The recommendation of Valentin Dikul, exercises for the back

Pathology of the musculoskeletal system occupy today one of leading places in the occurrence. Especially often occur damage to the spine. From year to year the statistics show a high increase in post-traumatic conditions. It is not surprising that. Because the development of technology leads to an increase in accidents on the road, on the production. For these patients developed a special rehabilitation activities.

Today it is recognized as the most effective technique of Valentin Dikul. The treatment of the spine according to his method is almost 100% of all cases allows you to restore the affected segment of the spine, to return the patient to physical activity.

The basic rules

The author of the techniques in the past, he himself was unable, bound, according to the doctors, forever in a wheelchair. Want to live a full life and stand on their feet, did the impossible.

Designed by their technique — it is a comprehensive system of exercises, which оздоравливают and strengthen the whole organism. All the exercises, created on the personal experiences and knowledge, which has repeatedly passed the verification of his followers in practice.

Before embarking on a chase, it is necessary to get acquainted with the rules, which are an integral part of the methodology of Valentin Dikul.

When pain in the back

  1. Follow the recommended procedure for performing the exercise.
  2. Approaches need to perform exactly what is specified in the program.
  3. Do not overload the organism, gradually приучайте his training.
  4. Courses should be carried out regularly. About the possibility through the day.

Repetitions and approaches

  1. Observe the required amount of approaches and attempts.
  2. Carefully read the instructions on how to perform the exercises Valentin Dikul. Going without rest or with randomly selected breaks — inadmissible.


  1. Definitely follow the full amplitude. It allows you to work exactly those muscles, which is the default direction of the load.
  2. The fast pace of this system eliminates.
  3. The methodology is based on a slow, smooth, lucid movement. Idiots and sharp actions tolerated.

Lesson exercises for strengthening the muscle tissues of the back

Strengthening the lower back

The date of exercise of Valentin Dikul effectively regenerates the joints of the spine, the muscle function of the cervical, shoulder, lumbar and chest, improve your overall health.

We grow the muscles of the lower back

Exercise means position — lying on your back. Hands should be diluted in the hand, the palm will fall down. The upper department should not come off from the surface. At this time the thigh very smoothly turn to the right until it stops. Comes left foot from the surface, but to the right when it remains closely прижата. In the example position, it should remain seconds at 2-3. Further, it also smoothly back to its original state. The exercise is repeated on the left side with the opposite бедром.


On the right and on the left side is recommended to perform 8 reps for 1 access. This system means that during the first 2-3 exercises are performed only 1 access. For the following 2-3 — it is advisable to carry out 2 approaches. And further, in the concept of Valentin Dikul, executed 3 access.

It is important not to forget about the breaks. Among the approaches the holiday lasts for 2 minutes.
Strengthen the back

Lying on the floor. The legs are kept in side so that the feet were at a distance of shoulders. Hands скрещиваются on the breast. Better, for Strengthen the back balance, holding her shoulders. On the inhale slowly expanding the sleeve into the lock on the right side. From the floor of the falls from the left shoulder. Legs, pelvis remain in неподвижном position. Замрите so seconds to 2 and go back to the original position. This treatment of the back means the implementation of the exercise and on the other side.


To 8 times on each of the parties. For the first 2-3 profession enough one access. The next 2-3 lessons are done on 2 access. And then we'll move on to 3 access. Holiday among them — 2 minutes. Such a system of repetitions and approaches, guarantees a great result.

We develop the lateral back muscles

Again — in the supine position. The legs of the couple together, pull the socks on myself. Hands is recommended to place in the hands, hanging down palms. Without lifting from the floor the neck, shoulders and head, двигайте on the surface of both feet, performs a rolling motion. When this lift up can not be.

In this exercise, the treatment of the spine is based on strengthening the lateral muscles of the lower back and abdomen.

In the example, the position замрите seconds on 2-3 and carefully go back to the original. To strengthen the back is to be done in the job and on the other side.

Strengthening the lateral muscles of the

When this lesson is carried out, the system of repetitions and approaches, as well as in the previous exercise.

