Hurt the kidneys or your back how to identify and distinguish

Causes of degenerative disc disease, and this means that pain in the back, may be several:

  • Poor posture during sleep;
  • Large physical loads;
  • Sedentary work at the computer;
  • Inflammation and infection;
  • Pathology of the joints;
  • Heredity;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Hypothermia.

The main causes of back pain

kidney pain or back pain

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How to distinguish a problem?

Differentiate diseases according to the symptoms is possible even in home conditions, if you look at the state of his health.

So when osteochondrosis or arthritis, patients suffering from sudden pain and discomfort during physical exertion, there was a spasm and improve the condition after applying warming ointments.

If you know that you have pain, loin or the kidneys, how to find out the cause, without having to visit a doctor? To do this you need to represent, where is located the national authority, and also to know about the differences in the pathogenesis of inflammation and lumbar degenerative disc disease.

If we compare the main symptoms of the disease, can be divided into the obvious differences. As we have said, the pain in the kidneys is manifested in peace, especially at night.

While osteochondrosis makes itself know during or after physical exertion. Therefore, pre-can alone establish the diagnosis.

Types of painful sensations in diseases of the back muscles and spine

Pain in the back bears a drawing of either a sudden character, sometimes accompanied by a feeling of severe pain, which complicates the process is completely straighten. Most often, the vertebrae of the pain is concentrated in the middle of the rest is either integrates into the lower extremities.

Pain, degenerative disc disease or sciatica is able to increase the pain in the lower back, which in turn complicates the movement and mobility of the lumbar divisions are in muscle spasm. For removal of discomfort and anxiety can cause a warming ointment, gel or take advantage of special heats the orthopedic belt.

For information! Discomfort, pain in the lower back can occur due to awkward posture, lifting weights, or during heavy movement.

The difference of symptoms

How to understand that it hurts my kidneys? To do this you need to realize that it hurts my right kidney. Among the most common kidney disease body are pyelonephritis of different shapes. Getting sick can be even after an ordinary hypothermia, severe physical exertion or uncomfortable posture, in this case, the pain may reflect, in any place of the back.

How to find out what hurts, kidney organ or shoulders? For it should pay attention to the kidneys, the symptoms and overall health, accompanied by a period of inflammation:

  • persistent and intense painful sensations, regardless of the posture of the body;
  • frequent or painful urination;
  • bouts of nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and body weight;
  • chills, increased sweating, high body temperature;
  • education swelling on the face, limbs and other parts of the body, which in the evening may fade;
  • bouts of headaches, sudden jumps in blood pressure;
  • weakness, nausea, slow status, weakness, fatigue.

Also a characteristic feature of renal inflammation is a change in the urine, it is becoming more saturated colors, and also has a certain amount of dirt and blood colored elements.

Important! If you present these symptoms, it is recommended to consult a specialist and check for the authorities. Do not engage the self-heal, because it can significantly worsen health.

To start treatment, it is important to understand what authority a tormented man. If the pain of the body urine, it is not always talking about the pathology. Discomfort in the back area are characteristic of a heart attack, appendicitis, and biliary colic, and pyelonephritis. If a person has the disease of the body urine, can point out the common features and the local. To the first belongs:

  • the pale color of the skin;
  • swollen face in the morning;
  • increased pressure;
  • fast fatigue, weakness;
  • chills;
  • recurrent headaches.

If we talk about the local symptoms of pain in the kidneys, the most explicit is the discomfort in the lumbar region. The pain is amplified during urination, certain movements, for example, is to build on the socks, and sharply back. Other local symptoms:

  • a strange, unpleasant smell of urine;
  • the smell of ammonia odor from the mouth;
  • small "pimples" dermal level of the stands are;
  • increased urge to urinate, cutting;
  • the reddish hue of the urine.

Symptoms of kidney disease in women

Find out what hurt the kidneys or inflamed intervertebral disc can be on the basis of the common signs and symptoms.

Disease Manifestations
Osteochondrosis or rheumatism — Shooting and sharp pain in the back, the lumbar;
— Pulling feeling when cornering and slopes;
— Improvement of the condition during sleep, or after the adoption of the horizontal position;
— The localization of pain in the middle of the back;
— Muscle cramps;
— Onset of relief after rubbing and warming ointments.
Pyelonephritis, kidney stones or other kidney disease — Almost missing the pain in the back, but can be pain and temporary;
— Pain comes when you change the position to a horizontal position;
— Ointments and anti-inflammatory ointments are not bring results, only help the anesthetic;
— Painful sensations are concentrated in the area of the location of the kidney.
pain in the back

Issued and the common manifestations, which are inherent in osteochondrosis of the lumbar and kidney pathology:

  • High temperature;
  • Fatigue, general weakness;
  • Swelling in the limbs;
  • Constant urination;
  • The swelling in the places of location of the foci of inflammation.

