What to do at home, when my neck hurts

In the human body everything is interconnected and every pain or disease does not arise just, certainly because there is some pressure. In the rhythm of modern life, man is accustomed to untreated pain and for the treatment of to the doctor, in the hope that the pain passes in time itself. Such an unpleasant disease, such as pain in the neck, often occurs in office workers, athletes and people who have little to move, but also after the exercise is too physically demanding. When the neck hurts tolerate of course you don't, because the sooner treatment begins, the faster you can get rid of pain and discomfort.

Building the neck

In the human body, everything is interconnected and, of course, the normal operation of the neck is impossible without a healthy spinal cord and spine. The neck is the beginning of the vertebral column and consists of seven cervical vertebrae. Movement of the head is possible due to the large number of muscles and ligaments, and when disturbed this or that muscles in this case we can speak about болевом syndrome. The composition contains the following components:

  1. Трапециевидные muscles –are involved in the movement of the blade.
  2. Ременные muscles – thanks to them you can easily perform the movements of the neck forward and backward and tilt your head.
  3. Lopatochna muscle – it is the connection of the blades with ostistim отростком.
  4. Musculus erector spinae – one of the longest muscles extending from the sacrum bone of the head, passing through the entire spine.
The contraction of the muscles is possible by means of the nerves and in the neck the composition is included three kinds:
  1. Motor nerves are able to shrink without whose kind help.
  2. Sensitive nerves able to feel the various movements and manipulations.
  3. Diaphragmatic nerves provide the work of the diaphragm.

Using the blood vessels of the neck is filled with oxygen, tissues and cells are protected from destruction. Naturally, the disruption of blood flow can lead to the formation of tumors and other tumors.

Kinds of pain

Kinds of pain

Pain in the neck is characterized by different kinds and distinctive feelings. The neck is in the human body performs an important the musculoskeletal system function gives the possibility to rotate the head and increase reviews. It also connects the head and the spine, ensuring an upright posture. If the neck pain, it could be from неловкого movement, sharp turning or tilting. Such a pain in the neck usually takes place quickly enough. Sometimes uncomfortable feelings persist to the end, a person to them gets used, it starts whining, not only the neck but also the spine – this is when you need to, and find out what happens a pain in the neck:

  1. Acute pain can occur from a severe rotation or tilting. At this time the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the cervical зажимаются and a person feels strong pressure on the nerves.
  2. Pain of a dull character appears in the result of long lesions of the vertebral pillar, when спазмах and fatigue.
  3. Sometimes the pain appears suddenly and nothing supported.
  4. Taut character has on the spine, hands, head, shoulders.
  5. Strongly hurts the neck when moving the head.
  6. Numbness in this part of the body, reducing the sensitivity.
  7. My neck hurts from the front when the associated diseases of the respiratory tract.

The above types of sensations are the main, when a person is faced with such unpleasant symptom of. And the pain can change and develop into a more severe form affecting other parts of the body.


The source of the pain should be sought and not always it will be associated with шейным department of a backbone. Modern medicine currently knows a lot about what might cause this violation, because without clarification of the causes cannot be assigned a valid treatment. Causes of pain in the neck can be:

  1. The deposition of salts in the cervical spinal pillar can cause pain in the neck. Cervical osteochondrosis and osteoarthritis a common enough disease, both at young and older ages. In the mind of these diseases is clearly hear the crunch of the disks, in the most severe cases of cervical department loses mobility, twisting his head strongly hindered.
  2. Cramps in the muscles. If she was sick the throat and the reason for this was spasms of the muscles – the pain has a character education seizures. Especially when you rotate your head to feel stronger. In this case, the pain can retreat alone or after the use of painkillers funds.
  3. Hernia – a serious disease that affects the shoulder girdle, the spine, the neck suffers less, but its share represents the pressure exerted from the above-mentioned parts of the body.
  4. The conditions of work. Сидячая work, нечастые change in body position увеличиваю the risk of disorders.
  5. The incidence of tumors. The formation of tumors - it is one of the most dangerous processes. Of course, modern medicine in this field gave a push forward removal and treatment of benign tumors, but the disease does not always want to retreat and the tumor can develop into a malignant. Examination in this case, requires necessarily.
  6. Myelopathy – violations in the work of the spinal cord, as a result of his injuries, infectious diseases and various inflammations.
  7. Related diseases tract, bones and cartilage.

The factors and the causes are very many, and I was thinking: "why my neck hurts?" the person is lost and doesn't know where to start screening and diagnosis.


Any kind of pain in the body is to be removed. What to do if my neck hurts? Of course go to the doctors and best qualified to give him a clear diagnosis, and appointed effective treatment. Help can the following experts:

  • The doctor on the injuries, orthopedist or surgeon.
  • Therapist.
  • Ревматолог.

