Set of exercises for the neck on the Bubnovskomy

Lifestyle of modern man causes frequent diseases of the musculoskeletal joint system, and this is the reason, osteochondrosis of the cervical. To reduce inflammation in the cervical area requires a lot of time and perform a variety of therapeutic techniques — massage, hardware procedures, medications, gymnastics. Many experts to restore the normal functioning of the spine recommend patients to perform the exercises on Bubnovskomy in chronic cervical остеохондрозе.

Pain in the neck

Osteochondrosis of the cervical c every year more and молодеет, medical help is turning more and more young people. For therapeutic or prophylactic purposes, you can use the techniques of dr. Bubnovsky, the principle of treatment, which is based on movement. Exercises easily done by yourself at home, even if грыже of the spine, viewing the videos. But it's still better to consult to c gp.

Assumptions and symptoms of developing the disease

The working place is very often assumed a longer stay in a sitting position, the result is that muscles do not move and leads to stagnation of the lymphatic and circulatory system. Frequent spasms of the neck increase the burden on the межпозвоночные drives, interfering with their integrity and elasticity. Provoke the emergence of cervical degenerative disc disease may also:

  • hormonal disorders;
  • rheumatism;
  • hypothermia;
  • injuries of the spine.

As a result, changes the state of the spine, there is a pinched nerves and blood vessels in the cervical region. In more advanced stages, when not performed timely treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease, persistent spasm of the blood vessels can lead to brain damage.

Given all these factors, dr. Bubnovsky developed effective exercises for the neck. Such charging in a systemic approach relieves cramps and makes the vertebrae moving. But for the treatment of degenerative disc disease on the Bubnovsky it is necessary to correctly identify the problem areas and give the right diagnosis. Do this is able to only a specialist, and patients should know what symptoms may be a reason to seek medical help.

When остеохондрозе of the cervical spine the main symptoms are:

  • migraines and headaches;
  • tingling in hands and feet;
  • numbness of the limbs;
  • frequent dizziness;
  • pinched or the output of the vertebrae;
  • limitation of physical activity.
Assumptions and manifestations
But the main symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease — it's a pain in the neck, the nape of the neck, which can put on the arm or shoulder, and more intense even with minor exertion.

If the patient is experiencing a sharp pain, then the treatment in the home environment is contraindicated. It is better to once again advise as an expert and refuse to perform any exercise. In this case, the patient is first necessary to cure the medicines, and in remission will help the technician Bubnovsky. As effective exercises in breast остеохондрозе.

What is the essence of gymnastics Bubnovsky?

The main goal of treatment according to the system of dr. Bubnovsky is to strengthen the muscles of the neck and restore the function of the apparatus of the ligaments. Gymnastics in the cervical остеохондрозе on Bubnovskomy provided with regular and good perform compound exercises allows you to achieve the following results:

  1. The reduction and subsequent removal of painful feelings.
  2. The removal of spasm of the neck muscles.
  3. Restoration of normal blood circulation and movement of lymphatic circulation in the tissues.
  4. Reducing the load on the spine.
  5. Reduction and stabilization of дистрофических changes in the bone and хрящевой tissues.
  6. Improve the condition and increase metabolism in the inflamed tissue.
  7. Enhance the quality of life.

The main difference of therapeutic exercises of the normal charging lies in the individual selection of a complex of exercises for each patient c to take account of his disease. In addition, this technique allows you to engage and strengthen the deep muscle tissue.

To get even faster to treat cervical osteochondrosis, dr. Bubnovsky has developed a special trainer, however the lessons on it can only be done under the supervision of a physician.

Preparing for a medical exercise

Special training for therapeutic gymnastics on this method is not necessary. However, the doctor gives a few tips on how to increase the effectiveness of exercise:

Preparing for a medical exercise
  1. First you have to knead with your hands neck muscles and joints, or to do smooth tilts the head up-down, right-left.
  2. Before charging it is not superfluous will have a warm relaxing shower to improve blood flow in the tissues of the neck.
  3. After charging is complete, it is recommended that light stretching to reduce pain on the second day in the morning.
  4. Increases the effectiveness and the impending result of swimming after the end of a complex exercise.
  5. Morning walks in the fresh air enrich with oxygen the inflamed muscles of the neck, enhancing their regeneration.