If the pain caught suddenly, and on a hike to the doctor you need immediate relief from the symptoms, experts give a simple recommendation. How to find out, it hurts the kidneys or your back? Most often it is sharp, sewing and acute pain shows for rheumatoid arthritis.

Inflammatory processes in the kidney are manifested in a different way. Carefully observe his condition during the day.

So, the pyelonephritis may be accompanied by sharp pain in the lumbar and have hidden symptoms (deterioration of well-being, violation of urination, the emergence of gravity in the region of the kidneys).

Metastasis — this is secondary education, which are malignant cancer process. Metastases in the kidneys are the most commonly encountered in neoplastic processes, which are capable of giving the most frequent secondary foci. Availability of metastases is talking about, that cancer took a running phase, and the secondary bearings are more severe pathology compared with the primary tumor.

It is worth noting that the metastases in the kidneys occur practically do not have symptoms, the functions of this authority are violated only rarely. Diagnosed the bearings, usually in the process of the survey, but it is already too late to go back to effective treatment.

Methods of diagnosis

Find out the diseases of a particular organ is very difficult without the consultation of a specialist and a thorough examination. For example, how to determine, what hurts the loins, or kidneys, he knows just the doctor. Although there are a number of symptoms, by which it is possible to understand that health problems are just in the kidneys. To do this it is necessary to know exactly where is located this pair of organs and exactly how they manifest feelings of pain associated with them.

Many people know about it, that when it hurts the kidneys, the unpleasant feelings relate to the area of the lower back. However, this disease, such as osteochondrosis, also may occur on this property. So how to find out, it hurts, whether the kidneys or is it a symptom of other disorders? The easiest way, as it is easy to click on the lower ribs. This action should be given a fairly strong pain in the lower back.

It is worth noting that in cases where it is a kidney problems, painful sensations vary a permanent character, it is an unpleasant symptom does not leave the patient when changing body position or changing the character of the movement. The most commonly the kidneys hurt at night. For comparison, the painful feelings in motion the motor of the machine are always connected with the movement of humans and manifest themselves regularly.

If we're talking about kidney disease, in addition to the permanent discomfort in the lumbar, they can celebrate symptoms like dry mouth, constant thirst, nausea and vomiting, lack of appetite, drastic weight loss, vision problems, as well as swelling of the extremities.

In some cases, they may celebrate the blood impurities in the urine and increased body temperature. In addition, problems with the kidneys leading to disorders of urination, changes in taste sensations and a nasty ammonia smell from the mouth.

Characteristics of the treatment

Say about the presence of kidney disease is possible only after a medical examination. Then the patients presented in the hospital and start the treatment.

For the treatment of inflammation in intervertebral discs, degenerative disc disease, or rheumatism, it is necessary to initially go through the diagnostics. For this, patients undergo external examination, ct or ULTRASOUND, measures the pressure in the blood vessels, to rent general analysis of blood.

Then it can be assigned:

  • Bed rest;
  • Mild exercise;
  • Massage and rubbing ointments;
  • Intake blockers and anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Acupuncture and reflexology;
  • Dry heat or a hardware treatment in the hospital;
  • Gymnastics;
  • Cupping massage;
  • Diet;
  • Treatment of inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

The course of treatment is developed only by a physician and a physical therapist, but it must be remembered, that in deepening or in the chronic form of degenerative disc disease back pain cannot be treated with a massage, gymnastics.

So, how this leads to displacement of the vertebrae, nerve interference and the deterioration of the condition of the patient. When sudden, persistent, and cutting back pain is posture can be established actors.

After a patient will be appropriate tests, do an ultrasound, x-ray of the lumbar (in the case of a suspected degenerative disc disease or arthritis), your doctor will prescribe a therapeutic treatment procedure. During the inspection of the patient the doctors rattle rib on the palm of your hand, the area of the lower back.

If the patient feels the inner pain, is it clearly shows on the inflammatory processes in the kidney area. In addition to the appointed medicines, dr. the specified mode, peace of mind and sparing the load.

It is important to revisit the diet, eliminate salt and spicy, dairy products, and adjust your intake of fluids. Quickly cope with the pain (when adherence to the diet), will help a decoction of maize stigmas.

Now you can determine that you have pain, loin or kidney. The causes and character of the pain, which we detailed.

To emphasize once again, that is not worth it to self-medicate and carry on with the march to the doctor.


To get rid of this unpleasant symptom, such as pain in the kidneys occur, it is necessary first of all to eradicate its root cause, what is the need to see a doctor, pass the examination and comply with all instructions of the doctor in the treatment.