Cream for joints with акульим fat

All diseases подкрадываются to us very casually, including problems with joints and spine. At the beginning appear just a little stiffness in the movement, to which few people pay attention. And most often, it is deducted on the age or the fatigue in the job. With time as the favorite walks on foot will cease to attract and cycling, which formerly brought so much pleasure, now moved into the category of taboo subjects.

However, few people think, that everything is after a short time will result in the beginning of the destruction itself of the joint, which will be accompanied by severe pain in the day and at night. And then people start to reminisce for a lumberjack with масленкой, which смазывал your joints immediately, as soon as they started to creak a little. But really, such a means does not exist and for the people? It turns out that this mast is there and it's called with акульим fat.

Effects on the body

Cream with акульим fat – it is a unique resource that not only helps prevent disease, but also contributes to the fact that the joints and vertebrae ceases to crumble, what is happening when many diseases, and it is damaged tissue begins to actively regenerate.

The main action of the cream the following can be noted:

  • 1 - has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
  • 2 - Stores in the joint of the water, which acts as a cushion depreciation.
  • 3 - will Increase the flexibility and mobility of joints.
  • 4 - Helps in fractures, and even those that belong to the category of the most difficult.
  • 5 - Normalizes the metabolic processes that take place in cartilage.
  • 6 - Dissolves salt deposits.
  • 7 - Improves the nutrition of the discs of the vertebrae.
pain in the joints

This means that the tool can be used not only for treatment but also to prevention of various diseases of joints and vertebral column. However, his benefits will be significant, and the damage from the use is minimal, especially in the case, before using the patient проконсультируется with неврологом or orthopedist.

Indications and contraindications

Before you start to use the ointment, it is necessary to consult a doctor, as this drug, there are some contraindications. As for the testimony, then there are many but the main include:

  • 1 - Arthrosis.
  • 2 - Arthritis.
  • 3 - Ankylosing spondylitis.
  • 4 - Disease Reuters.
  • 5 - Deforming osteoarthritis.
  • 6 - Mezhpozvonkovyy osteochondrosis.
  • 7 - Injuries.
  • 8 - Fracture.
  • 9 - Dislocation.
  • 10 - Stretching.
  • 11 - Tservikalgiya.
  • 12 - Plechelopatochnyy periartroz.
  • 13 - Sciatica.
  • 14 - Lumbago.
  • 15 - painful.

This is not a complete list of diseases in which can be used fat with khondroitin and glyukozamin.

However, before you start treatment, it is necessary to find out about противопоказаниях. Most often it is the individual intolerance of certain components included in the composition of the drug. But it is very rare, because all incoming in the composition of the components have a natural origin.

Another противопоказание – is allergic to fish, and completely to any. Also, the use of the cream is worth it to give up to pregnant women and those mothers that feeding babies breast-feed.

The composition of the

In the composition of the gel includes 3 components. It's shark fat, glucosamine and chondroitin. Individually these components positively affect the joints, and in such a complex interconnection of their effect is amplified several times.

Glucosamine is a natural ingredient that is produced by the tissues of the joints of the human body. However, when its lack can develop a variety of degenerative disease of the articular tissue. This substance is involved in the formation of collagen, promotes better nutrition of the cartilage tissue, keeps суставную liquid. However, when you use to wait for fast effect, it is not necessary, so to obtain an initial result it is necessary to use means for at least two months.

Than helpful the fat shark? This is a real pantry nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. Among them are especially important the following:

  • 1 - Squalene – a powerful antioxidant, which helps to cope with a variety of inflammatory processes.
  • 2 - Skvalamin – a real natural antibiotic for the legs, which, by its nature and action in anything is not worse than the synthetic counterparts. In addition, it helps cleanse the blood vessels from атеросклеротических plaques.
  • 3 - Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for maintaining normal levels of cholesterol in the blood.
  • 4 - Alkoglitserol – a real stimulant of the immune system, which controls the growth of cells in the body and prevents the formation of malignant tumors.

And finally, a few words about the third crucial component – khondroitine. It is for the joints – the same as blood for the blood vessels. It means that without him it is not possible to their normal work. He helps fight enzymes that are the destroyers of the cartilage. And its regular use will allow you to return the joints between the original flexibility and mobility.

How to use?

Buy this drug can be in almost every drugstore. However, you must remember that today there are many fakes, so buy the best cure for already certified manufacturer and, where there is a risk of forgery is minimal.

Protected by the grease shark, which fits into the composition of this drug is very simple. The first thing you need to do is squeeze a small amount of cream on the palm. Then plant it in an area where there are those or other damage to the joints, or is present painful.

Rub the ointment the best massage movements, but so as not to cause the person pain. It is best to do it in the meantime, until all the cream is completely absorbed by the curd in the skin. In place of applying, no tiling or повязок folding is not necessary, however, the hands after that it is necessary to wash with soap and water. To perform such a procedure can be 2 – 3 times a day, depending on the overall condition and severity of the disease.

According to the instructions this tool is best used in the combination therapy of the disease, it means to heal not only them, but also other medicines, including tablets and injections. In this case the effect will be faster. In terms of reviews of people who have already tried this drug, then virtually all are canceled about him just positively.

For more information

The application of fat shark with glyukozamin and khondroitin – it's not just a great way to heal the joints, but also the perfect means for the prevention of joint diseases. The point is, that not one joint in the human body does not have nerve endings, so in the very beginning of his destruction of a person does not feel pain. Feelings of pain come until much later – when the dice begin to rub against each other.

