What do you do when your back hurts?


Back pain – one of the most common complaints of patients. It often happens that the pain in the lumbar or thoracic region of the spine occurs on the background of the disease, has nothing to do directly with my back. In this context, it is when the back pain very important is the correct diagnosis, which is based on the testimony of the patient and special studies.

The causes of back pain can be:

  • inflammatory diseases of the spine;
  • injury;
  • diseases of the internal organs;
  • overweight;
  • pregnancy;
  • neurological disorders;
  • faulty posture, flat feet;
  • is not defined by the standards, and the stereotypical physical burden.

The nature of the pain and the events preceding its inception, give you the correct diagnosis. Back pain can occur after a fall or injury. It is possible a normal bruise, which includes intake of pain medication and самонаблюдение to 12 hours. If the pain is not passed, you should contact your doctor. If this prevents movement of the limbs, he felt tingling or loss of sensation in them, occurred spontaneously to urination or bowel movements – these are the symptoms of spinal cord damage that require immediate hospitalization.


Pain in the lower back over the area of the waist, which accompanies the reaction temperature and the total недомоганием, may be indicative of a kidney infection and requires urgent treatment at the clinic.

Back pain is often increases with the years, bringing it into the малоподвижности. Possible causes are osteochondrosis, межпозвонковые hernia and eject disks, their elasticity of the cartilage. If the pain appeared after exercise, household chores, weight lifting, the reason may be in the stretching of muscles or ligaments, and also biased the vertebrae discs and pinched nerve. On the background of already existing disease of the spine probability of similar cases is rising.

Treatment of back pain

Treatment спинальных the head – is always a complex event, which includes the following methods:

  • the intake of painkillers funds, the suppression of inflammatory processes;
  • physiotherapy, мануальная therapy;
  • massage, therapeutic exercise;
  • ensure healthy conditions of work and rest;
  • diet aimed at weight reduction and obtain the necessary nutrients to maintain elasticity of muscles, ligaments, cartilage.

In some acute cases may require surgery.

Prevention of back pain


For the prevention of back pain it is necessary to hold under the control of a variety of factors. Firstly, it is necessary to ensure a comfortable place for sleeping and work.

Uncomfortable bed, or desk chair lead to permanent incorrect load on the spine. Give preference to orthopedic mat, подушкам and креслам. Avoid hypothermia, which can trigger inflammatory processes.

If your work is connected with physical activity, try to produce the least possible operations in the tilt forward. For lifting weights, it is better to sit with a straight back. It is necessary to monitor your weight and try to keep it within the age norm, in order not to overload the spine.

Necessarily do the exercises, especially swimming, which form a muscular corset without undue load on the joints. Wear comfortable shoes, which will prevent the improper load on the ступню and musculoskeletal the musculoskeletal system overall.

When you come across an open back pain, be sure to contact your doctor. Remember that the only comprehensive survey to identify existing chronic disease is able to give the correct clinical picture and allow you to assign adequate treatment. Compliance with the data your doctor's recommendations, timely use of medication and the course of the special procedures will help you to quickly return to a normal life.