Which doctor treats back pain

Which doctor treats back pain

If a man hurts his back, and he does not understand, to what doctors to go, and in the ambulance профильный the cabinet is missing, then you are an expert in the field of therapy. This doctor will perform a preliminary diagnostic measure, then pass the patient to other doctors. Today you will learn, to what doctors to go, if it's bothering painful.

Who helps, when it hurts

Expert vertebrolog treats the pain associated with problems of the spine. The doctor the neurologist will help in ущемлении nerve, but also that, when the inflammation affects the neurons. If a patient manifested by dysfunction of the internal organs, then he will help experts cardiology, gastroenterology.

Which doctor treats back? In medicine there are many fields where they have a narrow profile. First person is not able to decide where to go, if you have back problems. When troubled by back pain, have a chronic pathology, then first you need to contact the general practitioner who deals with your treatment. Different feelings of pain are caused by different патологическими processes. Soreness can bother a person always, or is it кратковременна.

If the back hurts, then the reason for this unhealthy condition can be at the spondylosis, in which the bone structure strongly разрастаются. Also the patient may затекать and defective feet. In this case, the contact need only a neurologist or vertebrologu. If the painful has an acute character, it is likely that they are inflamed muscles. Such pain will be less, but it takes a long time. Inflammation occurs due to the fact that a person переохладился either experienced physical exertion. To cure these pains will help the neurologist.

Painful колющего character indicates the likely патологиях of the respiratory organs, выделяющую urine. In such a case, deal with the treatment experts will пульмонологии, urology. Who to go to, if the back hurts? Prickling in the back will be when the patient is ripped off your back. This симптоматика becomes, for example, when between the vertebrae грыжах. Help the patient can невропатолог or vertebrolog. If your back will ache, but it is not clear what kind of doctor you then go to a therapist. Advise patient, will refer to the diagnosis.

When the doctor will review all the information, analyzes the clinic of pathology, then it will recommend another specialist for treatment.
The vertebrolog

It's a doctor dealing with diseases of the spinal column. Such a doctor is also able to do various types of massage, uses manual therapy, perform plastics of the spinal column. The causes of such pain are different:

  • Sleep on a very soft or a hard bed.
  • A man sleeping in the wrong position.
  • If the pillow case, duvet cover and простынь consist of man-made fabrics.
  • A person is forced to perform heavy physical work.
  • The constant sitting in one position at work over a laptop.

Not to be bothered by the pain it is necessary to adhere to the prevention. Sleep on such a bed, which has a rigidity high, it is advisable to purchase for a comfortable sleep orthopedic mattresses. If the bed surface has a strong rigidity or beds very soft, then will arise the deformation of the vertebral column. Still it is necessary to monitor posture. If the work is connected with long sitting in one position, then it is necessary to conduct more exercises, which is well tones and removes stiffness of muscles.

When working on a notebook it is necessary to correctly choose a chair with a table. Spin will not experience strain, if the chair will have a higher backrest. Armrests зафиксируют hands, so the spine will not be much strain. From the excess weight you need to get rid of. It to burden the spine, the likelihood of developing a degenerative disease of the disc, between the vertebrae hernia will increase. It is necessary more often to swim, do exercises, then спинальные muscles will be toned, spin becomes flexible. If it is necessary to lift a heavy object, then the back should be straight, otherwise they will have problems with the spine.


Find an expert vertebrologii is not easy. In this case, the patient comes to a gp, who will recommend a neurologist. Qualified невропатолог own the same capabilities as the vertebrolog. Невропатолог performs the diagnosis with the treatment:

  • sciatica;
  • a hernia between vertebrae of different stages of development;
  • degenerative disc disease, osteophytes';
  • inflammation of the sciatic nerve and other nervous system diseases.

A person experiencing feelings of back pain, but the causes of pain are different, can be патологиях of the respiratory organs, glands with internal secretion. Also painful causes infectious process, it is oncology.

Another doctor

If невропатолог help fix the problem, then the reason of the pain may be in the pathological processes that attack the kidney. The patient then your nephrologist or уролог. Painful thoracic spine segment also may occur due to pulmonary pathology. If the painful колющего character, then there is a high probability that the inflammation of the respiratory organs.

