Acupressure for headaches

Headache – symptom, the development of which may be caused by a number of factors. It arises as a result of nervous tension, sudden injuries, diseases of the brain and vertebral system, hormonal changes and acquired severe infections. The character of the pain may warn of a temporary failure in the work of the body or a signal about the development of dangerous diseases.

The first short-term pain, most people are trying to pull обезболивающими means, he forgets without alternative medicinal methods – folk medicine, aromatherapy, reflexology, massage.

This is the reason, the massage of the reflex points is able to quickly and effectively reduce feelings of pain in the head. It does not cause the body harm, which means the intake of chemical substances, which is especially true for women during lactation and pregnancy. In the latter case, the method of point massage, it is necessary to agree with the doctor, because the impact on some of the points may trigger premature labor.

How works massage

How works massage

Technique massage points (acupressure) is one of the kinds of reflective therapy. Manual therapist performs the massage or надавливание on the reflex points using the fingers on the hands. Consequently, they are activated neuroreceptors located in the subcutaneous tissues throughout the body, and is formed impulse, which transmits information to the brain. A response to the complaint in the case of headaches reduces painful feelings or their complete disappearance.

The human body is located not less than 750 u of active points, which are responsible for the functioning of the whole organism. Of them are using 17 main reflex points it is possible to affect the syndromes of headache relief in this tension headaches and migraine attacks.

The point cannot be determined visually. In microscopic study, they look like clumps of a large number of neurons. The characteristic symptoms by which one can determine, are the sights on parts of the body and own feelings. When the impact on the active point can a person feel, is the following:

  • a feeling of local pain or прострелов;
  • spreading heat;
  • numbness of the tissues surrounding the point;
  • the occurrence of so-called "chills";
  • feeling like the underdog импульсам electric current.

Find the corresponding reflex points and take off the primary headaches can themselves, relying on the described sensations. But if the painful gains a permanent character and is accompanied by other symptoms, then you need to immediately visit the doctor for advice and выяснением reasons of his speeches.

The point on the head from headaches - on the face and виске

The point on the head from the headache

On the head is located 8 major reflex points, to accumulate in the premises, which leads to a reduction in headaches.

  1. Point, which is located above the upper part of the nose in the area of the "third eye", массируется circular movements on both sides.
  2. A symmetrical point located at the inner edge of the eyebrows. You need to find a small deepening in the cranial bones and at the same time in a circular motion to massage on both sides.
  3. Point, which is located symmetrically just above the edge of the ends of the eyebrows.
  4. The symmetric point, which is located in a small deepening at the beginning of the curl of the auricle. Effect on her provided easy надавливанием.
  5. Point, symmetrically located in the scalp above the upper edge of the auricle, массируется circular movements. How to find it, it is necessary to index finger, to the point, which is at the beginning of the curl of earlobes, the ring finger to set the point, which is located just above the outer edge of the eyebrow, while the middle finger will be located in the target reflective zone.
  6. Point, which is located in the deepening of the under the occiput. Массируется circular movements without strong pressure.
  7. Symmetrical points, which are in the place of attachment of the cervical muscles to черепу. Растирают light movements when exposed to them, the patient may feel painful or uncomfortable feelings.
  8. The point on the head from the headache - at the back of the head and the crown
  9. It is a sensitive point, which is located on the top of the. How to mark it, it is necessary to index fingers fingers placed behind the ear sinks and stick them to the top through височные hill. The search point is located in the middle of the head and in the place of the meeting deiktický fingers. The massage is performed in circular motions or a light надавливанием.

The point of a headache on your hands

Remove the bouts of headache you can use massage 3 reflective points placed symmetrically on the hands. To achieve the effect it is necessary to act on the points of both hands, massaging them alternately.

  1. Point located at the connection of the index finger and thumb. You need to push down on the small deepening in this area: from the outer side of the palm place your thumb on the other hand, with the internal index. After the formation of the pain your fingers should be sharply unclench. Impact on this site is prohibited for pregnant women because it could trigger premature labor.
  2. Point is located in the cleavage between the two bones of the forearm: radiation and ulnar. To find it, you will have to retreat from the pleats on the wrist a distance equal to the width of the three shear fingers.
  3. Point is located on the сгибе the elbow joint. Hand double up at the elbow and massaged the edge of the folds from the outside.
  4. Points on the hands from the headaches

Point from headaches стопе

Basic reflex points, exposure to which also allows you to remove the pain of the head, symmetrically placed on stop. Massage at the same time, circular movements or надавливанием, while the patient should sit in a comfortable position.

  1. Point is located on the second finger, at 2 mm above from the base of the nail.
  2. Point is located at the base and the fifth finger in a small deepening of the outer side.
  3. Point is located between the fifth and fourth finger. How to find it, it should be from the base of the fingers to measure the distance equal to one поперечному пальцу.
  4. Point is located at 3 mm above from the base of the nail of the first finger and the little moves on the side of the second finger.
  5. Point is designed on the outer side of the foot between the second and first finger, higher than is their founding of the two shear fingers.
  6. Point is located from the side on the inner side of the foot closer to the tibia in the area of the highest point in the sky. For massage you need to find a small deepening.


Despite the effectiveness of point massage in case of acute pressure синдромах, there are diseases and the state of the patient, which is strictly prohibited. The main testimony against its objectives include:

Point on the leg from headaches
  • The development of tumors regardless of the place of localization and genesis.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases (stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal diseases, tuberculosis).
  • Infectious and viral diseases, which are accompanied by high temperature.
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels after a heart attack and stroke.
  • Severe pathology of internal organs, повлекшие reduction in their functioning.
  • Mental disorders in the phase of exacerbation.
  • Acute pain непонятного character and origin.
  • Age criterion: children up to 1 year, and people older than 70 years.
  • The second half of pregnancy (during this period acupressure can trigger premature labor).
  • Diseases of the blood.
  • The menstrual cycle in women.
  • Of alcohol intoxication.
  • Overwork, caused by heavy physical exertion.
  • Dependence on метеоусловий (not recommended to perform the massage of active points in a sharp change in atmospheric pressure).

In the course of treatment point massage is necessary to limit the variety of food and the implementation of certain procedures. It is recommended to take a hot bath and sauna, and also eat spicy foods, strong tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages.

Compliance with all criteria, regulations, experts, and technique of performing the massage will reduce the pain sensations of the primary character, emerging in the head. If there is an impact on the point makes it easier to status or getting worse, then you need to turn to professionals and look for the cause беспокоящих headaches.