We develop the department of thoracic

When performing the exercise your feet should come off from the floor. In the supine position. The legs occupy a position on the breadth of the shoulders. The hands cross on the chest and at the same time it embraces the hands to the forearm. Without lifting the head, neck, back from the surface, it is necessary rolling movement of the bend to the left. At this time your legs and pelvis must be like glued to the floor. Persistent for 2-3 seconds, smoothly return to the ground state. The same is done in the opposite direction.


For this exercise it is recommended a system of approaches and repetitions, as well as in the first and second occupations.

Strengthen the back

Stand exactly выпрямив the muscles of the back and neck. Look straight ahead. Smoothly perform a small slope. In this position your back should remain straight. Hands a few to fall down and bow their knees. During exercise booty somewhat "sticks out". In this position, stay 2-3 seconds, then slowly return to the original.


For this system of exercises consists of 3 approaches, which contain 8 repetitions. For beginners it is recommended to 1 access. Rest break lasting 2 minutes.

We grow the back of your thighs and back

Take the prone position. Put your hands palms up. For the correct position of the neck, the chin must touch the floor. Feet still freeze. Отрывайте the hull to the maximum, at the same time raised his hands up. The position of the neck will be faithful, if you are watching in front of himself. Замрите for 2-3 seconds and return to starting position.

Strengthening спены and back of the thigh

The treatment of the spine means 8 reps. Beginners perform one approach. Vacation — 2 minutes.

We develop the oblique abdominal muscles

Lie on your left side. The left hand was in front of him. Palm on the surface of the floor. The right hand should lift up, touch the palm of the floor.

Only direct the right hand and leg need to lift and pull to each other at the same time. Exercises include work on the neck. Head приподнимается, the gaze is directed straight ahead. Enough 2-3 seconds and slowly occupy the original position.

For treatment of the spine was effective, this exercise to carry out and on the right side.


One approach — 8 reps on one side and then the other. The Break is 2 minutes.

Pull the lumbar muscles

Lie on the floor. The maximum relax the muscles of the neck. The position of the spine exclusively direct. Bend your legs, подтянув so close to ягодицам feet. Then just as smoothly back to its original state.


The treatment of the spine is based on 3 approaches-12 reps. For beginners — 1 access. Break lasts 2 minutes.

We develop the muscles of a press,

Lie on the surface of the floor. Hands заложите behind your head, bend your knees. The legs should rest on the floor surface. In this exercise effectively involved the muscles of the neck. Without lifting from the floor the feet, lifting the shoulders and head. Feel how working the muscles of the neck, pulling the head with the shoulders forward. Stay longer, maybe for 2-3 seconds. While it is recommended to strain the muscles of the neck. Further continuously get the initial position.


Perform 3 sets, each of which contains 12 reps. Beginners carry out access 1. Relax 2 minutes.

The uniqueness of the method

The above set of exercises is aimed at strengthening the spine. It is not only the development of a talented author. Amazing doctor created a whole system of exercises for various departments of the spine, which focus on the strengthening of the muscular apparatus.

Complexes of Valentin Dikul are calculated on the people who have received injuries, patients with serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

He has developed effective preventive complexes for the office staff to the driver. Is not bypassed its attention and children.

The technique of Valentin Dikul is based on the fight against the disease and focuses on the victory over them. In that lies its uniqueness. Because many techniques for your target sees adaptation and the addictive patient to the role of people with disabilities.

It is not necessary to treat the joints of tablets!

Have you ever experienced the unpleasant discomfort in the joints, nagging back pain? Judging by the fact that you are reading this article - You or your loved ones experiencing this problem. And You firsthand know what it is:

  • the inability to easily and comfortably move around;
  • discomfort during climbs and descents of the stairs;
  • unpleasant crunching, щелканье not of their own accord;
  • pain during or after exercise;
  • inflammation in the joints and swelling;
  • without a cause, and sometimes intolerable gnawing pain in the joints

Sure You've tried a lot of medicines, creams, ointments, injections, doctors, examination, and, judging by the everything - nothing from the above so and it didn't help... And this is the explanation: фармацевтам just not profitable to sell the tool works, because they will lose customers!