Feelings of pain in the chest, the thoracic area of the back can cause the pathology of the heart and blood vessels. Timely cardiology consultations and help reduce the likelihood of the occurrence of cardiac events and ischaemic changes of the heart. If a patient is breached calcium metabolism, the human body experiences a lack of calcium, then you run into problems with motion the motion of the apparatus, the person will be hurt back. In this case, the patient is required to эндокринологическая advice.

Diagnose pathological changes of the connective tissue will help ревматолог. Treats inflammation of the joints, helps eliminate pain. Sometimes it is long-lasting trauma makes itself known after a longer period of time. The patient may forget that 2-3 years is hurt, he'll tell you that just physically reworked. If the pain persist, other doctors do not help, it is necessary to consult at the expert.

Feelings of pain колющего character may be the result of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). It ulcers, inflammation of the stomach, gall bladder, either there are problems with the pancreas, appendix, and other organs of the digestive system. If you suspect that онкологические processes in the body, then it is worth it to get advice. Oncology it is better to treat in the early stages of formation.

Premenstrual pain syndrome in women is at gynecological problems, the shoulders can strongly hurt. These pains occur due to the abnormal arrangement of the uterus, pregnancy, flows outside of the uterus, inflammatory processes of female genital organs. Even in the case that the pregnancy is going fine, then the pain may also manifest.

If a pregnant woman pick up a shoe then the pain goes away. A woman it is necessary to consult with a gynecologist.

Who diagnose lumbar pain zone

If it hurts the shoulders, that's what the doctor give you? Back pain can be caused by problems with the spine or impaired function of certain internal organs. So evaluate симптоматику, and then sends them to the correct doctor first therapist. If a person is a long time lying in an uncomfortable position,then for him the passage of time hurts the shoulders. But if you sleep, warm, receive массажную procedure in the absence of a contraindication, then such discomfort is to be held themselves, врачебная help they need.

If it hurts the shoulders, that are often the reasons are injuries that cause fractures of the vertebrae column. Acute painful lumbar zone arises as a result of disc herniation, which is located between the vertebrae of the extrusion. Going on irritation of the sciatic nerve, manifested clinic sciatica's. Feelings of pain stretch from the gluteus maximus zone on the soles of the feet. When a serious case that one or both of the legs can затекать, there was a risk of paralysis. In this case, the relevant help neurologist or нейрохирурга.

Who diagnose lumbar pain zone

Lumbar sciatica can occur when a person is awkward to bend back. The pain will give to the gluteus maximus area, or thighs. The patient stands and moves with difficulty. Cure sciatica treating невропатолог. Онкологические processes also provoke a painful lumbar region. The patient is then required to consult with онколога.

Feelings of pain of the lumbar segment can occur due to diseases of organs выделяющую urine. In addition to pain, the man is disturbed urination, it will be тошнить, will appear vomiting, changes will take effect with гипертермией and other симптоматикой. The patient will help уролог either nephrologist. If a man has воспалена prostate, pain are different according to the site location, also болезненна lumbar area. Painful has a different intensity, болезненна scrotum with промежностью. Consult at the urologist.


Diagnostic procedures help you decide with a specialist who will treat the patient. Performed by:

  • Examination of the urine with blood, and it will help you to detect inflammatory processes.
  • Radiographic examination of the various проекций.
  • CT scans will help to reveal the consequences of the injury.
  • MRI is most accurately sets the spread of the defective process. More often than once every 30 days do not apply.
  • An ULTRASOUND will reveal problems with the cartilages, сухожилиями, онкологические processes.
  • Using electromyograms are recorded electrical signals that take place due to the dismissal of the muscles. This way to determine how well they work muscle tissue.

If you are plagued by feelings of back pain, then it is better to endure the pain, than to engage in self-medicate, and immediately turn for help to the general practitioner, which will lead to other experts. Then you get stuck in the body of complications that do not always successfully treated, and therefore health, it is better not to risk it.