How to choose the right corset for posture

The modern rhythm of life, сидячая work and mobility negatively affect the health. In such case, doctors recommend a corset for the posture – it is a medical product for straightening of the spine and corrections of the curvature and diseases of the back, as the effort of the staircase and the pectoral muscles, weakness of the muscles of the neck. You can wear it every day several times a day. It is not too massive and it is convenient to take with you to work to the office. Constantly its use is not recommended, to avoid atrophy of the muscle and the effect of addictive.

What is corset for posture

As a supportive agent in the therapy of various diseases, doctors prescribe wearing a corset for posture correction, which ensures the maintenance of correct posture and corrects the curvature. Such a corset to fix сутулости is a chest bandage, which consists of the shoulder framework of different density, their material is different, and is selected depending on the destination. For example, braces, models for the prevention of scoliosis softer, and for the correction of serious diseases to use metal ribs to the pressure was stronger.

What is corset for posture

What is the

Medical partially solid concealer for the back is designed to correct various distortions of the spine. Doctors recommend it when the occurrence of the curvature (лордоз, кифоз), pain in the back and the cervical region, a strong fatigue of the muscles and clamping the nerve endings between the vertebrae. Bandage on your back, it is still possible to use as prevention of violations, if there is a risk of developing back problems. For example, a sedentary lifestyle, work in office facilities, weakness of the back muscles, not to лечен scoliosis of different degrees.

In addition to the above testimony, this accessory can be used for convenience when working at the computer. It can be worn several times a day (5-6 times a day), it has a relaxing, toning effect and helps get rid of unpleasant feelings during a long session at the computer. Corset on the back, it will be useful for both children and adults. Often the product is assigned to students so that they are at risk of developing diseases of the spine.

The pros and cons

Each specific type of corsets has its advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantages of бандажей are the following:

  • discomfort while wearing;
  • swept under thin clothing;
  • wearing just the tank top or t-shirt on the naked body will be push because of the particular ribs;
  • has a local effect and does not affect large areas of the back;
  • the low level of efficiency in the running of pathological conditions.

Strengths in this enhancement is much more. It is worth to start with the fact that it's a great way to prevent the disease and improve the condition of the spine, if they are already present alarming symptoms. Of the pros it is possible to mark the following:

  • relaxation of the muscles of all the divisions of the back;
  • effective treatment of the curvature due to the proper fixation of the spine;
  • the lack of discomfort during prolonged sitting at the computer;
  • allows you to maintain a beautiful posture.

Types of

Corsets for the back are of two types: curative and preventive. The healing they are designed to solve specific problems, such as curvature, violation of posture, hyper-kyphosis, лордоз, kyphoscoliosis, muscle weakness of all divisions of the spine. This supplement the doctor-orthopedist can assign yourself, or in a complex medical therapy. Themselves prescribe in less sagging of the spine and posture. In other cases it is a minor component of the therapy.

Preventive bandage for posture will help to prevent the progression of the disease and contributes to the improvement of the condition. The doctor will prescribe the leg warmers after the ортопедического examination, during which there were some problems. When you re-fit going on straightening no strong curvature of the posture, correction of the shoulder level, release the muscles of the back, even leg warmers puts in place the vertebrae and prevents discomfort during long sedentary employment. Preventive measures apply to children, because, when the spine is not yet formed, to fix the pathology easier.

Types of Adult

Patients older than 18 years, the corset does not always help, because already at 22-25 years of the human frame is fully formed, and therefore, treatment of scoliosis most often is carried out comprehensively. There are many different kinds, which are aimed at solving specific problems. Adults is prescribed for longer wear than children. In order to achieve an effective result, must wear the bandage regularly. Collect an orthopedic corset for the back, should be based on the diagnosis and age of the patient. Recommend him can only a doctor.