The same can be said about other common disease – osteochondrosis. Therefore, you cannot delay treatment, the more that fat whale sharks — one of the best means to enable your joints to normal.

Fat shark — ointment for joints: instructions, reviews and price

Shark, is perhaps the most popular fish. Not every person knows that the fish like dorada or fugu, but this predator know in every state of the world. Usually at the expense of the horror stories and even more horror movies, but here it is for the benefit of the shark knows very few people.

We consider the role of this fish in nature and not деликатесное meat, and talk about the liver, from which it is made unique ointment shark fat for the joints. Ointment shark fat for the joints in the composition of the human body is considered to be one of the most useful.

Benefits of the fat shark

Apply fat shark, whereby the medication in the role of a substance, which eliminates painful sensations and inflammatory processes. In the composition of fat are:

  • 1 - Vitamin D, and this is the reason ergokal'tsiferol, kholekal'tsiferol and кальциферол, which help to absorb calcium, is this the correct one for cartilage and bone.
  • 2 - Vitamins a And E are the best antioxidants that can restore the tissue on the skin, and also to secure the tissue to the bone and walls of blood vessels, prevent the development of blood clots.
  • 3 - trace elements: iron, magnesium and zinc, which provide normal work of the full organism.
  • 4 - Skvalamin different to its anti-inflammatory quality and can reduce feelings of pain, while in the appendix this effect works and relatively parasitic fungi.
  • 5 - Squalene – a natural antibiotic on the breadth of use and performance is not worse than its synthetic counterparts. Can shoot the inflammatory processes, pain, stimulates the immune system and has противоопухолевый effect.
  • 6 - polyunsaturated Fatty substances allow you to normalize the functioning of the metabolic processes, whose result may be the accumulation of salts in the joints and increase of pathological performances on the bone – osteofitov.
  • 7 - Alkiglitserol – it is also a natural stimulant of the immune system, which gives the ability to cope with the bacteria and infections, eliminate cancer cells and lead to normal processes of circulation.

How does a drugs for the treatment with fat shark

Fat shark is based on a large number of different drugs. For use inside the cover of the capsule. During arthritis, degenerative disc disease, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, inflammatory processes directly in the joints, muscles, ligaments, and various diseases of the skin cover uses a cream or ointment.

People, использовавшие means, leave a positive review about it. The restoration of the violation of the integrity of cells occurs, usually at the expense of exposure skvalamina and сквалена.

While in the composition of the cream or ointment, these elements may be held inside tissue, helps to normalize metabolic processes and enrich the nutrients, which also leads to a reduction of the inflammatory process and painful feelings.

In addition, contained in the medicine-based fat shark elements in the body will trigger the work of collagen and the education of elastin. These two elements are the basis of connective tissue cells and allow the skin to maintain firmness and ductility, but also to recover after the delegated operations.

Like every medicinal product, the oil sharks for the joints is described in the manual contraindications for use. Therefore, before you buy this medication at the store or order at the pharmacy, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.


Kinds of drugs on the basis of fat shark

Currently, there are several kinds of drugs which help in diseases of the joints and cartilage:

Cream oil sharks for the joints with schungite. It is the mineral substance is considered to be one of the oldest in the country, and originally gained a large distribution as a unique element for the purification of water. The unique properties of this mineral supply that are in him carbon elements – fullerena, which saturate the water, пройденную through the schungite, the healing properties.

Fat shark on the basis of glyukazamina and chondroitin. This officinalis drug has the ability to revitalize tissue and cartilage. In the first place, these substances people are getting at the same time with food, but when the daily menu is not сбалансированно, then their lack will cause rapid wear of the joints and faults in the functioning.

Fat shark on the basis of муравьиной acid, an extract of mustard or honey also has anti-inflammatory properties and perfectly removes the pain sensations in the skin and the spine. Mustard and honey has long been know how to food with plenty of positive qualities.

Cream on their basis will be used as official medicine, and are used in folk recipes. That relatively муравьиной acid, then this substance is considered to be a wonderful antiseptic and helps with injuries, bruises and stretch marks.

  • 1 - fat shark on the basis of стручкового pepper. This plant is also known as very urgent and searing spices. Pepper in its composition has an element of kapsaitsin, which has the ability to increase the blood circulation in the traumatized area.
  • 2 - fat shark on the basis of sabel'niche. It's the plant substance tends to normalize the skin blood circulation and lymph flow, reduce swelling and by that increase the following the deformation of the cells. In combination with fat shark it relieves feelings of pain and inflammatory processes in the course of arthrosis and артритов.
  • 3 - Fat shark based on the leaves of birch. Unlike the others this ointment, on the contrary, has a cooling property, because of what it quickly relieves feelings of pain. Therefore, it is usually used for sprains, bruises and injuries.
  • 4 - Fat shark on the basis of ginger. Known the original taste of this root has many useful elements, including trace elements, vitamins, essential extracts and amino acids. In addition to the anti-inflammatory properties, this set of ingredients made the ginger quite successful in the treatment of numbness of the lower extremities, and spasm, in diseases of the veins and poor blood circulation.
  • 5 - Ointment from fat shark on the basis of the lavra. Extracts that are in this plant also have anti-inflammatory properties and a great help against fungus, infections and viruses. And placed in the composition terpinoidy give the opportunity to withdraw from the cartilage of the excess salt, and also restores exchange processes in the tissues and cells.