Collar Шанца in cervical остеохондрозе: the proper use of

Collar Шанца – ортопедическое product, помогающее in various diseases of the back, usually made of soft polyurethane foam, which vary in hardness. It is used in many different diseases, collar Шанца in cervical остеохондрозе will help relieve pain and alleviate other symptoms of the pathology.

Collar Шанца in cervical остеохондрозе

Properly selected neck bandage always comfortable enough to wear, the neck is attached sufficiently tightly, which restricts the movement of the head and holds it in the correct in terms of anatomy position. When остеохондрозе cervical spine collar Шанца will help the muscles to relax, relieve tension and get rid of the main manifestations of the disease.

In general, when остеохондрозе cervical bandage is worn and for the following reasons:

  1. Removal of painful feelings. Collar Шанца provides a strong fixation of the neck and head in the anatomically correct position, which helps to get rid of болевого syndrome. Going through the pain in the muscles, stops кружиться head, passes through the numbness.
  2. Strengthening the muscular frame of his neck. If in severe forms of degenerative disc disease of the wear collar Шанца, treatment is most effective, fortified muscles do not immediately attempt to return to the incorrect position. The bandage provides a long-term effect of therapy.
  3. Restoration of normal blood flow in the vessels of the neck and blood circulation. When остеохондрозе blood vessels often find themselves сдавлены brain gets a normal amount of oxygen, thus appear constant fatigue and dizziness. When wearing бандажа vertebrae engage to your place, continuously сдавливать blood vessels.
  4. Removing the feeling of numbness, fatigue, normalization of sleep. With the disappearance of the болевого syndrome disappear вегетативные symptoms of degenerative disc disease, which sometimes is not always directly associated with disease of the cervical spine.

The main thing – correctly to choose and wear a collar to use бандажа brought exclusively benefit. In irrational use of state of the spine can only get worse, also not in all cases of degenerative disc disease wearing a collar is actually needed.

Positive reviews of the doctors suggest a high effectiveness of the instrument in the cervical остеохондрозе. In severe forms of the disease medicine helps to quickly restore the normal function of the cervical spine.

Important! Before using the collar Шанца it is necessary to consult with the attending physician.

Instructions for use

To wear the collar is not triggering the worsening of the disease, it is necessary to know how to properly select, wear, what are the contraindications to using leg warmers dangerous for health.

Use бандажа can be shown, that in most diseases of the muscles in the neck, spine, nerves and blood vessels of the neck. Even is used in the exhaustion, sore muscles after heavy physical exertion. Thanks согревающего effect improves blood circulation, pain going.

While in some cases the use of the collar Шанца completely contraindicated. First of all, you can't wear it, if the cervical department of the spine completely weakened, because in this case it requires complete immobility, which can not be assured by this kind of бандажа.

Instructions for use of the collar

So before using you should consult with your doctor to undergo examination. Usually it is necessary to perform an x-ray of the cervical, sometimes you need an MRI or a CT scan, with late diagnosis there are difficulties. Be sure to wear бандажа not навредит and will go to the benefit in diseases of the, we select the most appropriate variant of the collar.

Important! Not recommended to wear the collar Шанца in the presence of inflammatory diseases of the skin in the neck area.
How to choose

To benefit from the wearing of the collar was the highest, it is important to properly choose. Leg warmers, it is not appropriate according to the size and other criteria, may cause deterioration in the course of the disease, they rub the skin, сдавливать blood vessels and cause nausea.

To correctly determine the size of the бандажа, it is necessary to measure the following parameters. Measurements should be done standing up straight, look ahead, head does not need задирать:

  • the distance from the clavicle to the chin – the height of the collar;
  • circumference of the neck – its volume.

In accordance with the измеренными parameters it is necessary to choose leg warmers. When примерке is appropriate, should pay attention to it as it sits. The front upper part of the бандажа touch the bottom jaw, the bottom – resting on the chest, while the pressure of the collar should not cause discomfort. Back to top бандажа must support the base of the skull, the lower part should end at the bottom of the neck.

How to choose

It is also need to pay attention to, whether it is sufficiently firmly fixed neck, the mobility of the head should be almost completely limited. When it is necessary to make sure that the collar is nowhere hooks, not надавливает on the skin too strongly.

No need to buy a collar without the test, get the orthopedic needs of the free standing exclusively in proven stores. During the inspection of the things you need to make sure that there are no other defects.

How much wear

In each case individually the rules of the fit can be with her, but usually tries to stick to the following scheme. It is worth to take into account that if wearing leg warmers more than necessary, the disease may begin to progress.

In general, there is no need to wear the collar for longer 2 – 3 hours a day total. This means that you can wear the bandage twice a day, for example morning and evening for 1.5 hours depending on the needs and indications of the doctor. If osteochondrosis is located in running form, while the wear may increase, but not by much. While wearing the collar, there is no need to engage in active activities. The most favorable time — evening at home after work or in the studio, to relax tense muscles and recover after a busy day.

If there is a present feeling, that is the bandage too tight, you need to consult with the family doctor and choose the softer model. If it appears that, on the contrary, insufficiently firmly holding the neck, it is necessary to choose the harder model.

In general the collar Шанца in остеохондрозе neck worn at least a month, the specific time limit is set by the attending physician. Because of this disease of the spine pretty hard to treat completely, leg warmers may be required for quite a long time.


The average cost of ортопедического accessories – 300 – 500 rubles, it depends on the stiffness of the model and related options. Advise to not save when buying similar products, especially when we consider that the collar will have a relatively long time.

Analog collars in this case you can do it yourself at home. It is necessary to clearly follow the instructions, then the self-made leg warmers will be the features are similar enough to фабричным product.

How to make a collar Шанца home alone?

How to make a collar Шанца home alone

The design of the collar is quite simple, you can do it yourself, if it is not possible to obtain the right product. If while wearing home-made collar creates discomfort, it is necessary to give it up. In general, make a dressing as follows:

  1. It is necessary to remove the measuring cup from the neck of the soft fabric cut out two rectangles, the width – height of the neck, length – circumference of the neck. On припуски add on the thumb.
  2. A rectangle with the same parameters is to be done from a sufficiently flexible, but thick foam. There is no need to replace him than ever.
  3. Rectangles of fabric you need to sew on three sides, leaving a hole for the foam, again on the front side, insert the foam, sewn.
  4. It is necessary to try on the finished collar, mark the location for the липучек, sew on the velcro. Collar is ready.

It is necessary to take into account that the self-made collar may not completely coincide on properties with фабричным. Generally wear бандажа and analogues can significantly improve the situation in the остеохондрозе neck. Do not forget about the essence of healing, the collar Шанца is able to help only comes in the complete the necessary procedures.