For those patients who is not yet 18 years of age, there is a wide selection of children's orthopedic corsets for the back. They are the most comfortable for the spine and do not bring discomfort at the expense of the elastic лямок of fine, delicate material. Often, the therapy of these modifications has a positive effect on the dynamics of the correction of the diseases of the back and straighten the spine in a child can be much easier than for an adult patient.

Elastic waist belt is recommended for children from 5 to 18 years of age for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in ушибах, bone fractures, back pain, and the formation of correct posture. This fixture corrects pathological conditions, aligns the spine and removes the burden of bones and joints. In addition, the leg warmers leads the muscles tone, relieves tension and fatigue.



Corsets for the correction of back pain are divided into several types: elastic, with magnets, to the lumbar, hard, реклинатор and lumbosacral. Elastic corset is booties the drag out of the fabric, which is firmly обжимает поясницу from below and from above is the aluminum insert that is correctly captures the spine. Corset-inclinator has a large plate with the shoulder straps from the metal ribs, aims to straightening of the spine the pillar in the infant department and assigned when severe disorders of the spine.

It according to the type of bag, often the doctors prescribe it for rehabilitation therapy, and not for everyday wear, with the aim of prevention. Lumbosacral corsets are designed for people with spine injuries and those who suffer from back pain. It is best to choose from полужестких corrections to be applied to the middle and lower part of the back. It works by distributing the load on the muscles and vertebrae, maintains the correct posture. The effect of the magnetic corrector in the creation of electromagnetic waves, which act on the part of the back.


Like any therapeutic agent, the influence on the blood circulation, the load on the spine and its position corsets have some contraindications. They are not suitable as well as for groups of patients, for which there is:

  • an allergic reaction to the material from which it is made corset;
  • diseases of the lungs and the cardiovascular system (before use it is necessary to consult a doctor-кардиологом or doctor on the respiratory system);
  • wounds, cuts, pathology dermatological nature on the skin in places of contact with the actors;
  • children's age up to 4 years.

How to properly wear a corset for posture

The main rule, which is need to stick to – wear a corset constantly. This can lead to atrophy of the muscles that support posture. The duration and frequency of use of бандажа prescribe by the attending physician, with regard to the diagnosis, the individual characteristics of the patient and on the background of chronic disease. The standard period of operation of the corset – in the course of 30 minutes to a maximum of 5 times a day. This time enough to make your brain respond to the correct movement stereotype.

How to choose

Make the right decision when purchasing a therapeutic corset for the correction of back pain, it is necessary to determine the character of the symptomatology and the accurate diagnosis. For the running cases, the physician should choose a concealer for holding the body at an appropriate level and price range, because a serious pathology require intense effects on the spine. In the prophylactic use leg warmers opt for an easier – what is the most important, to impress on the desired part of the back.

In addition to diagnosis, it is important to determine the localization of the curvature. Corsets placed on those areas that need maintenance and the rigid fixation of the correct shape of the spinal column. For example, if the curvature is in the upper part, are suitable solid models, which will cover the chest and cervical department. If there is a problem in the area of the lower back, it is necessary to choose products that are aimed at correcting the lower back and promote proper posture.

How to choose

Corset for posture with his own hands

Many quality solid corsets model for the back have a high price, but not spend a lot of money, you can do it yourself. For this you will need elastic bandage (width: 8-10 cm, length: 6-7 meters). How to do:

  • determine the path бинта (attach it to the back of the shoulder blade);
  • one of the ends of the бинта must go over the shoulder, and the other with the other party in the area of the armpits;
  • both ends of the surround the shoulders, the abdomen and through the armpits;
  • the bandage a couple on his stomach or on his back.

Such self-made корректирующий corset can be done for preventive purposes, relieve discomfort during prolonged sitting at a computer. However, it is not necessary to use such a design in the running of the disease, because effective result it will not bring, better to give preference to покупное quality product. Home lumbar bandage can only adjust the posture or keep your back muscles in good shape, properly provided the burden.