weight of the child.

In addition, disorders of posture are often the cause дегенеративно-дистрофические ills that lead to restriction of motion, painful feelings, and even disruption of the functioning of the entire musculoskeletal system. This is a остеохондрозе, osteoarthrosis, but also between vertebrates грыжах.

If we talk about the aesthetic consequences of improper posture, then it is possible to mark the slouching silhouette, вогнутую in the inside of the breasts, the bulging and the more visually surround the abdomen, as well as many other unpleasant changes in the appearance of a person.

What should be the correct posture

Look how it is right to have possession of the body, it is simple enough. Прислонитесь to the wall back and keep an eye on the position of the heels, calves, buttocks, shoulder blades and neck. All these body parts must simultaneously come into contact with the wall, and you should not put the effort, the tension of the muscles, to achieve this effect. In the opposite case we can speak about the fact that you are disorders of posture.

One more simple test – ask someone to take your picture from behind. Then on the basis of the received pictures spend direct function on three lines: the ankles, the pelvis and shoulders. These three elements should be parallel to each other, otherwise we can talk about the presence of curvature.

The main featured proper, physiologically correct posture it is possible to include the following:

  1. Trim, flat stomach. Of course, the appearance of the abdomen depends on the person's physique, but correct posture is always one of us makes a visually slimmer in this area.
  2. A small bulge in the chest area. Not worth it to do the "breast wheel", or, on the contrary, align the back, as if to her nailed planks. Correct posture is definitely includes small natural curves of the spinal column.
  3. The upright position of the head.
  4. Designed back and sleep a little bit down the shoulders. Not worth it to do the blades or too приподнимать shoulders, because it is, once again, are unnatural for our spine.
  5. A small twist of your legs at the knees, is a lightweight, "летящей" walking.

The benefits of correct posture

  • the improvement of the work of many internal organs and systems, and consequently, improve the overall well-being;
  • the removal of the discomfort, painful sensations in the upper body (back, shoulders, neck);
  • prevention of scoliosis, osteoporosis and other diseases that make a person unattractive and ruins his health;
  • prevention education the so-called "beer belly", from which they are not immune even people easily комплекции;
  • improve mental activity, the ability to concentration;
  • increase self-esteem, creating a healthy self-esteem, which is to achieve the objectives.
The great enemy of correct posture is shoes on high heels. Walk in such a shoe will inevitably causes a change of inclination of the body, which leads to disturbances in posture and even to the emergence of systematic painful sensations in the lower back. And those of the fair sex, who regularly walks for high heels, can with time and even earn a herniation of the intervertebral disc.

Simple exercises to maintain posture

As already mentioned, bad posture – it's not punishment, even for an adult. It's quite possible to edit, and on their own, with the help of simple and understandable exercise. They are suitable for those who are deviations from the correct position of the spinal column, yet turned into a serious chronic disease, such as scoliosis. In the opposite case, improve posture it is also possible, but already in the framework of the special medical complexes.

The starting position for the first group exercise – same as the correctness of the posture. Прислонитесь to the wall so that your heels, calves, buttocks, shoulder blades and neck, and at the same time her concerned (for persons with disorders of posture, maintaining this provision requires muscular effort).

The adoption of such a position, follow these steps:

  1. Just stay in the position for three to five minutes.
  2. Keep all the above points of contact of your body with your back, alternately lifting the legs, bending them at the knees. Perform the exercise 10 times for each leg.
  3. Follow the turns to sail to the right and to the left (10 times in each direction), and tries to tear touch the heels, calves, buttocks, shoulder blades and neck with the wall.
  4. Приседайте at the wall, while maintaining all of the upper point of contact of the body with the wall. In other words, you have to like "сползать" down the wall, and then in a similar way to rise. 10 repetitions of exercises will be enough.
A good way to fix your posture, swimming. When one is in the water, the gravitational strain on his spine are greatly reduced. Thanks to this fact strengthens the muscular skeleton of the spinal pillar, improves the tone of the muscles near the vertebrae, and the muscles of the lower back and chest. All this has a beneficial effect on posture.

If you seriously intend to achieve a substantial improvement in the posture, it is not superfluous will also do, strengthening of the muscular frame.

For it is well suited to the following exercises:

  • conventional push-ups from the floor;
  • storing the position of the "plank" in 30-60 seconds (according to the "plate" means a posture in a straight position when the pivot only on the fingers and forearms);
  • exercise "лодочка" (the simultaneous lifting of both hands and both feet from a position lying on the stomach);
  • holding the dumbbells in the set and direct the hands to shoulder level (the exercise is performed in a sitting position, hold the barbell should be 5-7 seconds for a single lift).