Numbness of the back

Numbness back pain – clinical manifestations are relatively limited spectrum of pathological conditions. When single and a small version is not a problem, but with regular occurrence and amplification of the intensity of unpleasant feelings need врачебная help.

There are only a few of the physiological reasons for the numbness pain in the area of the blades or the lower back, but in the vast majority of cases, a similar symptom is the pathological basis.

After a long period of numbness in the area of the back will act as the only clinical characteristic. Gradually, it will happen the spread of the unpleasant feelings, input from the pain, and other manifestations.

Find out the key cause of the development of this expression is possible only by using instrumental diagnostic activities, which are complemented by the manipulation of the primary diagnosis and laboratory studies.

Get rid of such unpleasant feelings apply conservative methods of treatment, but for the removal of the causative agent of the disease may require surgery.


Cause numbness in the area of the back can wide range of predisposing factors. It is noteworthy that the representatives of both sexes can be both common and individual.

Common for all the causes include:

  • the finding of the body in an uncomfortable position for a long period of time;
  • long-term hypothermia of the organism;
  • pathology of the spine, associated with ущемлением nerve endings;
  • the curvature of the posture of the body;
  • fractures or injuries of the ribs and the spine.

In addition, in this or that location of the factor may indicate a symptom of the localization. For example, in men and women numbness in the area of the lower back can be triggered by:

  • between the vertebrae hernia;
  • a violation of the functioning of the pancreas;
  • kidney failure;
  • the emergence of malignant or benign tumors in the abdominal cavity;
  • ущемлением the sciatic nerve;
  • stretching the muscles;
  • the development of the inflammatory process in the kidneys.

If немеет the back between the shoulder blades, often it shows at the beginning of the establishment of:

  • thoracic degenerative disc disease;
  • kyphoscoliosis;
  • breast кифоза;
  • between the ribs neuralgia – in this немеет the right or the left of the turbines;
  • the disease, which leads to inflammation of the tissues located around large joints;
  • spondylarthrosis's.
Межреберная neuralgia

Between the ribs neuralgia – may cause numbness of the back

For the representatives of the female sex, numbness of the skin on the back cause:

  • the period of bearing a child, especially in the late stage – when this is felt clear symptom localization in the lower back;
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome;
  • paraovarian cysts giant size;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • uterine carcinoma;
  • endometriosis and other gynecological diseases;
  • the course of menstruation.

Предрасполагающие factors why немеет spin only in men, are presented:

  • the flow rate of the chronic form простатита;
  • diseases of the prostate.


As mentioned above, after quite a long time numbness of the back along the entire length of the spine acts as the only clinical characteristic. With the progression of this or that disease occurs it is a manifestation of the most characteristic symptoms.

It is worth noting that depending on the localization of numb the back side of the complex of symptoms will vary. For example, in the case of a fireplace numbness under left-or under right scapula also is manifest:

  • acute приступообразная pain in this place;
  • a feeling of heaviness in the chest;
  • иррадиация pain in the region of the heart, the liver and the stomach;
  • violation of the respiratory function;
  • severe dizziness;
  • shortness of breath such as during physical exertion, then at rest;
  • weakness and quick fatigue;
  • cramps in the legs;
  • sharp restrictions on the movement of the hands;
  • swelling and redness of the skin cover, located above the fireplace, numb;
  • paresthesia and aponeurosis.

Numbness pain in the lower back pain is accompanied by:

  • strong болезненностью in the groin area or in the lower extremities;
  • the advent of the "прострелов" along the entire length of the spinal pillar;
  • the purpose of that numbness is coming from the internal organs;
  • the "numbness" of the affected area.

All of the above symptoms relate to local expressions in terms of the overall symptomatology, then it will be диктоваться disease pathogen, why is for each patient to wear an individual character.


If немеет back in the area of the shoulder blades, or lower, then in the first instance should seek advice from a therapist or family doctor. One of such experts is able to spend a manipulation of the primary diagnosis, put the preliminary diagnosis and send the patient for further examination to клиницистам from the narrow area of medicine.

In the first stage of diagnosis is aimed at:

  • a study of the history of the patient's disease;
  • the collection and analysis of environmental history;
  • carry out a thorough complex of medical and diagnostic activities with a mandatory ощупыванием each plot the lumbar zone, the area under the shoulder blades and around the spinal column;
  • a detailed survey – for the manufacture of complete symptomatic images, it is commonplace that in humans немеет spin.

Common instrumental-laboratory studies is focused on the implementation of:

  • general clinical analysis and biochemistry of blood;
  • an x-ray of the spine;
  • ультрасонографии;
  • dopplerography;
  • ULTRASOUND examination of the spinal pillar;
  • CT and MRI of all internal organs and skull.

The procedure is ULTRASOUND examination of the lumbar spine

Then the patient may be directed to:

  • ортопеду or кардиологу;
  • doctors on the diseases of the digestive tract or the doctor on the infection;
  • doctors on the respiratory system or gynecologist;
  • урологу or ортопеду;
  • doctors at the kidney disease, or proctologist.

Depending on which doctor gets the patient, without exception, will be assigned specific laboratory analysis and instrumental examination.


Numbness back pain under the left scapula, or under the right scapula acromion, the lower back or around the spine you can neutralize using:

  • manual therapy;
  • therapeutic gymnastics;
  • лазеротерапии;
  • acupuncture and biopuncture;
  • wearing orthopedic products;
  • the organisation of pain блокад;
  • therapeutic massage;
  • acupuncture;
  • session electrophoresis;
  • hirudotherapies.

It is worth mentioning that these therapeutic activities to overcome the symptom, and not the basic патологию. Treatment stimulating the disease may include:

  • the intake of medicinal products, issued by a medical practitioner;
  • therapy diet;
  • physiotherapy;
  • minimally invasive surgical procedures;
  • open surgery;
  • the use of folk remedies.

Often the treatment is comprehensive and is compiled individually for each patient.

Prevention and weather

Alert numbness of the back below the shoulder blades, in the area of the lower back or in the spine it is possible to use:

  • lead a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • avoidance of the strong cooling of the organism;
  • in order to avoid fractures or injuries of the back and ribs;
  • proper nutrition, enriched with vitamins and trace elements nutrients;
  • regular passing, at least twice a year, complete preventive examination in a medical facility with a charming by visiting the above клиницистов.

If it comes to forecasts, then in the numbness of the back is very often unfavorable, because such a manifestation is often ignored, and any disease related to the spine or internal organs are full with the development of complications. In this case, among the most dangerous effects excels invalidism of the person.