What kind of crampons to back pain and lower back pain

Pain in the back and lower back pain can occur at any age. To quickly pick up the treatment and get rid of the discomfort, it is necessary to set the source болевого syndrome. It can often be the consequences of hypothermia, vertebral hernia, the result of injuries and ACCIDENTS, ущемлением the sciatic nerve or diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Correct diagnosis and the conclusion of the doctor, will be the beginning of effective treatment and prevent the development of disease and complications to other organs.


For a start it is necessary to pass a comprehensive examination of the whole organism, to obtain the advice of doctors. In some cases pain in the back is a signal of the presence of inflammatory processes in the body and diseases of internal organs. For their exclusion, it is recommended to pass a medical examination by a gynecologist, urologist and gastroenterologist. And determine the cause of the pain, the doctor prescribes a treatment treatment. On the basis of their character болевого syndrome and accompanying symptomatology, is chosen by an individual complex of preparations.

Pain medication, injections

When the back pain and lower back pain the doctor will prescribe several medications for the pain medications, which are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDS) and vitamin complex of group b. They not only remove with a pronounced painful, but also help to treat inflammatory processes, have a soothing effect on the affected area of the back.

Please note! During the pharmacological treatment of pain, doctors recommend to maintain physical activity of the patient. In parallel with the injections, is assigned to a course of massage and curative and preventive exercises.

Vitamins B1, B12, B6 relieves pain and have good action. This group of drugs has a positive influence on the processes of exchange in the body, improve the activity of the nervous system, restoring damaged nerve endings. Injections with vitamins help in the fight with a sharp pain, long-term exposure are manifested болевого syndrome as injections are ineffective. The course of treatment lasts on average 12-14 days, after which occurs the improvement of the condition of the patient.

If it is during chronic pain medications, medications no visible results, doctors have resorted to the method of injection molding and stretching. The procedure performed by the doctor, the patient in the position lying on his stomach and in the place of the greatest pain and the seal is injected solution of novocaine. After the injection it takes a bit to stretch the affected area of the back and do a hot compress. After the procedure, the patient is advised to perform active movements and to increase the load on the painful muscle. Therefore, it is being developed by its motility.

In chronic ноющей pain, it is necessary to reveal its type: the median and overturned. On the basis of the type of болевого syndrome and the possibility of adverse events from the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular complications, it is designed by the optimal list of drugs. In most cases, it looks like this:

  • in dyspepsia prescribe Nimesulide, Ibuprofen or their analogues (Diclofenac, Naproxen, Meloxicam);
  • in the absence of pain in the upper abdomen, you can use any anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • when the risk of bleeding of the digestive system together with the NSA колют proton pump inhibitors (Omeprazole);
  • when cardio vascular complications in the composition of the injected include opioids, Paracetamol, Nimesulide (mandatory is the measurement of blood pressure);
  • in the presence of chronic diseases of the digestive tract and cardio vascular disease Omeprazole and Nimesulide combined with acetylsalicylic acid.

With proper early treatment, the pain recedes after a week after the start of treatment. To avoid relapse, it is necessary to go through a complete injection until complete cupping болевого syndrome.

Important! If after pain relief medication, injections of the comes relief, carried out diagnosis of the body to the exclusion of tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilis and other pathologies that affect the spine and joints.

Anti-inflammatory injections

Back pain is often accompanied by воспалениями internal organs and tissues, as from them, it is necessary to proceed to the treatment of pain. Used to treat inflammation of the NSA is divided into two large groups, which differ not only медикаментозным composition, but also the effects on the organs of the digestive system.

There are two groups of NSAIDS: selective and неселективные COX inhibitors. Неселективные contribute to the oppression of the enzyme cyclooxygenase, which is involved in the formation of mediators of inflammation. But these drugs a bad influence on the internal organs of the gastrointestinal tract, can provoke education of gastric ulcers.


Selective NSAIDS softer acts on the stomach, have no side effects and does not affect articular cartilage. Drugs of this type can be taken much longer, without violation of the normal functioning of internal organs.

One of the неселективных the NSA is Diclofenac or its analogs Ortofen, Вольтарен, Naklofen. Medicine is used when pain in the spine, arthritis, osteoarthrosis, spondylitis, pain in diseases of the gout, during the post-operative pain and дискомфорте after delegated to injuries. The standard dosage is one ампулу a day (75 mg), in acute pain — 150 mg a day. Injection is registered in the ягодичную muscle.

Contraindications to the use Diclofenac:

  • pregnancy;
  • the lactation period;
  • children's age (up to 18 years of age may be exceptions and individually selected dosage);
  • gastric ulcer;
  • diseases of the liver.

The most common nonselective NSAIDS is considered to be Movalis (Мелоксикам, Amelotex, Artrozan). The product is used in the chronic form полиартрита, spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, acute form of arthritis. Injected intramuscularly in the early stages of the disease or in acute pain. Furthermore, the transition to pills.

Contraindications to the use of:

  • pregnancy;
  • the period of lactation;
  • heart failure;
  • children's age until 15 years of age;
  • gastric ulcer;
  • tendency to bleeding of the digestive tract and other organs.

To remove the painful and eliminate inflammation help preparations containing vitamins of group In. Extremely effective in the acute phase of the disease. Among them Milgamma ingredient, which is pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6), thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1), cyanocobalamin (B12), lidocaine hydrochloride with a complex of auxiliary components. The injection is made intramuscularly once a day for 2 ml To maintain the result and prevent relapse when there is an acute pain is removed, is introduced into 2 ml up to three times a week.


