Pain under ear and in neck: what does it mean and what do I do?

Pain that occurs simultaneously in the area of the neck and the ear, may be associated with different патологиями, and not necessarily with those that apply to the ENT-organs. The cause may be inflammatory processes in the ears, sinuses, teeth, lymph nodes, muscles, and pathological changes in the tissues of the spinal column.

The cause of the pain in the neck and ear

Why hurt ear and neck

Soreness can be caused by various conditions, which is not always easy to diagnose due to the similarity of symptomatology in many states, and especially, if they manifest themselves very significantly, the reason may be associated with остеохондрозом and невралгией trigeminal nerve, with синуситом and mastoiditis, may be the result of ear plugs and отита or be a manifestation of infectious mumps or b. lymphadenitis.

Each of these diseases has another симптоматику, which is to be taken into account in the diagnosis. From that, how exactly will be diagnosed, depends not only on the removal of painful sensations, the correct diagnosis is important to prevent complications.

Diseases of the neck muscles

Inflammatory processes in skeletal muscle can be expressed патологическими condition in which there is pain in the neck and neck - one of the main symptoms.

  • Миозит, in which he becomes as one, and a few of the muscles, is expressed in the formation of muscle tissue nodes. Seals tissue leads to сдавливанию nerve cells, causing painful. Movements are restricted, the muscles can отекать and constrict. The pain leads to the development of muscle weakness and, less often, to atrophy of the muscles. When the loss of the neck may appear shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing. The disease can occur as a complication of influenza, SARS, or become a side effect of the features of the professional activity.
Please note! Миозит often occurs in the driver, pianists, violinists and people whose work is associated with longer looking in one position.
  • Myogelosis - violation of blood circulation in the muscles causes compaction of the muscle tissue, which is muscle protein form in the form of a gel, is distorted by the elasticity of the muscles, they get a cramp. Myogelosis arises as a result of hypothermia, prolonged stress, injury, in violation of posture, due to a long thick load. A condition in which the affected muscles of the shoulder and neck, causing pain in the neck and break the mobility of the shoulder. Sometimes they are the result of myositis' or serve as signs beginning with myopathic disorders.

Problems with шейным department of the spine occur very often, and suffer not only the elderly, but also young. Under the influence of changes in the cartilage and the deformation between the vertebrae cartilage and vertebrae, pushing the nerve endings, which lead to a painful condition, when the pain has local character and gives to the neck or the back of the head.

The disease is prone to progress and growth, at the slightest movement.

Please note! Mild discomfort in the area of the neck and the ear can move in pain, which is a constant character. Often the condition is accompanied by dizziness, impaired coordination and reduced sensitivity in the limbs.

Ear pain is able to spread to the neck, sometimes giving to the teeth, or affecting the whole half of the head, in which локализуется a hotbed of inflammation of the middle ear. The festering inflammation of middle ear is accompanied by an increase in temperature, secretions from the ear. Otitis requires immediate medical attention, later began the treatment can lead to хронизации process and hearing loss.


Inflammation in the paranasal sinuses is often characterized by болевым syndrome, which affects the ear (due to the anatomical vicinity of the ear and the nose) and also the back of the head and neck. The condition may be accompanied by stuffy nose on one side, smaller on the increase in temperature, the secretion of mucus from the nasal cavities.

Sulfuric acid is added cork

An excess of the substance, which is formed due to the secretion of the auricular glands, which in normal quantities helps to protect the ear from infection, leads to the fact that in case of contact with water, sulphuric acid is added the tube is enlarged, which leads to a feeling of заложенности the ear, decreased hearing and pain, which is not only related to the area of the ear, but also gives in the neck and the back of the head.

Please note! Remove the ear cork can only physician, is strictly forbidden to do it themselves, especially with the help of make-shift remedies. Самолечение can lead to inflammation and aggravate the condition.
B. lymphadenitis

Unilateral pain that affects the neck and the ear, is typical for inflammation of the лимфоузлов, which often indicative of hidden inflammatory processes in the body. Lymph nodes - it is a certain kind of barrier that aims to protect the human body from microbes and bacteria. When the immune system is not able to cope with the infection, and the load on the лимфоузлы increases the inflammatory process in the lymph nodes - this is the immune response of the organism to infection or other pathological processes - онкологию, metastasis, introduction of foreign body into the organism.

Other reasons

One-sided pain can arise in the different states associated with the inflammatory processes that affect the nerve endings. These symptoms can manifest:

  • for problems with the teeth
  • parotitis,
  • neuralgia,
  • arterial hypertension,
  • meningitis,
  • encephalitis,
  • migraines.


The main symptom, which combines all these states - pain in the ear and neck. Depending on the diagnosis manifest other symptoms, which, however, often overlap in a variety of pathological processes. This is due to the fact that many of them touch the nerve endings of the spine, infringement of blood circulation and supply the brain. Therefore, they are often accompanied by vertigo, fluctuating, disorder of coordination, nausea and vomiting. Inflammatory processes are characterized by an increase in temperature and a violation of the outflow of mucus.

Паротит, which is popularly referred to as the свинкой, is manifested by swelling, may be on one side or on both. The pain is amplified when pressed on the neck below the ear, and also during chewing and swallowing.

Neuralgia of the facial nerve, which accompanies the reaction a violation of facial expressions, pain стреляющая.

Inflammation of the paired paranasal sinuses, usually characterized by increased pain when you tilt, and stuffy nose on one side.

When arterial hypertension is celebrating the sustained increase in blood pressure.

Methods of diagnosis

Often detect the disease only on external characters, it becomes difficult, and therefore it is necessary a more detailed examination. The state requires a comprehensive approach in diagnostic methods, which includes collection of medical history and examination by a doctor, but also as a laboratory analysis, and radiological images to refine the diagnosis, and also special studies, including an EMG, MRI and CT.

Homeopathic treatment

Treatment using alternative medicine methods gives a more lasting effect, unlike pain medication drugs. As usual, homeopathy resort when all treatment methods have already proved impotent.

Symptomatic homeopathic treatment is used for купирование symptoms, and then continuing constitutional means, which are suitable for a particular patient. Medications are selected individually with regard to external data, symptoms and patient reactions to stimuli, both psychological and physiological.

Симптоматические drugs have a more general character of the exhibition, which suit different patients who have similar symptoms.

To solve the selection of medication your doctor

For the removal of ear pain and neck as an emergency homeopathic therapy refers to:

  • Aconite (Aconit) is indicated for pain in the ear, caused by infection. The patient experiences пульсирующую pain, which is manifested more in the eye at the entrance of the frost into a warm room, the patient tormented thirst, celebrating the warmth.
  • Agaricus is prescribed for neurological pain, when it seems that in the neck and the ear strike the ice needles.
  • Verbascuv - pain, отдающая in the ear, which constitutes a seizure, which is most commonly manifested in the morning or after noon.
  • Cinchona (China) - the throbbing pain in his neck, the feeling that the head is like exploding.
  • Pulsatilla - is assigned to treat an ear infection, the pain is accompanied by irritability.
  • Silicea apply to the weakness of the neck muscles, difficulty in movement.
  • Aurum helps in muscle pain in the head and neck area.


Preventive measures are associated with affordable physical activity, strengthening the muscular corset.

To prevent infection, it is important to increase the immune protection of the organism, and not only by using the methods закаливания, but also the use of homeopathic medicines, which perfectly stimulate the immunity, restoring the balance of all systems in the body.

Active lifestyle, proper nutrition also contributes to strengthening of bone tissue, adequate exercise makes the muscles strong.