Treatment method Bubnovsky prescribed by a doctor after examination of the patient. Recommendations from an expert should strictly adhere to, such as cervical department — this is the weakest spot in the pillar of the spine. After examination, the doctor will put a diagnosis, reveal the focus of inflammation and determine the amount of movement, and also the duration of treatment. Sometimes it may require a comprehensive approach c use of drugs.

7 exercise Bubnovsky for cervical

A set of exercises on Bubnovskomy — this is a special gymnastics, on the basis of which are the principles of therapy movements. This exercise activates all the systems of the body, how to get rid of inflammation in the spine.

How to treat cervical osteochondrosis and restore the state of the vertebrae, it is necessary to regularly carry out 7 simple exercises:

  • nod your head (20-30 times);
  • tilts head to the side to the occurrence of pain (20-30 times);
  • the rotation of the head (15-20 times);
  • the touch on his chin, his neck while tilting the head forward (20-30 times);
  • lift your shoulders (20-30 times);
  • вытягивание and retraction chins (20-30 times);
  • in a sitting position c squatting, it is necessary to omit the head and touch the chin to the knees (not less than 30 seconds).

Vacation for more than 30 seconds between exercises. Let us consider each exercise in more detail.


In remission of the disease is carried out physiotherapy on a system of dr. Bubnovsky:

  1. Пружинка — is performed in a standing position c head bowed down along the trunk with your hands. The head should be slowly leaned forward and stay in this position for a few seconds. After the head leans back, bringing the chin up and once again замереть for a few seconds. Followed by a return to the starting position.
  2. Reviews — the situation, as well as in the exercise described above. Head it is necessary to turn to the right and remain in this position for a few seconds, then turn to the left and again to stay longer at the same time. Repetition is necessary three times.
  3. Metronome — the same posture. Your head must tilt to the right shoulder and hold it in this position for 30 seconds (in the case when the exercise is accompanied by болевыми feelings or a little bit of trouble in the cervical time for the first few lessons should be a bit reduce). The head returns to the starting position. After which is also repeated the exercise on the left side. The number of předklonů is on 6 times in each direction.
  4. Gus — position, in the standing position, hands are placed on the belt. The chin is leveled parallel to the floor and drawn out forward. the head rotates and the chin is to be put on the shoulder, the torso also need to be a bit of turn, because what may lightly disturb the spine to stay longer in this position 30−60секунд. the repetition is performed 6 times on each side.
  5. Heron — the exercise is performed sitting on a chair, the head is located directly serves the hands, palms on his knees. After hands выпрямляются and diverted back (it looks at how the fisherman shows the size of fish caught) and at the same time your head should be tilting back. After you accept the default location. When грыже of the spine in the cervical region can appear feelings of pain. This exercise should be performed slowly.
  6. A comprehensive overview — posture, too, as well as in the above exercise. Head it is necessary to turn to the right and at the same time putting the palm of the left hand on the right shoulder so that the elbow was parallel with the floor. One should stay steady on his knees. Back to the starting position and repeat on the other side. In the case that degenerative disc disease in the cervical region is launched, it may be to hear a specific sound in the spine.
  7. Факир — the exercise is performed sitting on a chair, hands it is necessary to lift over your head and bend a little bit, head on it is time to turn to the stop on the side and hold them in this position, after which turn your head in the opposite direction and again with a delay. When грыже in the cervical region may occur through the discomfort.

In the event that during the chronic current degenerative disc disease with evidence of worsening and you will have to perform a therapeutic complex, the exercises are performed slowly and smoothly, observe how you can the smaller the amplitude. In the event of an acute painful sensations it is necessary to terminate all of the action and will appeal to a specialist for examination and correction of treatment.

Regular exercise and the correct execution of each exercise gymnastics dr. Bubnovsky will help to quickly get rid of the problems in the cervical region and treat degenerative disc disease.