Milgamma is assigned for sore muscles, неврите, neuralgia, weakening and полинейропатии. Противопоказанием for injections is used:

  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding:
  • the age of the patient (under 16 years);
  • heart failure.

The sting of the three drugs

For the relief of back pain apply the sting of the three drugs active ingredients are димедрол, analgin and papaverine. Drugs are combined in one syringe and injected intramuscularly. Prick effectively removes the sharp pain, спровоцированную such as diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and посттравматическими complications. In addition, the prick has the property to decrease in температу.

Димедрол in the composition of a hand blocking the receptors in the periphery and has a sedative effect. Papaverine is considered to be antispasmodic drug that has an effect on the smooth muscles of the blood vessels. Analgin is used as a painkiller.

The dosage is appointed by the attending physician according to the type of pain and the individual tolerance of the drug. The standard prick consists of 1 ml of 1% димедрола, 2 ml of 2% Papaverine and 2 ml of 50% solution of analgin.

Please note! Analgin can cause allergic reactions. Аллергики replaced her on aspirin.

Jabs with rheumatic pains

Back pain treatment is carried out уколом inside the muscles anti-inflammatory and pain medication resources. In addition, the doctor may prescribe medications that help to relieve the swelling in the affected area of the back and improve трофические processes. Allergy shots give a positive result much sooner than tablets. Eliminate the pain in the back pain of prescribed these drugs:

  1. Вольтарен. Among anti-inflammatory remedies used for the treatment of back pain and rheumatic disease. The injection is injected deep into the muscle, you can not repeat the injection more than two consecutive days. For the amplification effect, Вольтарен can be combined with medication.
  2. Кетонал. The drug is listed in the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and often is named, not only in rheumatic pain, but also other патологиях of the spine and musculoskeletal system. Кетонал removes pain and prevents excessive sensitivity of the receptors.
  3. The injection of ozone. The new method of struggle with pain in the lower back is considered to be the prick of ozone. It safely removes the pain in the back, but pay only once, and that injection into the affected area of the back.

Jabs at грыже

Treatment of hernia медикаментозным method includes the mandatory injections for back pain relief and the release of ущемленных endings. Prick with novocaine will effectively be put out of their pain in the back and long hold the result. The procedure should only be performed by a specialist, poorly specified solution can cause disorders of movement functions of the spine and the nervous system of the patient. There are two types of novocaine blockade, which differ in the way of administration of the drug:

  • jabs between the ribs of a special needle (the doctor introduces a solution of novocaine in the ущемленный nerve, it is very important to get into the сосудисто-nervous bundle);
  • эпидуральные injection, which are introduced between the fixed shell of the spinal cord and the periosteum of the vertebral canal.

In addition to the novocaine blockade and epidural injections, the person requires constant monitoring and maintenance of health. The doctor can set apart the NSA, vitamin complexes, painkillers drugs. A comprehensive approach to the elimination of the causes of болевого syndrome, you in the shortest possible time to get rid of discomfort in the back and lower back.


In modern medicine, there are several медикаментозных funds to help eliminate pain and reduce inflammation. Between them these drugs:

  1. Traumeel. Treat with anti-inflammatory, pain medication medication. Is assigned when a strong болевом syndrome. The dosage for adults is one ампулу on the day, taking massive damage in the back, it is possible the injection of two ampoules. Children up to six years injected the fourth part of the ampoule prescribed by the pediatrician.
  2. Противопоказаниями is:

    • AIDS, HIV infection;
    • multiple sclerosis;
    • tuberculosis;
    • leukemia;
    • lupus and autoimmune disease of the connective tissue.
  3. Alflutop. The product prevents the destructive processes in the tissues and restores the articular cartilage, has painkiller properties. The course of treatment is twenty days to one ампуле (1 ml) a day. Injection injected intramuscularly.
  4. If amazed at the large surfaces of the joints, the dosage can be increased to 2 ml per day. After conducting a full course of treatment, for half a year it is possible to undergo repeated treatments.

    The limitations include:

    • pregnancy;
    • breast-feeding;
    • individual intolerance of components of the drug;
    • children's the age of the patient.
  5. Dexamethasone. The drug is associated with rheumatic diseases and connective tissue diseases. In low болевом syndrome, the patient is introduced into one ампуле on the day. In the period of exacerbation of the disease the doctor individually picks up a dose that may range from 4 mg to 20 mg per day. The course of treatment is four days, the further the patient is transferred to the pills.
  6. Contraindications:

    • hypersensitivity to ingredients of the drug;
    • diseases of the digestive system;
    • children's the age of the patient (exceptions are made individually with a decrease in dosage);
    • infectious disease;
    • endocrine diseases;
    • pregnancy.
  7. Diprospan. The drug is widely used in the остеохондрозе, osteoarthrosis, post-traumatic синдромах. The drug is injected intramuscularly in one ампуле day. In the period of acute pain it is possible to increase the dosage.
  8. Contraindications to the use of:

    • gastric ulcer;
    • diabetes mellitus;
    • tuberculosis;
    • glaucoma;
    • psychosis.

If treatment treatment of back pain and lower back pain does not give the desired result, it is necessary to consult a doctor and undergo a further examination of the body. If it fails to reveal the cause of the disease, then the treatment will be ineffective.

In medicine is practiced combined treatment: medication combined with physical exertion and massages. Constant exercises aimed at вытяжение spine allow you to increase your mobility and relieve the feeling of "stiffness". If the treatment of treatment does not help, the only means of getting rid of pain is a critical hit.

Jabs in the back pain and lower back pain a beneficial effect thanks to the beginning of treatment. Running diseases of the spine require longer treatment, and sometimes surgery.