Is not rotates the neck, what do I do?

Not pivoting neck, what to do

In many people after sleep in the morning my neck hurts. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes after waking up it hurts and is not pivoting neck due to improper posture during sleep or an uncomfortable bed. But there is a likelihood of serious diseases, скрывающихся behind these manifestations. With frequent repetition of the morning pain need to see a doctor for a diagnosis.


If a man hurts neck and hard to turn your head – it can talk about a lot. Some reasons are completely harmless, and some require complex treatment. It is important to monitor their well-being and manifestations of pain.

Awkward posture during sleep

If the neck hurts very strongly, and such a disease arises only once per large time period (a few months) – most likely culprit is improper position of the head in his sleep. It is necessary to choose the right pillow and try to sleep on your back.

In a very rare illness you can turn to the doctor, will be relatively simple to do a light self-massage of the neck. Such a procedure should be enough.

One more situation, not requiring assistance from the staff of medicine. The banal drafts is able to cause a lot of discomfort in the neck area. There is no need to worry about such a reaction of the organism, the cause of the pain – muscle spasm.

You can loosen the neck to massage yourself, ask for close to that kind of massage, or visit a doctor for обезболивающими drugs.
Osteochondrosis and complications

If often happens that the neck is not rotated – a reason to think about your health. Often these manifestations may be a sign of the presence of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine. When остеохондрозе is the destruction of the cartilage between the vertebrae disks. Дегенеративно дистрофические changes cause a puncture of the disc and the loss of their elasticity. Cervical osteochondrosis is the most dangerous of all the similar ills.

If a person timely notice pain and immediately goes to the doctor big the chances of a successful and painless treatment. Of course, to fully restore хрящевую fabric will not work, but the disease will cease to bother you and will not be further developed.

While ignoring the pain is happening the progression of degenerative disc disease – protrusion. So called defect is established between the vertebral discs among the vertebrae. Pain will bother you more often and will have clearer speech.

Hernia between vertebrae in the cervical region of the spine – is a very dangerous pathology. If you strongly tighten with the treatment of degenerative disc disease, ignoring the pain, and without changing lifestyle, there is a great possibility of the occurrence of hernia. At such a stage of the disease becomes almost impossible to turn your head one way or the other, starts to hurt the head.

At larger sizes between the vertebrae hernia in the cervical spine may occur to violation of blood circulation, respiratory problems. The pain is not only fixed in one place, they give to the upper limb on the back side. The bigger bulge between the vertebrae of the disk, the stronger сдавливает nerve endings and painful becomes much more pronounced.

Mechanical damage

Upon receipt of the injuries of the spine, especially in the cervical region, the person is risking to remain a ruin. While every injury can occur very serious damage, because the vertebrae of the cervical spine are the most weak and variable. If you received a spinal injury, it is necessary to seek immediate medical help. While serious injuries can even cause emergency treatment.

Curvature of the spine

With many people leading a sedentary lifestyle, spending too much time at the computer, often it hurts the neck, literally, not the head rotates. This stiffness occurs the culprit is bad posture. Because in a long session with the person will get tired of your back straight and starts to roll over. Stoop creates an increased load on the spine and can lead to osteochondrosis. Rare the pain, but repetitive – already a sign of the beginning of the disease. It is worth it to seek medical help immediately for diagnosis and begin to pay attention to their posture when sitting.

Another cause of pain in the spine can be congenital torticollis. Pain in the neck begin to bother you, are usually already in childhood. The curvature of the visually striking and your doctor will pay attention. If the disease was not significant and showed only the time – it is necessary to urgently seek medical help.

When the pathological changes in musculus sternocleidomastoid muscle occurs to a violation of the вертикальности neck and her stiffness. Sometimes surgery is required.
Infectious disease

Many colds are able to give complications in the wrong or treating, took place at the time. Weakened immunity also plays a role in this process.

Some infectious diseases are manifested very special. When such severe complications, such as b. lymphadenitis or meningitis, it is necessary to urgently seek medical help. Not only that inflamed лимфоузлы and not the head rotates, so even going on the defeat of the brain cells. Immediate treatment by a qualified expert is able to get rid of the person from irreversible changes in the body. In any case, it is not possible to engage in self-medicate.

Позвоночные infection

In fact, this phenomenon is rare and cases of this disease is most likely not affect people who care about their hygiene. Infectious lesions of the spine – bacterial остеомиелит. The disease usually occurs on the background of other, more serious diseases (AIDS, cancerous tumors, severe obesity).When osteomyelitis atrophy of the vertebrae and no intervertebral disc, which makes the disease even more dangerous.

Pain in the neck is firm and strong, at the first symptoms, hospitalization is required.

Accompanying symptoms

In the case that the disease is not dangerous for life and health, you can fight the pain or just wait, reduces the pressure on the neck. But some diseases require medical care. It is important to know the symptoms that define a serious pathology, in which is the need to appeal to the doctor.

Dizziness and headaches often vexed at the cervical остеохондрозе

The characteristic symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease and its complications:

  • Shortness of breath;
  • Dizziness and headaches;
  • Frequent crunching in the neck;
  • The possible reduction in vision and hearing.

Injury to the vertebrae pillar, infection of the spine or twisting of the manifest constant severe pain, visual manifestations. To recognize such diseases is quite simple. The next step – an appeal to the doctors.

For colds diseases or their complications occur following symptoms:

  • Cough ;
  • Pain in the neck;
  • Chills and increase in body temperature;
  • Inflammation of the neck лимфоузлов.

It is better to wait for the complication, and immediately contact their doctor when similar symptoms.


If it hurts and is not pivoting neck is then no longer what the doctor says. In what situation it is necessary to go to the doctor? If there is some kind of disease, which causes pain – it is better to wait and to go on reception to the local therapist. Treatment will depend on the type of disease and the stage of its progression. When остеохондрозе and all the subsequent complications, it is necessary comprehensive treatment, which appoints a specialist narrow profile (vertebrolog or neurologist).

The first action, for sore throat - a trip to the local therapist

In some of the sizes between the vertebrae hernia surgery is required in case of excessive pressures on the спинномозговые nerves. In other cases – conservative treatment.

Infectious diseases and their complications is treated with special medications and sleeping regime.

How to deal with болевым syndrome, because of which the patient and turning to the doctor? There is a complex of products that allow you to return to привычному lifestyle (if it's enabled in the course of treatment of the underlying disease). Your doctor may prescribe these medications for relieving or dampening of pain:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Allow to reduce the painful, eliminate swelling, relieve pressure on the nerve endings.
  • Pain medication drugs with the effect of the rapid removal of pain. Acts on the nervous system and reduces the sharpness of the discomfort.
  • The muscle relaxers. Eliminate the cramps, relax your neck, allow you to get back her mobility. They help with the swelling.
  • Vitamin complex – strengthens the immunity, the vertebrae, between the позвоночные disks, increases the body to stress.

The complex preparations for the fight with болевым syndrome, you cannot assign yourself to engage in this should only a qualified expert.

Also, your doctor may prescribe a complex physiotherapy procedures:

  • Acupuncture;
  • The bite of the medicinal leech;
  • Stimulation of the nerve fibers to electric shock weak charge;
  • Treatment using a magnetic field.

Also vertebrolog or neurologist may prescribe a course of some folk treatment methods, which helps to overcome the disease. Cannot be separately used as drugs. To the disease has receded completely, or go into a state of remission, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the rules of the attending physician, and do not indulge in self-heal.