How to distinguish pain in the kidneys, pain in the back

What hurt the kidneys or your back

Stiffness in the lower back during vigorous movements bothers many people. Hurt the kidneys or your back how to find out if the feelings of the incomprehensible? First of all, you need to understand the symptoms of diseases of the vertebral column and vital organs. This will help you to have an idea about the differences in the pressure sensations. The basic cause of the discomfort is able to determine the doctor after the examination and to perform a thorough diagnosis.

Pain in the kidneys or back pain – difference signs

Pain attacks in the area of the lumbar spine can обездвижить man for a moment. Such a thing happens in case of a long stay in the cold, or from exposure to сквозняка. The back muscles are inflamed, becomes the spasm of soft tissue, which elicits feelings of pain in the back, covering specific department of the spine. Chronic disease (osteochondrosis of the lower back), or complications of diseases of the spine (sciatica) also proceed with great bouts in the lower back.

The basic specifications of the painful sensations in the back

The main symptoms, which indicate that the pain of a heart attack arose because of problems in the muscles of the back and in the spine:

  • the emergence of unpleasant sensations during the lifting of a heavy burden and excessive load on the lumbar department (long walk, prolonged standing in one place);
  • intense pain occurs at the time of the various movements of the torso – tilts, twists and turns, alternating positions when sitting in the supine position;
  • nausea manifests itself significantly, and at the time completely leaves the person without moving – patient stiffens in that position, which sparked an unpleasant attack.
The basic characteristics of back pain
Please note! Very often diseases of the back are similar with the development of inflammation in the kidneys. In this case, it is necessary to analyze the nature of the emergence of pain.

Interestingly, for back pain, caused by problems in the spine, the body temperature almost never increases. The exception is the abbreviation of the nerve in acute and neglected manifests itself when there is inflammation and swelling in the area of destruction is very large.

There are a number of diseases of the spine, which are able to trigger sudden bouts of in the back. Most often it occurs osteochondrosis, radiculitis, protrusion, hernia in the lumbar. The Offset of the vertebrae and the curvature of the spine, inflammation of the muscle tissue and joints as a result of difficulties in movement of the trunk in the lower part of the back. While the discomfort may disappear after the body to a state of calm.

Important! Pain in the back due to illness of the spine can for a time relieve the мазями with effect согревания or by wearing a special corset, and when kidney problems, discomfort in a similar manner to remove.
Symptoms of pain in the kidneys

The main symptoms, which give to understand that the problem is in the kidneys:

  • violations in the work of the urinary bladder (uncomfortable cutting in the lower abdomen, painful passing of urine, sometimes with admixture of blood);
  • the emergence of problems with the stomach and intestinal problems (vomiting, nausea, change in stool);
  • the availability of a distinctive swelling under the eyes and in the area of the lower limbs, which are well visible at night;
  • quick prostration, loss of vitality and the occurrence of drowsiness.
Signs of pain in the kidneys
Please note! When kidney disease back pain may be accompanied by an increase in pressure and headaches.
The main differences

A clear confirmation of the fact that it hurts the kidneys, and no spin, there is a change in the urine. It becomes restless, or lose color. The biological material may be blood, mucus, get a dark tea tinge.

The difference of the symptoms lies in the fact that back pain in the kidney disease can be accompanied by fever. In the case of diseases of the spine, fever and chills are absent.

The difference of the symptoms lies in the fact that the incidence of pain due to inflammation in the kidneys is not dependent on the position of the body and its movements. While the sharp and sudden bouts of lower back pain due to pathology of the spine arise from předklonů, the rotation of the body shift positions.

Also determine the hurts, whether the kidneys, and not roast, can be according to the localization of myocardial. Discomfort still occurs from the inflammation of the organ, and in the next part:

  • in itself, that grabs the part of the abdomen and groin area;
  • in the urogenital system from the outside (external sexual organs);
  • in the area of the urinary tract;
  • in бедренную zone on the inner side.
The difference of pain in the back and kidneys

These symptoms give the possibility to approximately determine where is located kidney pain occur or the back. Reveals exactly this on their own is impossible. Understand the real cause of the poor health of your doctor.

Specific pain in the lumbar region in men and women

Quite often, discomfort in the lower back does not cover the kidneys, even to патологиям back. In men, the pain may occur as a result of the fall in the genitourinary system, infections, which causes inflammation. Prostatitis is also able to cause discomfort in the back.

Lifting weights, exercise, and exercise sport also capable of inducing in men, pain in the lower back. Usually after resting or milling with effect согревания or обезболивающими мазями place, which is the most disturbing, unpleasant sensations disappear.

In women pain in the back is often associated with a monthly salary of secretions. Usually it is a sign of premenstrual cycle. If we talk about women's diseases, which can release back pain, then this is the inflammation of the ovaries. Discomfort in the back from the pathology arise in the middle of the lower back or closer to the крестцу, without bumping into the kidney area. Still the pain has тянущий character, and is accompanied by резями in the groin or lower abdomen.

Seizures in поясницу can manifest negative disturbances in the functioning of the urinary bladder (cystitis) and желчевыводящих pipe. Similar ills, in addition to back pain, the cause of women frequent urge to the toilet, difficult and painful испускание urine.

Specific pain in the lumbar region in men and women
Important! In pregnancy are also more frequent discomfort in the back. In this case, the pain can be caused by a substantial load on the spine due to the growth of the fetus or to talk about the first battle.

To determine exactly what hurts, in fact, can only specialist after the examination. Therefore, it is necessary to seek medical attention if suspicious symptoms in the back.

Diagnosis of painful sensations in the lower back

For finding the real causes of heart attack lower back pain it is necessary to know which doctor to go to. Initially it is recommended to go to a therapist. This will be preliminary examination, which includes пальпацию places the most significant pain, shall review all complaints and prescribe the necessary tests.

To find out, it hurts, whether a kidney, specialist can do a couple of light strokes the side part of the palm on the lower back. Any manifestation by the organism in response to such manipulation is indicative of pathology in the kidneys. Before will give a clear diagnosis, must undergo a series of trials, and only then go to a specific doctor.

If it's not clear it's a pain in the kidneys occur or the back, there are the following methods of diagnosis:

  • examination of biological material of the patient (urine, blood);
  • the implementation of ultrasound study of the kidneys on the topic of inflammation or tumors in paired organs of the urinary system;
  • ct (computed and MRI) in the lumbar spine – identification смещенных vertebrae, squeezing the nerve fibers and the presence of infection in the affected tissues (if any).
Of the disease and its diagnosis

In that case, when the complex diagnosis showed the presence of problems in the musculoskeletal system, the doctor sends the patient only neurologist and other specialists. All depends on the detected pathologies. In the case of kidney disease, it is recommended to contact урологу. The profile of the experts to allocate an effective treatment that will help eliminate the problem.

Please note! Yourself to identify the source of painful feelings, is virtually impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a doctor who will perform a complete diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment with regard to the peculiarities of the patient.

Back pain in a number of cases may be indicative of inflammatory processes in the kidneys or патологиях of the spine. In the early stages of this or another disease discomfort can be the same. So people it is not always clear, it hurts, whether the kidneys, and may issue in the back. To understand the causes of the emergence of болевого syndrome lower back pain can help your doctor. What is the most important, when the first manifestations of nausea to seek medical help, to start the disease.