Why it is so important to a smooth posture for children and how to prevent the occurrence of scoliosis

Why it is so important to a smooth posture for children and how to prevent the occurrence of scoliosis

The correct posture of the student — the subject of the concerns of parents and doctors. What is the posture and the like of the curvature affects the health of the pupils — will be разобрано in the article.

Posture is formed during the growth and development of the child from an early age. Schoolboy with the correct posture, not to take deviations, the prescribed анатомическими standards. People correctly посаженной posture, and is visible from afar. Head held straight ahead, the walk is easy, spin is not bent.

Violation of posture in school-age

Disorders of posture are congenital or hereditary features, as well as перенесенными diseases, injuries. This pathology can be the result of малоподвижной life. Students when teaching to sit for партой, at home — learn the lesson behind a desk. In the course of the school day, after an average of 5-6 hours, the child appears exhausted. From immobility decreases the perception of the subject matter.

Often violations of posture in school children is due to the fact that longer sessions at the table, causing the stagnation of the circulatory system. Tired back muscles, spine, neck, legs. On the signs of fatigue, they say, drooping shoulders and head, move to the chair. All of these factors have a negative effect on the proper formation of the posture of the student. At an early age child has the ability to actively move, with the arrival to school must do more sit.

Violation of posture in school-age

The child's need to explain about the importance of properly taking usd for партой. In the performance of written works the shoulders should be published, to be on the same level, and the head is slightly tilted. The student should be able to relax with партой in those moments when the teacher explains the lesson. At this time you can relax and firmly lean on the back of a chair. We adhere to the important princes, problems with the posture, it is possible to avoid.

How to appear the curvature of the posture

A list of the main reasons, which lead to disturbances of the posture:

  • migrated previously, injuries or disease;
  • neglect to an active lifestyle;
  • the lack of effectiveness in physical education classes;
  • a mismatch of standards the working table in relation to the growth of the student;
  • reprocessing of a longer session;
  • improper posture at a desk;
  • inadequate lighting of work places;
  • vision problems.
To prevent the manifestation of problems with posture should be according to the possibility to exclude the factors of its distortion.
How to find out the violation

When incorrect осанке in the body are formed: an unnatural stoop, the asymmetry of the arrangement of the shoulders, the belly bulge. In medicine this phenomenon is characterized as the curvature of the vertebral column, what is manifested is scoliosis. Identify and detect the defects of posture in school-age examination of the baby.

The examination is performed in a standing position. The heels should get together, socks dilute at an angle of 45 degrees. In the detection of disorders, waste from the standards of the anatomical симметричности advised to study the back рентгеном. It is to be done in order to detect diseases of the spine.

How to find out the violation

Visually visible signs of able усугубиться disease, which may occur due to changes caused by posture. The systematic placement of a child for партой in the incorrect posture is supplemented by a secondary, more severe symptoms. For example, one leg may be shorter the other.

Scoliotic violation of posture

Bends the spine of a man are moulded from an early age. Any violations will be reflected due to the impact on the back of a number of adverse factors. In time you noticed the problem with the years the student gains more curvature. Finally, in adulthood it will have an impact on health. In scoliosis the spine bends to one side, more often on the right.

If congenital scoliosis is all clear, as it can be due to a genetic predisposition. From acquired diseases things can обстоять worse. Sometimes parents do not pay attention to the problem of the coming years. When a violation of can notification in a timely manner, thanks to the корректирующим exercise and control experts, the situation is easy to restore.

Exercises for posture students

Undemanding exercises are held in the form of a warm-up to relieve fatigue and load on the spine. By using physical complexes on the formation of correct posture in school children, can achieve remarkable results. Perform the exercises it is recommended together with parents or alone. The complex currently underway in the following manner:

  1. Standing with прижатыми the buttocks to the wall, it is worth a wink of sleep along the heel, and then release the arms to the sides at shoulder level. Ладошками forward to simulate the sliding of the hands along the wall.
  2. Exercises for posture students
  3. For correct posture, baby is enough to stand exactly next to the walls. Raise your hands up, stretch your back. Count from 1 to 10. Relax, lower your arms down.
  4. Exercises in position lying on his stomach. To do this you need to pull along the body, legs and arms. Relying on the abdomen and ribcage, and at the same time raise your arms and legs. Good results can be achieved, if the delay provisions raised the hands and feet for a few seconds. After returning to the starting position, and repeat the exercise.
  5. Lying on your back to simulate riding a bike. The legs should be at an angle of 45 degrees. To do manipulation with breaks in one minute on the 10 approaches.
More complex exercises for the correction of the posture is best carried out only under the supervision of professionals, a coach or doctor.
Prevention of disorders of posture

An excellent prevention becomes self-control for the position of the back in standing position and a seated position. The back should always remain straight. When prolonged sitting is necessary to make a break, облокотиться on the back of a chair, or stand up like. When necessary in determining the height of the table is proportional to the growth of the child.

In a standing position it is better to distribute the load, backed up, then alternately to one, then the other leg. Instead of lengthy searches in one place, it is useful to pass up-forward. To pick up a bag or fallen on the floor an elective to tilt back enough to squat, bending your knees.

Sitting behind партой or on a chair, it is necessary to the child's back firmly прилегала on the back. For an hour sit up straight, without tilting it forward, back and head. The feet must stand on the floor. In the opposite case, under the table it is necessary to place the bracket for the legs, or adjust the work place.

Prevention of disorders of posture

Do not underestimate the damage caused by the bag over his shoulder. Wearing such add-ons instead of backpacks directly threatens искривлением of the spine. Explaining to the child how the correct posture is important for pupils, it is recommended to give more recommendations.

Methodical recommendations for the improvement of posture

For correct posture, the child of school age нелишним will adhere to the following rules, and carry out simple recommendations:

  • it must be properly organized sleeper, the availability of ортопедического mattress and comfortable pillows;
  • do not forget about wearing shoes according to the size of the foot;
  • lack of physical exercise, mobile games, walks — is also a big plus;
  • it is unacceptable to stand or sit on one leg;
  • the negative effect of wearing weights, it's not worth it to fill up a portfolio of useless books.

To figure out the correct posture, it is necessary to follow the instructions and use the existing methods that were developed for its improvement.