How to get rid of sore throat at home

With the problem of sore throat met probably all. They are different: a gnawing, cutting, which is only displayed when turning the head or, on the contrary, the known continuous character. It would seem, nothing terrible: well, it hurts, yes, and will be held. However, it is wrong. If you run and not pay attention (and most people it is so and prefer to do), then the pain can pass in the chronic and constantly scare. And sometimes initially a simple disease persists more complicated. In general, heal is a must. And here is how we will explain below.

How to get rid of pain in the neck

Causes of pain in the neck

The causes can be divided into several groups:

  1. The mechanical origin. Arise due to, for example, hitting or some other травмирующего exposure. While originally not to bother, and will appear after a while. To the same group can be attributed to the discomfort arising due to a long stay in the same position, as well as a sharp, careless movements that cause displacement of the vertebrae or stretching of the muscles.
  2. Physiological origin. This group from the pain associated with this or any other disease. Pain in the neck can cause diseases of different origin. Most popular – osteochondrosis. Here as well include межпозвонковые hernia different grades of severity of, colds and so on
  3. Psychological origin. These pains arise due to, for example, there is a stress or a strong nervous shocks. The body and the human psyche are closely linked to each other, and some experience can easily trigger a disorder in one organ or part of the body. The neck is no exception.
  4. There is another group of pain, which arise due to thermal exposure. Neck very easily expose the common cold. Hypothermia of the muscles causes them to spasm and a very strong, or, conversely, to blunt, but which winds through the pain.

In any case, the findings of the causes of болевого feelings in the neck area can only a doctor. Remember that this part of the body is not only very complicated in their equipment, but also fragile. Its easy to покалечить, and treatment is often difficult. Such a task cannot be managed without skilled care. This is the reason why the first tip: if your neck hurts even though during the one and a half a day and not currently underway, it is necessary to urgently seek medical help. This way you avoid much more serious problems.

However, to reduce the feelings of pain can be, so as one of the major reasons of pain is an awkward position, or prolonged stay in one position without movement. In such cases, the problem can be easily handle on their own. We're going to learn how to do it.

How to get rid of sore throat at home

The neck can hurt in different ways. But often the feelings are so strong and sharp that suffering the suffering of man even turn your head can't. Sometimes the problem is perceived as something remote, only slightly reminiscent of each other. To alleviate their condition can be, but you need to realize one thing: if you are not confident in the source of the pain, it is better to do nothing themselves. One thing is, if you just защемило nerve from the wrong position, and quite another if there is a spasm in the framework of any disease.

How to get rid of sore throat at home

How to ease the pain and help yourself? In fact, the ways it is enough. One of the most effective – the special exercises that help you relax and at the same time warm up the muscles of the neck.

  1. Gently, slowly двигайте neck in the direction of "there and back". Do it with the arrangement, carefully listen to, the emerging feelings. If you feel the slightest pain or at least tips on her, stop. This exercise can be performed as the prevention of potential problems, although every day, while increasing the load.
  2. Also slowly, размеренно двигайте neck left and right. Hurry up too it is impossible. At least for the first time. If you do this exercise every day, it will greatly reduce the burden on the neck vertebrae and muscles. You just train, and the pain gradually subsides. First do until the appearance of the first painful sensations, but then it is possible to, and increase the training time.
  3. "Восьмерка". It's amazing the strength of its positive effect of exercise. Slowly описывайте head of the relevant figure, while carefully listen to my own feelings. The body itself will tell you when to stop. Do the exercises every day, you can easily clear the feelings of pain and strengthen the muscles and vertebrae. Over time can accelerate the pace and increase the run time.

Excellent to help relieve the pain in the neck, and various relaxation techniques. Here are some of them:

A warm aromatic bath to relieve pain in the neck
  1. Soft shower. Turn on the water and adjust the shower watering can on the massage, несильный stream. If such a function exists, then just open the faucet on the whole performance. The water should be comfortable warm temperature. Aim the hairdryer on the neck and drive them up and down, as if you commit a light stroking. This will help your muscles relax, and the spasm passes. Neck can not be rotated, they should remain in one position. The duration of the procedure – not less than 5 and no more than 20 minutes.
  2. A warm aromatic bath. A very pleasant way to not only relieve pain in the neck, but also the overall fatigue of the organism. Fill the bathtub with warm water (the ideal temperature is 37 degrees). Will be good if you add there the sea salt with the effect of relaxation. Lie down and try not to think of anything. The effect of this method is due to the fact that in warm water the body reflexology completely relaxes and all your muscles feel comfortable.
  3. Experts recommend for relieving the болевого syndrome in the neck regularly attend some courses that focus on improving the blood flow throughout the body. The fact is, that's often the problem arises due to lack of nutrients and especially oxygen. Muscles are like wood, and it especially manifested where they are most vulnerable. For example, in the neck. Therefore, it is important to constantly work on proper blood circulation and exchange of energy. Help a variety of eastern practices, especially yoga.
  4. Massage. An ancient and very effective way to not only relieve muscle tension but also give the place of the vertebrae, and relieve pain in general. Doctors recommend a massage yourself, if only you don't know the basics of this practice. However, the simple stroking, light pressing and размеренные grinding never even undermine. Do it carefully, gradually increasing the intensity.

Finally, there are a variety of healing ways to get rid of pain in the neck. But here it is important to note that often the potions that you make yourself, can only aggravate the condition. Pain meds only cover the pain, but does not affect its cause. However, as a short-term remedy (for example, when waiting for the doctor) it is possible to take either ibuprofen or No-Spa. Paracetamol is also often recommend for alleviating болевого symptom in the neck area, but again, even if it would help, it doesn't mean that the problem is solved. Do not get carried away, and better still to visit a specialist.

Folk remedies for sore throat

There is a folk remedy, how to get rid of this kind of pain. First of all, they are температурном impact and special herbal extracts. Often occur effective, but only in simple cases, or as one of the part of the competent comprehensive therapy.

  1. The temperature effects. Depending on the nature and causes of the pain, you have to either your warm neck, or, conversely, to cool it. In the first case it uses warm warmer, in the second – a package with ice. It is believed that the согревание helps with colds and cooling – when heating or stretching. In addition, he led it perfectly removes the pain. But if in the neck of the ongoing inflammatory process, then this method can significantly aggravate the situation.
  2. Potions and herbs. Folk medicine knows many funds for the relief of pain in the neck. Recommend to drink special teas: chamomile, for example. They can also help согревающие balms and ointments.

Remember that the neck is a very complex part of the human body. And about her you just have to take care of. Otherwise sometimes appears pain, get rid of which is very difficult.

A few more tips

Pain in the neck can cause an incorrect position of the spine, and then you need to pay attention to the posture and work on its repair. Sometimes even have to wear a corset, but it only improves the condition and brings huge benefits to the body. For addition, to prevent the occurrence of pain, avoid lifting weights, or doing it, at least not dramatically. Try not to overload the spine, and, if you are a woman, do not wear it constantly high heels.

Problems with the neck may appear on the soil of various diseases. Their cause becomes practically anything. But often the problem arises due to the sedentary lifestyle and desk job. Adults spend most of his time in the offices. Practically in each individual case work virtually means movement. If all day sit, bend at a desk and write and talk on the phone, no wonder, then, that neck pain. To avoid this, try to at least twice to three times a week to practice. It restores proper blood circulation, strengthen muscles, выровняет spine. The pain first subsided, and then completely will pass.

In addition to other, sometimes very well can help vitamin complexes, which is strictly for instructions. They give vibrancy and tone the entire body in general and ease the tension of pain, including, and in the neck. Also increase immunity and improve mood and mental well-being.

Try to live happily, actively and positively. Get from life maximum of positive emotions, do not focus on the bad things. At home you sleep properly on the hard mattress and in the position of the embryo. Doctors believe that the most relaxing and comfortable as for the spine, for the neck. Is no less important and a pillow. If it's too high and hard, position for the neck will be loss-making, and in the morning you head you will not be able to bring, without the pain. Choose the kind of linen, in which the sleeping comfortably, it is just right for you.

Now you know almost everything about neck pain and about how you can get rid of. Once again: all this applies only if you are sure of the reason, and you know that nothing serious is not. In all other is the best way out – to go to the doctor. Only he will be able to give an accurate diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment. It is advisable to contact the experts in case of severe, frequent, изматывающих or the long head, which significantly impair quality of life and spoil you not only physical, but also moral status.

Pay attention to your body, take care of the body! And then your health will only grow stronger.