The use of the roller in the остеохондрозе

Osteochondrosis – a disease, which brings considerable discomfort to a person, so as to facilitate their status, many people use a special spatula. This makes it easier to status, нормализуя blood circulation in the cervical region of the spine. Produced by such means from foam, cotton or a special tightly twisted fabric. Such a roller under the neck from degenerative disc disease can be purchased in virtually any pharmacy institutions, specializing in the sale of products that will help you get rid of problems of the musculoskeletal tissue.

The effectiveness of the instrument

Downloads paint rollers from degenerative disc disease in the neck due to the fact that data tools help not only in preventing disease, but also in its treatment. Connected is with what the person is most often during your sleep sleeping in an incorrect posture, because of what all its muscle cannot properly relax, as it requires. Just on the process of relaxation of the muscles and wants to the product, when used under the neck at night.

The main effects, which leads to the use of the roller, the experts include:

The effectiveness of the instrument
  • Relief болевого syndrome.
  • Removal дискомфортных feelings.
  • The improvement of blood circulation.
  • To promote the normalization of metabolic processes.
  • Release muscle muscles.
  • Complete rest in the night.
  • The improvement of the emotional condition.

Doctors recommend to continue to use the roller even after all signs of disease have been removed, and it itself goes into a stage of remission. This will help prevent further deterioration of the condition of the patient, the re-occurrence of symptoms and the need for long-term treatment медикаментозными means.

It is important to realize that proper sleep is at this diseases, such as osteochondrosis – it is a very important part of therapy, both therapeutic and preventive. Therefore, you cannot apply to this process easy and the unserious.

It may also have an impact on the deteriorating state of health and lead to adverse consequences, which are expressed in прогрессировании disease.

How to implement the selection

Cylinder from back problems, it is very effective and useful tool, but only when his selection in the drugstore was implemented by the maximum of properly and correctly. This is the reason why one should pay attention to the recommendations of doctors, but also other patients with this disease.

It should be noted that the optimal length of the product is about 80 inches, so with a spatula, even when one is in sleep heavily tossing and turning, always remain in that place, where it was originally placed.

How to implement the selection

Separately it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness of the jewelry for the neck. Since this parameter depends directly on the therapeutic efficacy of the roller. To pick up a good remedy for the treatment of back pain, it is necessary to measure the distance from the neck to the bed, it was enough to him for about another two inches. So, vítězslav will be well to keep the neck, repeating the natural curves of the spine of the man himself.

In some cases, doctors-orthopedists recommend the use of similar products, and under other parts of the body. It, first of all, it's about голеностопных joints and lumbar spine. In this way, you can deal with the problem of degenerative disc disease maximum comprehensively.

It is also need to pay attention to the cost of the roller. Since this indicator does not directly depend the efficacy and the usefulness of goods, but at a price significantly affect the materials used. More than cheap and unreliable substances were used in the production, the cheaper will cylinder. Therefore, it is worth it to choose products high price the cost. Best to consult first with the doctor, dealing with the treatment of diseases of the back. It may, on the basis of their experience to recommend the best of the presented in pharmacies of the company.

and what to look for

Using a cylinder for the neck when остеохондрозе, it is necessary to pay attention on eight is enough the important things that will help you to solve the problem of the spine more effectively. These include the following items:

What to look for
  1. If using a roller from degenerative disc disease led to the deterioration of painful feelings and worsening of the disease, it is necessary at the time to stop lying to him Over two or three days it will be possible again to start to sleep on the product.
  2. If certain circumstances didn't work purchase professional roller at the pharmacy, you can at the time to replace the pillow or a blanket, chosen under the neck of the bend.
  3. If when using one roller in the other parts of the body worsens the discomfort, it is necessary to purchase the other two products.
  4. If you sleep on валике led to the formation of edema on the lower extremities, it is necessary to start taking the appropriate drugs against this symptom. They should appoint only a qualified physician based on the patient's diagnosis.
  5. If osteochondrosis of the spine is getting worse at the expense of expansion of varicose veins, prior to the acquisition of the roller is necessary to remove this health problem.
  6. If for certain reasons, including from-for sustainable habits, the patient is sleeping on his side, for normalization of blood circulation in the night he needs to compress another pillow between your legs.
  7. Alternative валику during sleep in cervical остеохондрозе can become special corsets or collars. But their use is certainly worth it to discuss with the attending physician.
  8. It is recommended before going to sleep on валике to perform some physical exercises that can consult and the attending physician depending on the clinical images of the course of the disease.
If you properly use the pillow under your neck when остеохондрозе, can for a long time to forget about this problem with your back, significantly improves the general condition of health and well-being, or the Price of such a product often is not too large, but the effect of its use for these funds.