Causes of pain in the back when панкреатите

Pain in the back when панкреатите are an integral part of the diseases of the pancreas. Most of the diseases of the stomach or of the pancreas accompanied by painful sensations in different выраженности, localization and intensity. The degree of severity, stage of development, the land, which is overwhelmed — it all has an effect on the localization of the болевого syndrome. For example, acute pancreatitis makes itself know нестерпимой severe pain, that gives in the back. On your manifestations of this disease resembles the lumbar sciatica, but painful sensations differ in intensity and duration.

The problem панкриотита

If in the spine occur no disease, back pain can be described as пронизывающую. Therefore, her so called — прострел. The degree of выраженности as pain affects posture, in which often located the fuselage, therefore, if you change the position of the body, can significantly reduce the manifestation of painful feelings.

The definition of pancreatitis and its effect on back pain

In acute панкреатите back pain are of a permanent nature. All attempts to reduce the unpleasant feelings ends in failure, the degree of выраженности do not affect either the position of the body, even load. After some time the pain is able to grow and does not change the intensity of your nature. Back pain it is possible to watch and during exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis. But they are not so clearly expressed, even if these manifestations can be mistaken for some disease of the spine. The localization of the painful feelings depends on what department the pancreas needs treatment.

If the focus of inflammation is located in the tail of the pancreas, is a painful manifestations appear on the left, they put in a lumbar department, and the rib cage. If it is hit by the head of the pancreas, the pain arise the right and give to the real property of the parent department and in поясницу.

Very painful is the process, when there is the total defeat of the authority, the necrosis of its tissue, or swelling appears. In such a case, the character of the pain is very strong. Pain captures of the abdominal wall and back. This can be explained by the fact that the pancreas is located in the vicinity of the solar plexus and many of the nerve endings through her. So no destruction, injury, or inflammation often cover the upper part of the abdomen and back.

Find out exactly what hurts (your back or the pancreas), or with the help of надавливания on the spine and its palpation. In the case of the origin of the painful feelings from back pain or degenerative disc disease of the entire section of the spinal pillar will cause painful feelings.

Pancreatitis is characterized as дегенеративно-inflammatory processes in the pancreas. This disease occurs regardless of the age, and the number of the diseased constantly grows. The intensity of the manifestations and treatment of this problem are defined by the claims, of inflammatory processes, the degree of выраженности lesions of the body.

Often such a disease occurs in those people who are prone to overeating, frequent eating of greasy, heavy meals, alcohol. Inducing disease factors act on the body so that in him begin to produced by протеолитические enzymes, and it becomes a factor inducing the emergence of inflammation.

The main causes and symptoms of acute pancreatitis

In almost 100% of cases the causes inducing inflammation of the pancreas — it is overeating, excessive alcohol consumption, the presence of желчекаменной disease.

This authority needs for the performance of very important functions. By using the substances, that produces the pancreas (enzymes), occur normal work of the digestive system, insulin production (acute deficiency may cause the formation of diabetes).

In acute course of the disease appear symptoms similar to those featured poisoning. The production of enzymes lingers in the pancreas or in his pipe, and begins the slaughter of the organ itself, and in the penetration into the blood circulation, there are symptoms of total intoxication.

The most common symptoms of pancreatitis — it is:

  1. Pain. Often this symptom is clearly expressed, интенсивен, wear constant cutting or blunt character. If the later provide medical advice, and not to remove the painful, the person may experience pain the shock. The land of pain — right or left подреберье either severe pain.
  2. Increased body temperature, low blood or high blood pressure. Because the inflammatory process develops dramatically and quickly, it can lead to significant deterioration of the general condition of the patient with regard to changes in body temperature and blood pressure.
  3. Changing the color of the skin sheets. Заостряются facial features, the skin becomes pale or gray.
  4. Appear hiccups, nausea, belching, dry mouth.
  5. Vomiting. Frequent bouts with the proportion of bile do not give a person the expected relief. Therefore, it is one of the most important steps of treatment of such diseases is a therapeutic starvation.
  6. Vomiting in панкриотите
  7. Disorders of the digestive system or constipation. During the acute course of the pancreatitis stool with a share of the foam, the remnants of undigested food. But there are constipation, accompanied by the weight in the stomach, вздутием, the hardness of the muscles of the stomach.
  8. Shortness of breath, rapid breathing. Here belongs also the frequent occurrence of sticky sweat, with a strong board white color on the entire surface of the tongue.
  9. Bloating. During exacerbation of pancreatitis are contractions of the stomach and intestines, therefore, the patient celebrates the strong flatulence.
  10. Bluish color of the skin sheets near the navel and on the lower part of the back pain arises due to the fact that the blood from the inflamed gland penetrates under the skin.
  11. The yellow color of the skin sheets and the eyes. Due to squeezing certain areas of the gallbladder in sclerosing панкреатите may appear mechanical jaundice.

If any symptom of the disease is accompanied by a total недомоганием and deterioration, it is necessary to seek immediate assistance without delay.

The symptoms of the chronic form of pancreatitis

The chronic form of the disease is characterized by inflammation of the pancreas with consequent changes in the structure of the tissue. The main difference chronic forms acute in the fact that even after the therapy and elimination of the causes of the disease in the chronic phase remain and continue to develop in the body of pathological processes and disorders of its functioning. Thus, there is a failure of the pancreas.

The initial phase of developing chronic pancreatitis can take a long time and regularly show some of the symptoms. When persistent chronic form of damage in the body happen constantly and cause concern for humans, discomfort and painful sensations.

In the initial stage appears in pain after the adoption of the food, which can take a few days or hours. Usually pain syndrome appears after the adoption of the oily, heavy, fried, spicy foods, alcohol, carbonated drinks, coffee, or chocolate. Very painful sensations after the ingestion of several harmful products at the same time. Pain may be accompanied by вздутием, diarrhea, constipation, nausea or vomiting, weight decrease.

Treatment of pancreatitis

In the event that the disease manifests itself in acute form, the treatment recommended is carried out under stationary conditions. In suspected acute pancreatitis is a need to call the ambulance and not to give up hospitalization. First aid for persons with the attack consists in receiving the drugs (no-spa, Papaverine), you need to put something cold to the area of the abdomen, to the food and bed rest.

In the conditions of the hospital) the doctor performs a physical examination shall determine the examination and therapy. In case of failure of all methods and medicines is shown a surgical procedure, why it is not appropriate to ignore such diseases as pancreatitis, should be timely seek medical advice.