This is the basic врачебные profiles who are treatment of pain in the cervical.

The beginning of diagnosis – is it a fee tests of blood and urine (biochemical and general) for the installation of the disease in its various components. Elevated levels of leukocytes, the presence of free protein in the urine and much more – it is really the disruption of the functioning of many organs. When диагностировании disease as the tests they take for sure.

In the list of further manipulation includes:
  1. Magnetic-resonance tomography. You can evaluate the work of the muscles, nerves and blood vessels, check blood flow, evaluate the soft tissue. MRI is sufficiently informative method of research.
  2. Computed tomography helps to explore the damaged places on the neck, to take into account the composition of the disk, pathology.
  3. Электромиография. Examines the nerves and nerve irritation, by artificial stimulus, which acts on the nervous system in the neck area.
  4. X-ray image makes a clear picture of the region and seven vertebrae. Currently underway in several planes for a more accurate assessment.

With the help of these studies, which are performed on the modern instrument can be easily detect all of the resources and the reasons why it is neck pain and what to do in such a case.

The doctor evaluates the condition of the neck by examination and palpation:
  1. Evaluates reflexes, the degree of sensitivity of muscle contraction.
  2. Touching the neck for the installation of the deformed part.
  3. Examining the neck and head.

An effective method of diagnosis is ultrasound examination of the brain vessels and neck, on which will be recorded, whether the spasms in the brain, as time passes, the blood and show some neoplasms.

In terms of infectious diseases that affect the neck, then proceed with the treatment in this case, so not worth it, because the infection can spread and cause death. The doctor will prescribe a bacteriological study, which is able to identify the environment in which they live and breed bacteria.

Increased level of leukocytes in the general analysis of blood indicates that the body is fighting infections.

When the occipital neuralgia pain in the neck occur quite often – it says that the muscles, nerves and ligaments are putting pressure on yourself. The patient becomes difficult to carry out movement and rotational movements of the head, occurs numbness of the neck. To diagnose this disease is on MRI and CT. When the cause is not established, the doctor may give затылочную невралгию in the first degree.


After the methods of diagnosing the pain in the neck and the reason for its occurrence, the doctor can establish a diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment. Treatment methods is currently very much, but the main and main always remain the same:

  1. Mandatory medical preparations.
  2. Gymnastics and therapeutic physical culture.
  3. Courses massage.
  4. Physiotherapy.

In addition, doctors recommend the use of folk medicine. In most cases it gives the desired effect and positively reflects on the body.

Treatment treatment

Apply the following groups of drugs:

  1. Non-steroidal anti-antiinflammatory drugs – Diclofenac, Nimesil. They block pain and cramping, acts quickly and for a long time retain противоболевой effect. Injections into the muscle would have been much more effective than powders and solutions.
  2. Narcotic analgesics – Morphine, Codeine. Their only use in that case, if treatment with NSAIDS did not help, because these drugs are very strong and have clearly expressed side effects.
  3. Vasodilators – they are able to improve the composition of blood and structure of blood vessels, preventing bleeding and improving blood circulation.
  4. Chondroprotectors – substances, capable to improve the metabolism in tissues and organs that have been subjected to inflammation. With their help to the patient to the place will arrive the necessary amount of the necessary organic and inorganic components.

Issues such as what to do if my neck hurts to wake up it won't be if you follow all the instructions of the physician in the use of data tools.

Gymnastics and therapeutic physical education

In moments of severe pain to perform gymnastic exercises are not recommended, because pain can only get worse, but as a prevention from them in time facilitate to carry out can be. Useful will be the following exercise:

  1. The sails of the neck to the shoulders. 2-3 sets of 20 times.
  2. The twists and turns of the head to the side. 2-3 sets of 20 times.
  3. The circular motion of the head. 2-3 sets of 20 times.

This is a basic exercise to be carried out at болевом syndrome. Great to deal with them, закаляют muscles and improve blood circulation.

Massage and therapy мануальная

In today's time without a massage is not going anywhere, therefore, it is a course of 10 treatments will be quite enough to normalize the motor function of the neck, tension in the muscles when this is disabled. Perform massage and independently, light movements разминать neck from the stiffness.

Massage Physiotherapy techniques

Rehabilitation methods are carried out under the supervision of the attending physician and are considered to be effective in the removal of painful sensations. Applying electrophoresis, laserotherapy and the impact волновую. Their action is focused on nerves and tissue, recovery is happening already after the third treatment.

From the pain in the neck to get rid of can be, all the methods of treatment in each case they give effect. The pain gradually fades and soon disappears completely, and no returns longer period of time. As a preventive measure, doctors recommend more to move, do exercises in the morning and eat right to get into the body get all the necessary trace elements.